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Free for dream

Updated on February 22, 2016

Free for dream

Dreaming it does not pay. If you like to light articles, please read love-love on this blog. If you want a dream to come true, do not make this life becomes complicated. Lightened course, all the problems will go away if you have a dream. Writing articles is light without thinking, like a dream ,,,, ,,, heee hehe ..

To be a winner with no load should be light, hopefully lightweight article is a motivation for you. Biyarkan dreams flow freely, as far as the eye can see. Flow like water and like the wind blows. Always burning, abusing, like fire, evaporating like smoke.

Never be afraid to dream, dream as far as it can be achieved, remove all obstacles, victory and success in the eyes and do not give up.

Crying when necessary, only to realize the dream to be real. If you need to laugh, release laughter, and laughter biayarkan it wanders along the breadth of the ocean dreams that we have.

This life is light, it is a beautiful dream, is not simply a fantasy, but a vision to win in life. The dream belongs to all, free will, free anywhere. There will never dream that there is a limit, into the sea, keangkasa even to the end of the world.

wa hahaha .. disconnect-laughter after the escape. but do not like crazy ....

This article is free to write whatever dreams, who likes please read, do not like to write your own, read alone, it is also part of the dream is realized in written form. imagination is mimipi. Writing is a string of the dream itself.

Your dream is your dream, continue, continue. Turn waged in the mind. Realize as the pent-up desire.

I deliberately make life as light as the wind, hard as steel, running like the wind, evaporate like smoke and is always positive, so that all the dreams that there can be realized. The realization of not only stayed silent, but manifested by action. Best efforts, with lightness and ease. There is no definite start the finish, no effort must be results.

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