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Child Rearing: Taking On The Role Of Stay-At-Home Parent

Updated on March 16, 2013
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Jobs After The Kids Leave

After you've quit your job and stayed home with the kids for years, what is the right thing for you to be doing now? Do you retire? Do you start at the bottom of the totem pole again? If so what totem pole do you place yourself at the bottom of right now after so much time has passed?

My friend Scott quit his full-time job as a chef at a nice restaurant to stay at home with his daughter Amber when she was born. He's been at home ever since doing all of the child rearing, and household duties so his wife could work at her sales career. Amber has finished with school and has now moved out of the house into her own apartment.

All of a sudden the parenting, the basketball tournaments, soccer, the camping trips, the trips to Disney were all of it over in a flash. Only it wasn't a flash it was 18 years. Scott knows no one will hire him at the going rate for a chef these days because he hasn't worked for pay in years. So because he wanted a change, and a new avenue into the world of food he took courses along the way and became a pastry chef. It's something he loves doing. His confections are exquisite. He wowed all of the Moms at the school with his famous cupcakes for every bake sale and every birthday celebration.

Right now Scott is looking for work in his new field. It's not easy getting started for him. He has cut his spending down to about nothing, and is creating tasty, low-cost, nutritious meals in the kitchen everyday as usual. The only problem is that his wife Karen would like him to get a job doing whatever while he's looking for the "right" one."I'm disturbed by this. I feel she should support me while I'm getting on with my new career," he told me one day over coffee.

"Well," I told him."If she's not going to agree to support you fully during this time you're going to have to do something." He looked disappointed. I could feel for him. He was excited for his new gig, and he wanted to feel he could put everything he had into it,
Right now he's not as motivated as he wants to be because he knows Karen wants something else for him. But, does she fail to realize he wouldn't be in the job situation he is, if he hadn't quit his job years ago for all three of them. None of the working parents should give up their jobs to stay home for a long period of time with the children.


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    • Mmargie1966 profile image

      Mmargie1966 5 years ago from Gainesville, GA

      I totally agree with EISeductor. He made professional sacrifices and now he needs a little time to get back into the workforce...not to mention the terrible economy isn't on his side.

      I feel for him and wish him all the best.