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Maya Wrap

Updated on July 25, 2010

The maya wrap is a baby sling that is capturing attention of mothers everywhere, including my wife.  If you are looking for a baby sling that is safe and efficient,  then look no further than the maya wrap.  Aside from the maya wrap being one of the best things to happen to Moms and yes, Dads too, is that maya wraps can be very fashionable and comfortable for not only the baby, but the parents too.  Make the maya wrap one of your very first baby slings, you won't be disappointed.

The maya wrap is similar to other baby slings on the market, it can be made out of different types of cloth. These maya wraps do exactly like the names suggest, they wrap around Mommy or Daddy starting at the top of one shoulder then  down to the opposite hip.  Just like a Hoola Hoop demonstration gone bad.  This creates a functional pouch for the baby to sit or lay down in, creating a pocket for the baby to sit or lie down.  Maya wraps have already caught on in other nations with the United States just grabbing a hold of the benefits of baby slings for Moms and Dads in general.  

Maya Wrap

This is a Maya Wrap and it is very comfortable and fashionable at the same time.
This is a Maya Wrap and it is very comfortable and fashionable at the same time.

Putting on your maya wrap

The benefits of a Maya Wrap

Ever felt like you can't get anything done because you are always loving, holding, or bonding with your baby.  Well, the main benefit of a maya wrap is that they do not require you to hold your baby.  The maya wrap cradles your baby safely and effectively so you can get the bonding your baby needs and still complete simple tasks in life such as going to the store, cleaning house, or going out to dinner to relieve some stress.  Maya wraps are very nice to have for fussy babies that love to be close to Mom or Dad (nothing wrong with this by the way). The maya warp is also able to simulate not only the warm and cozy environment of the mother's womb but also things like movement, and the embrace of the womb. As stated before the maya wrap adjustable pouch allows people like fathers, and grandparents to bond with the babies as well which is super important for babies, too much lovin' for babies is impossible.  Maya wraps can reduce the stress in the baby's life by recreating the womb environment which in turn can help lower the occurrences of crying due to colic.  One of the coolest features about the maya wrap that my wife loves is that she can breast feed in public without anyone even noticing.  This is done by pulling the excess and wrapping it around the other shoulder coving the baby, breast, and all.  My wife has actually done this at several grocery stores and it has worked like a charm.  The maya wrap can support infants and toddlers up to 35 lbs, but you should only hold what your body can support effectively, remember to be nice to your back.  So, on average you could use the maya wrap until your baby has reached 3 years old, mostly just to keep them close so they don't wander off or lean out of the cart when you aren't looking for that split second you are deciding on great value or brand name(as a rule go with great value 80% of the time. lol.)   

Breast feeding position for Maya wrap

This position is useful if your baby gets hungry and your out and about. You won't need to pit stop to breast feed
This position is useful if your baby gets hungry and your out and about. You won't need to pit stop to breast feed

Breast feeding with a Maya wrap

Maya wraps that function like back packs

This style of the Maya wrap looks super comfy for your child.
This style of the Maya wrap looks super comfy for your child.

Maya Wrap safety tips

The maya wrap should not be used while in a moving vehicle. Motor vehicles are weapons when not use properly, keep your baby in the car seat at all times, it only takes a second to lose a life but a life time to forget it. Using the Maya wrap when working with cooking items that can splash hot liquid like grease or boiling water is strongly discouraged. Use your own discretion and common sense when cooking. Throughout the day you can get very busy about things. So remember if you have to bend over to get something then provide your baby with necessary support. Be mindful of the dangers in the house like sharp edges on furniture, doorways, and narrow walkways.

Different positions for Maya wraps

My wife and I just recently had a new baby boy and sometimes after a long day at work it can be tiresome to have to hold him for long periods of time, especially if we needed to get things done.  Many times it feels like you are juggling your baby and trying to do a simple task like take out the trash can be hard and dangerous for the baby due to a dropping hazarded or holding him/her to hard.  When we found out about the Maya wrap we just had to have one. There are maya wraps that function like a backpack and are very comfortable for the parents using them as well as the babies riding in them.  The maya wraps that can be used in the front seem to be the most popular because you are able to check on the baby without asking your husband or wife to take a peek.   

Summing up the Maya Wrap

The Maya wrap is used to easily hold your baby in a way that brings comfort and bonding but allowing the Mom or Dad to be hands free. No more deciding not to go somewhere because the baby has not eaten yet or is just too fussy an wants to be held.  With its innovative design which wraps around a person's body to allow everyday task to be accomplished.  No more need to lug around a baby carrier, just leave it in the car and slap on that maya wrap:).  The maya wraps can be used in several different positions like the back, front, or hip carry, making no task unmanageable.  The maya wrap has instructional videos for ease of use, remember practice makes perfect, watch them over and over again and practice with your daughters doll, like I did.  Don't get frustrated because you can't figure it out right away.  If you need to take the baby out of the maya wrap, you don't need to undo the entire thing just loosen it a little.  Certain positions must be avoided such as using positions that the maya wrap was not designed for, only use the holding strategies suggested and avoid the temptation to create your own.  The maya wrap is an amazing tool.  With the help of the celebrities using the maya wrap it made people stop and say "Hey, that is cool, I want one for my baby!"  Next thing you know we have maya wraps of every size and color. Speaking of size and color, if you expect your husband to wear it you better get a unisex friendly color and style, that is unless your husband is trying work on his femininity. Either way there is no denying that the Maya wrap is here to stay and is a rediscovered convenience for the western world that has been used in other cultures for many years.   


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hi jagged81,

      These are great. My kids are in their teens now but we used a Maya wrap with both of them and I can say that they are surely the single most useful, versatile and effective baby-carrier around.

      Great review of a great product! :)

    • TheSilver Witch profile image

      TheSilver Witch 

      7 years ago from Greenville, Ohio

      Nice product review!

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 

      8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Interesting hub about a useful product. Thanks!


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