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Man has no word to describe

Updated on April 10, 2012

My Love,The Mother Of My Children

My Sons

For my family

My love,my sons,my family dear

Numbers can't measure the pride

Love is a poor description here

To explain the way I feel inside

For what I hold within my soul

Easily spans the great divide

No words of man can define

No tongue possesses the power

My blood I would spill upon the soil

All pain is swept aside

I would give my very breath of life

Before I could bear to see a tear

To protect for you happiness and joy

My love,my sons,my family dear

Is my only goal in life

The most important things

With the fast paced complicated lives we lead today sometimes we should slow down and take stock of the simple things that we have been blessed with.Sometimes we may get caught up in the every day issues and forget the reasons in which we strive to provide.If tomorrow I awake and all of the material things are gone I could not feel unfulfilled for I have been blessed with the gift of family.The only thing that truly matters in this troubled world are the things we often take for granted.To my wife and sons I owe everything and they are my everything.

My beautiful wife and I were blessed with four out going wonderful sons of which two are still at home.The oldest two have become men and are often far away.We sometimes wish we had not encouraged them to be so outgoing because of the world today and I often wish I had taken time from my work and spent more at home.Sometimes the material world is no equal to a simpler less complicated or poorer life.In reality a life which is driven by financial gain is complete poverty if it requires too much of our time.


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