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Merry Christmas 2009

Updated on December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

 It's christmas and life should be joyous. Unfortunately some of us have more to celebrate than others. Some are sick and know they won't see next christmas and that pains their families and makes it hard for them to get into the holiday spirit. Others are suffering from terrible financial strain that is tearing their family apart. Others have loved ones in prison, fighting in the war and not knowing if their loved one is going to come home alive or intact. Yet still there are others who simply don't want to celebrate because they feel there is nothing to celebrate. Thet feel life has not been kind to them. Perhaps it has not been. Perhaps they've had many pitfalls in life that make it hard to get up in the morning let alone celebrate this holiday.
BUt whatever your problem and most people in the world have problems some many more than others be grateful you are alive, if you have your health be grateful. Think about what else you have to be thankful for. If your parents are still alive, whether you get along is not the issue, be grateful because they won't be here forever and once they are gone you can't take back hateful words and you can no longer tell them you love them and didn't mean most of the horrible things you've said. You can say it but you are the only one to hear it. It does them no good.
And if right about now you are thinking you don't care if you ever tell them you love them think long and hard about that. If they should die tomorrow would that be the last thing you want to leave them with?

This goes for everyone in your life you don't like, don't care for, etc.
This should be a time of joyous celebration but if for whatever reason it's not such a good season for you don't bring others down by letting them know. It only dampens their spirit.

Be grateful you are alive, be grateful you are here to share another day, another year with your family. Think about the things you have to be thankful for and always be thankful and don't ever let that slide or slip away.
For the things you don't have try not to moarn it.



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