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My Life as the Youngest of Six Children

Updated on May 19, 2020
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Tim is a freelance writer, poet, artist and storyteller. He always tries to find and include lessons for everyone in his writing.


Life is Always Good

I just read an interesting article about someone who was the oldest of four children. The author talked about his life before and after all the other siblings came along. It started me to think about my life as the youngest of six, born eight years after my nearest sibling,my sister. While being the youngest child is always equated with being the spoiled brat of the family, which I do not deny happens, Being the youngest also has its share of pitfalls too.

The Best of Times

The best things about being the youngest child are:

By the time you are born your parents are kind of worn out from raising the other children so they let you slide on a number of issues which would have gotten your siblings in burning hot water. Almost burn down the house. No problem. Your friends put a big hole in the wall at one of your parties. No problem.

Another great thing about being the youngest is you usually end up getting the pick of bedrooms after the others go away to college or get married.

Being the youngest means there is more money to spend on you at Christmastime. My siblings often complain about how after they moved out I got more stuff then they ever got. I don't know about that because I don't remember. I also knew with or without presents my parents loved me.

Being the youngest meant I had all the newest gadgets in the house to myself. I remember when we got our first color TV. Yes I said color TV. All my siblings had to listen to the radio serials or only had black and white television but I had color. If you don't know about radio serials I will write about it in another Hub.

Being the youngest meant I did not really have any issues with sibling rivalry. All my siblings were gone before I was a teen so I had no one to argue with but myself.

Being the youngest meant I had my own car which I didn't have to share with anybody. Of course there is also a drawback because your car is usually a hand me down from your parents which is on it's last legs. Hey I guess it;s still a car.

Being the youngest meant I also didn't have any little brothers or sisters to take care of, which now I think of it may have been a drawback. Being the youngest means you don't have any siblings around to get into conflicts about stupid stupid stuff. It also means you don't have anyone around to share the good and bad times. To help you learn about life.

The Drawbacks

While being the youngest of six seems like a really good time, there are some drawbacks.

Being the youngest meant there is no one to share the workload with. I had nobody to help me to mow the grass, do the wash, clean the house, shovel the
snow and the list goes on and on.

Being the youngest meant I was a real life baby doll for my older sisters. I had to sit in on all their tea parties, dress me ups and whatever other torture they could come up with on any given day.

Being the youngest meant I had nobody to blame anything on. I was never at the giving end of the blame game. You know the game where the youngest one in the family is blamed for every transgression in the house.

Being the youngest meant I never got to spend any one on one time with my brother. He is seventeen years older then me and was gone and married before I was old enough to actually understand what older brothers are there for.

Being the youngest has its share of joys and trials but I made it through mostly unharmed. As I grow older I have also discovered one major drawback with being the youngest. Those who are older then you start to pass. So treasure being the youngest while you can. Sorry to end on such a down note but I just wanted to let everyone know about life as the youngest.

In The End - Update

Being the youngest of six is an interesting journey. Here six years after the original article a lot of things have changed. Siblings grow older and pass away and all you can do is sit and watch as life changes from day to day.

It is tough being the youngest of six. I am now down to two siblings left and am on a new journey in life.

© 2012 Timothy Whitt


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