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Making a Little Time Without Technology...

Updated on January 4, 2014

OMG I'm going to put that as my Facebook status!

Yes, I know we can’t imagine functioning without our phones and other devices these days. It seems just plain unreasonable for majority of us to go longer than 5 minutes without checking Facebook, texting and Lord forbid we miss a phone call or text message. I’m guilty of all of the above. An even weirder but true fact is that most of us won’t leave our phone behind when we go to the restroom…

You are probably reading this right now from your phone, aren’t you? Thanks for reading regardless! :)


Take a little time...

The beauty of the world today is the effortless and numerous ways we get to communicate. But, how often do you have a one on one lengthy conversation face to face and without experiencing constant phone vibrations and the other person has your complete attention. I have even sat in a job interview and the person interviewing me paused the questioning to check their cell. And how did you experience your child’s first steps? Most people will say they saw it through the video on their phone. Of course you want to capture that moment which is understandable but how many moments are you missing by not being fully physically and attentively present for?


1. Silent is not enough when someone is speaking.

Just placing your phone on silent or vibrate isn’t enough to keep your distractions at bay. Try turning your phone OFF when you are having a conversation with someone, especially if it is a close friend or loved one. You can even ask them to do the same. (Most people will look at you like you are insane.) This is an exceptionally good exercise with your spouse or partner. Even if it is only for 15 minutes or so, just turn off your phones and pay full attention to each other. No one likes to hear the dreaded “I told you that 5 times but you were too busy texting!” Isn’t the other person worth your full attention? If not then you probably shouldn’t be with them but that is another topic. ;)


2. Turn off the TV/Gaming System/Computer.

Games are not just for kids these days. We will be in a heated Team Death Match on Call of Duty and just “Can’t talk right now!” No one should ever be treated as if a video game or TV show is more important than they are, especially children and loved ones. Candy Crush will still be there waiting to annoy you even if you pause it or turn it off for a while. Why not try more board games or cards where you can be one on one with your family or friends. Laugh, talk and interact together.


3. No phones allowed!

If you are out in the yard with your kids or at a family get together, try leaving your phone inside of the house. Your grandmother can hardly hear you as it is, she doesn’t need to have you mumbling behind your IPhone screen while you are texting. And what child wants to be pushed on the swing with one hand while their parent is texting with the other. Enjoy the time you have with the people you care about and the ones that are right in front of your face instead of behind your screens now and then.

4. The kids will love it! Not really…

Dun dun dunnnnn! Having conversations with your parents is usually not a very thrilling idea for most kids, but, try making meal time a no technology time. Talk about your day and actually try listening to your children about their day at school and their friends. If you are eating alone, try to simply listen to music while eating instead of watching TV or checking all the Facebook gossip while your food drips down your shirt.


Wrap it up...

The idea is simple. Most of these things we already know we should do. The problem is that we don’t do them. Who actually enjoys having a conversation with someone who is not even looking at them because they are updating their status or checking their tweets? Phones, tablets, computers, and gaming systems are amazing but we shouldn't let them be the focal point in our lives. We should try to pay more attention to what is happening right in front of us a little more. Just a few minutes here and there could make a world of difference.

What is your status...

How much do you depend on your cell phone?

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Numerous studies have been done about addiction...

"Cell phones are a part of our consumer culture," said study author James Roberts, Ph.D., professor of marketing and the Ben H. Williams Professor of Marketing at Baylor's Hankamer School of Business. "They are not just a consumer tool, but are used as a status symbol. They're also eroding our personal relationships."

"That's particularly true when we use them excessively in public," he added. "Because when we do so we're signaling that we've got this shiny object, this status symbol, our iPhone or Android or Blackberry, and that we've got important people to talk to or text, who are maybe even more important than the people right in front of us. And that we're so important that we have to talk everywhere and all the time in front of others. And all of that is an expression of materialism."

This video demonstrates most of us perfectly! Which one are you??


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    • WestelCS profile image

      Tim Anthony 3 years ago

      Agreed. Evolving trends in social media and networking has brought us so close that we are actually at a long distance from each other. This is a very nice post from you.