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Momma Knows: Bumbo Baby Seats

Updated on October 29, 2007

ATTENTION: Please read this Recall Notice.

The Bumbo is perhaps the greatest invention since the pacifier. It's hailed by the manufacturer to be the only baby seat that allows a baby to sit upright unassisted. That's great for baby, but there are so many other benefits for parents that are the real deal makers for me.

The Bumbo Baby Seat is designed around a baby's body. It's made of a sturdy, yet yielding foam so it's lightweight, easy to move around, and your baby sort of squishes into it. The foam is soft enough to be comfortable, but rigid enough to hold baby upright safely.

The Bumbo Baby Seat can be used from 3 months up to about a year. However, a larger baby may grow out of it before then. Younger babies will be totally supported by the seat and basically unable to move around, but older babies could get free pretty easily because there are no restraints.

The best part aside from the super-portable nature of this seat is that it's made of one piece, which is so easy to clean. No seams for catching Cheerio dust and fermenting formula. Just wipe down with a damp cloth and it's good as new. Plus, you can't beat all the mod colors!

It's a nice option when you don't want to use the car seat in the house as a seat, but you need the baby somewhat contained. You can sit in the yard, the floor, or on a restaurant chair. Even if your baby wiggles, it'll be some time before he can escape the Bumbo. It's great for feeding baby at the table before he's ready for the full on high-chair. Just prop him up and the high back and sides support his still-floppy body. It's also a nice vantage point for babies with older siblings. They can watch the action around them without being constantly held by a parent.


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    Jessica Jamie 8 years ago

    I loved the bumbo seat... but my son is a big boy and he barely fit in it at three months for about a week and then his thighs got stuck in it! It's actually kind of funny... but he is now 5 months and still doesn't sit up on his own and it'd be nice if they made different sizes. Another thing is that it seemed like it was made for mainly girls- if you know what i mean... But i believe the seat is totally safe for your babies if you pay attention while they're in it and if they fall over in it, it's your own fault.