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Mommies Moments- Where DID they learn that?

Updated on April 16, 2017
Where did he learn that?
Where did he learn that? | Source

Where did you learn that?

Every mom in the world has uttered this question at least a few hundred times. You know the routine, you turn your back for one nanosecond and in that time, one of the kids has their hair stuck in the door hinge, or the cat is getting a swirly. Without warning, that question slips through your lips. “How did you DO that?”. It’s a story as old as motherhood itself. I recently had a day like that with my 6 year-old, only my phrase was “Where did you learn that?”. I check the mail, he pees ALL over the toilet (yes, tank and all!). I clean the toilet, he helps himself to an entire block of cheese. I answer the phone and the dog has mysteriously become a fashion model, and on and on.

Nurture or nature?

Some will say it is just in a child’s nature to be inquisitive. Others will say it is learned behavior. Let’s look at that last one for a moment, shall we? I know full well what learned behavior means. It is the scientific version of monkey see, monkey do. Just to be clear, I have never gnawed on an entire block of cheese like a corn cob, and I am pretty sure they frown on that in kindergarten, so just where did he learn that particular behavior?

There are several ways a child can pick up ideas for their learned behavior arsenal. You can be the parent of the year, nothing but educational television and apps, and very careful about the people they are exposed to. Unfortunately, these nasties will still make it through the mommie firewall occasionally. Unless you are raising your child in total isolation with no electronics or outside exposure, they are going to see and hear things.

The crazy is everywhere!

Even the educational programs have commercials. This past Christmas I saw a commercial for a disgusting game. The object is to pick more boogers than your opponent from a huge, plastic nose. OK, we solved the nose picking mystery. They are looking for the prize! My son and his friends like to play “What If” at school. What if we could hear bugs talk. What if we could pee out fires. What if we built a slide around the world. Well, I think we just solved the mystery of the yellow toilet. Have you seen the mom at the grocery checkout weeding out all the cookies and candy she never put in the cart while her kid sits there grinning?

It’s not just you!

The point is, influence is all around. Yes, kids are overly inquisitive. On the days when those two factors collide, hair color stock closes high! I believe there could possibly be three or more children living here that I can’t see.That is the only explanation for the toilet, cheesy days, but since the scientific community would not accept that, perhaps a third option… learned inquisitiveness. The world is a wealth of fascinating ideas to a young mind. Adding to their confusion is the constant encouragement from school to try new things and expand their world and minds. They just neglect to teach the fact that not all things are to be explored. Our job as parents is to try to head them off at the pass and explain why that is not acceptable.

While I try to dissolve some stress in my, as of right now, still white tub, I’d love to know it’s not just me! Moms, share your stories with me!


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