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The Glitter Jar: A Tool for Fussy Kids and Stressed Parents

Updated on September 16, 2018
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Pearl is a first time stay at home mom learning how to parent and how the world works through the eyes of her child.

The Jar that Soothed the Savage Beast

My child is a wonderful, helpful girl until she gets tired or doesn't get her way. Her fits could bring a grown man to tears (and has a couple times). I had no idea how to combat these tantrums and emidiately tried showing her my coping mechanisms. They didn't work for her, but what toddler wants to meditate? She just isn't old enough to use my coping mechanisms, and that's OK!

So I tried time-out. That didn't work either. I tried spanking; it just made things ten times worse. I was driving myself crazy trying to find a way to calm her down so she could listen. Then I stumbled across a commercial for the show "Esme and Roy." In the first episode, they calm down a little monster with a glitter jar. My daughter loved the song and jar so much that she wanted one of her own.

I thought it was cliché and that she'd just dump it out or break it so I was reluctant to make one. I searched the Internet and saw several success stories from parents with glitter jar kids and decided to give it a go. At worst all it could do was make a mess, and at best it could solve my problem. It worked like a miracle. Every time my daughter cries or starts throwing a fit I ask her if she needs the glitter jar. She always nods and we sing the song together while the glitter floats down. After its done and she's calmed down, she listens to what I have to say and can communicate her feelings better. I highly recommend the glitter jar to anyone with a fussy child.

The Secret to Making the Glitter Jar Work

The main thing you should know when making a glitter jar is to treat it like a tool, not a toy. Toys are easy to play with until they're forgotten or lost. The glitter jar isn't ment to be a toy to play with, but a tool for mindful communication and calming down. My daughter didn't like this at first, but after talking to her and explaining that we have to put it up so it can be safe, she understood and now hands it back to me whenever she's done with it.

Open communication is important regardless of whether or not you use a glitter jar. Other mindful techniques and calm down skills can be learned in its place, but communication is important no matter which you choose. It may seem like they're too young to understand, but they do. My daughter was able to understand and listen to instructions before she could even say a sentence. Talking is good for development as well.

Making a Glitter Jar

Since there are already a million tutorials, I'm jusing going to link the two main ways to make one. You and your child can decide which one is right for them:


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      7 months ago

      Thanks pearl. That's very sweet. I will be sure to pass this advice on to parents with little kids who face similar situations.


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