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Mom taught me how to spend money from the small Smart

Updated on August 7, 2016

3 Age: Train patience

Each child has a different level of development. Sticking to the guidelines below, the mother will have a great start to teach children how to spend according to their age groups. 3 Age: Train patience At this age, children need to learn patience, and learn to behave reasonably when what they want is not met. Controlling desires are considered simple lesson but essential for the future of both. Tip: When your baby wants to eat cake, tell your children that you will give me, but if you want to eat now you will only receive one female, while if you can wait a further 10 minutes, then you will get 2 pcs . Mother please see the choice of how, and try to encourage her to wait in the similar way. Lesson learned: Please wait for something greater, instead of satisfying immediate interests.

4 years: Learning to count - 5 years old: Thrift Practice

4 years: Learning to count

The children can not understand the value of money at this age, what parents should teach children how to count and was then distinguish the basic currency. It was then that she could connect both mathematical skills in children and the burgeoning concept of money for the baby.

Tips: Mother gave her just a few bills in different denominations and start by letting your child count how many sheets in it. Each week, let me first introduce specific bills, and help me to distinguish it by sitting out bills to find this among many other bills.

Lesson learned: Identifying the notes and its par value.

5 years old: Thrift Practice

Interval child starts kindergarten, she'll notice a lot of little more rugged, largely thanks to learning from friends. However, also this time, rivalries among children also shown clearly. Let's stop this, even before it started.

Tip: Let your child know that, I can not wish that was it, she needs to learn how to determine what is more important. Next time take her to buy toys, and there are 2 things at the same time you want to buy, please give me only one choice. This is not too difficult with children as mothers think.

Lesson learned: Everything has its price, so you must learn to consider before demanding something.

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