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Mommy Summer Camp Week 1

Updated on December 16, 2012
Time for Summer!
Time for Summer! | Source
Community Helpers
Community Helpers | Source

Mommy Summer Camp Starts Now

Last summer I had a room full of cute kids to keep busy all summer. I created a summer full of fun for my preschool and kindergarten aged students including my own two kids. This summer is all about me and the boys (oh and find a new teaching gig). So we are about to embark on Mommy Summer Camp. Join us on the fun activities that we have planned or that we did last year. My kids are guinea pigs when it comes to my lessons sometimes.

Week 1: Welcome to Summer

Week 1 has the welcome to summer theme. It is all about routine, getting ready for summer, and having fun.

Each Day included several lessons for different subjects. I will include several activities for each subject.


Patterning - I cut out a circle for the body of the sun and two different colored rays - we created different patterns with the ray of the sun throughout the week.

Prisms - exploration of prism

Counting Sunflower seeds - use sunflower seeds to practice counting skills

Time & the Sun - use the clock to keep track of the sun


Changing Weather & the Seasons - we discussed the different season, how weather changes between the season, and what summer looked and felt like where we lived.

Prism - linked to math - investigate the suns rays using prism. Explaining to the kids the way a prism works to form a rainbow. I feel like I am in the show Sid the Science kids some days.

Sunflowers - Dissecting sunflowers. I gave the kids a blossom and tweezers and let them dissect the flower. We named some of the pieces of the flower and looked at how it grew.

Fry an Egg - We talked about how some things attract more heat than others. In order to demonstrate we took two eggs. One we broke into a bowl and put in the shade. The other we broke and put onto a piece of foil on a sunny spot of the sidewalk. Which egg do you think will fry?

Sun Cooked Smores - check out the lined hub for this idea.

Arts & Crafts

Outdoor Water Painting - On a hot summer day give the kids paint brushes and buckets of water. Let them paints the sidewalks, sides of the house, or anything else that needs to be painted.

Koosh Ball Painting - Hang a long piece of paper on a fence. Place pans of paint and koosh ball on the ground. Encourage the kids to throw the koosh balls at the paper. This makes a great design and is a lot of fun. If possible do this in bathing suits so you can hose them off afterward

Sunflowers - Help the kids paint a paper plate yellow. After the paint has dried glue yellow crepe paper around the edges and glue sunflower seeds int eh center. You can also attach green stems to complete the flower.

Golf Ball Painting - Cut a large piece of paper and put it in the bottom of a plastic pool or large box. Place golf balls dipped in different paint colors on the paper. Together the children can hold the edges of the pool and roll the golf balls around. This makes a great design when you are done.

Dramatic Play

Bacon Frying in the Sun - pretend you are bacon cooking

Neighborhood Role Playing - Role play the see that you see in the neighborhood - relates with social studies discussion of the people we see in the neighborhood.

Who am I? - Pretend to be different community helpers and have the other children guess who you are trying to be

Social Studies

Learn about Ourselves -our addresses, and our phone numbers

Where do we live and types of communities. What city, state, and country do we live in?

Community Members - who are the people in our community?

Gross Motor

Water Relay - Divide the children into two teams. ave each team line up between two buckets (two buckets for each team). Have one of the buckets full of water and the other empty. Give each child a cup. The first team to move the water from one bucket to the other using the cups wins.

Water Balloon Volleyball - Divide the children into two teams. Each team needs a sheet or blanket. Have the children grab the edges of the sheet. Place the water balloon in the center of one of the sheets. Let the kids toss the balloons from one sheet to the other until the balloon falls.

Books to Read

We checked these out from our local library

How I spent my Summer Vacation by Teague

Summer Stinks by Marty Kelley

Mouses First Summer by Lauren Thompson

Hot City by Barbara Joosse

A Summery Saturday Morning by Mahy

Other Activites

We also include writing activities, reading, and other activities that are age appropriate and level appropriate. We go to the library, play groups, parks, and visit friends.


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