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Meanest mom in the world.

Updated on November 14, 2012

This is some "mommy dearest" material right here!

I swear I had the meanest mom in the world, and SHE IS PROUD OF IT. I dont think it has anything to do with them being in the military, she was also a Drill Instructor. Im not talking about your usual punishments, Im talking nonconventional, off the wall, is this b!tch crazy sort of thing. She feels she was way better than her mother because she never made me kneel on rice, but I think she was well above that level. She always tells me that I was her first child and she learned her lessons with me, and I helped her become a better parent for my brothers and sisters. (Well, thanks...alot of help that does me!) Lets start out with some of the more minor punishments or just parenting in general. I was forced to play the piano at the age of 5. Lessons twice a week and practice everyday for an hour. I played the piano so much that my fingertips were cracked and bloody and I have scars. She would also do some usual things like going to bed w/o dinner, writing a ton of sentences, standing in the corner for hours and hours Sometimes I would have to hold a spoon against the wall with my nose, and if that spoon dropped then she would reset the timer. When we would get home from school the first thing she would do is make me go to my room and wait for my beatings. She would walk around with a belt on her neck and make it dangle while she was doing chores and cooking. She would keep my beatings spontanious and make me anxious. I finally came to the conclussion that I could hardly wait to get my beatings over with. Then when my father came home, it was his turn to punish me too. She would drive around in the car very slowly around our neighboorhood and lecture me over and over in a multiple of different ways, but basically making the same point. She did this mostly when I had to use the bathroom badly. Many times I would be left in my room for full weekends while my parents went out and enjoyed their day, she would not talk to me at all. Even when I asked for her to pass me the ketchup at the dinner table, I would not be recognized. One time, she didnt speak to me for 2 whole months, I became so depressed and stressed out over this that I was hospitalized. At the fine age of 5 years old I was taught how to completly and thoroughly clean a kitchen, bathroom, dust, vacuum, etc. There was no using a dishwasher, I was the dishwasher. I had a step stool that I would have to use in order to reach the sink. I would have to move everything off the counters and clean them and completly do the floors on hands and knees. It would later be inspected and if it was not to her liking, I would have to redo the whole kitchen. Not to mention cleaning toilets w/my bare hands. When I was 13 she shaved my head for talking back. When it started to grow back she cut it all off again. I remember when she took me to the salon to get this done and I was crying so hard. The lady felt bad for me and refused to do it. My mom then took me home and did it herself. It ended up looking like the Britney Spears chop job she did to her own head. I was never allowed to use the phone, I could not even give out our number. And at the age of 16 I was finally allowed to talk on the phone, but it was to girls only. I was not allowed to speak to boys on the phone until the age of 17. I was never allowed to call the boy, he had to call me. I was always taught that if he wanted to speak to me he would call me and imagine what his family would think if I called his home and asked for him. They would consider me loose. I was never allowed to wear shorts to school. I was told that boys would look at my legs and get improper thoughts. My mom had this saying "moms uncool, no shorts at school." I was not allowed to wear make up until the age of 17 and that did not include foundation. I was not allowed to wear nail polish or toe nail polish until this age as well, and the only acceptable color was light pink. I once was forced to wear the same dress to school every day for a whole month. I got caught changing my clothes at the bus stop and I came home to a bon fire in the back yard fueled by my remaining clothes. When she finally allowed me to have a warddrobe again, she took me to the store and bought a jumper dress pattern and materials. I was told that I would have to make my own clothes and learn to sew and this was the only pattern I was allowed to wear. When those dresses where completed and we realized they didnt fit me, I was made to exercise constantly until they did. She would take me on 5 miles walks every eveing and even contacted the school to make sure no one was feeding me any extra snacks. I cant begin to tell you how many issues I had with other kids at school because of the punishments I went through. I was constantly mocked, and joked and it came to the point where I was begining to get beat. Now, no one could give a beating like my parents, so I was not scared. I fought back, for this I was put in private christian academys. I was never alowed to watch MTV, but because I was now in a christian school they were against anyone that listened to secular (worldly) music. So, I was now only allowed to listen to christian music. When I was 16 my mom found out that I was smoking. She came home from work in the middle of the night and took one of those huge cups from the gas station and filled it with ice and water. She threw it on me while I was sleeping and said "there, maybe that will put you out!" I then had to sleep in the wet sheets for the night. I had a bunch of framed art work in my room that I had done. She got mad at me one eveing and ripped them off the wall and ripped them up in front of me. I was never allowed to question authority or talk back, I would be directly slapped in the mouth. I still duck sometimes when we are having conversations, and I am 31. If I ever asked for any money or anything, I was always smaked and told to earn it or get a job. I was never given an allowance, as I was told I lived in their home for free and my chores was how I gave back to the family. I had to buy my own senior pictures, announcements, class ring, cap and gown, etc. I know I have left out alot of other instances, but I am saddened by reading what I have wrote so far, so my point is clear. Im glad I taught her to be a better mom to my brother and sister. I am 10 years older than my brother and 18 years older than my sister. I was adopted at the age of 2, she is my biological aunt and those siblings are her biological children. She has not ever done any of these things to them! I would never do any of these things to my child, and I am sure it is borderline abusive. So If your child thinks you are way too strict, let them read this!


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    • Thundermama profile image

      Catherine Taylor 

      6 years ago from Canada

      Wow, it sounds like you have survived a very difficult past. I could tell you that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but I am sure you already know that. Hopefully life is treating you better now. Keep writing and Be sure to read some of the hubs for people just starting out here on HubPages.. They will help you with formatting etc.


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