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Taking some time out

Updated on January 24, 2013

We are all familiar with the sleepless nights and the rushing around trying to keep things in order, but let’s face it we are all not super parents. We too need to stop and smell the roses and take some time out for ourselves to recharge and revive our inner being.

Ask yourself this one question and answer it as honestly as you can, when was the last time you took some time to pamper you? Well no matter how long its been we all need some time to pamper.

Pamper yourself #1 Pamper your partner

1) Reach out and touch your spouse. Give yourself and your spouse the gift of massage, complete with sumptuous oils and lavish accoutrements. You can start with a foot-rub while he/she sips a nice glass of wine or a hot cup of tea. Place a steamed towel over his/her eyes while you work your way around his/ her body soothing away all of the kinks. The pleasure of giving is rivaled only by the pleasure of receiving. So once your partner returns from paradise, now it’s your turn to go.

Pamper yourself #2 a night on the town

1) Every once in a while it's good to bust that budget for a spectacular splurge with your honey (after all you deserve it). Find your perfect outfit and shoes it is time to look movie star hot and make those heads turn. Start with tickets to a great show or your favorite sporting event. As far as the dinner reservations – Try something new, research restaurants and choose one that you have never been to. After the show, try that cozy cafe for some crème Brule or cappuccino. If only for a little while it will feel like you and your spouse are back in your dating phase.

Pamper yourself #3 High tea with the girls

Make a date with the girls for high tea at an English tea house. Primp up with hats, heels and gloves, and let the valet park your car. There are so many marvelous crumpets and pastries to delight in don’t deny yourself an elegant experience after all, you shouldn't always have to tolerate annoying crusts on your sandwiches.

If you would rather stay in you can have fun by hosting your own high tea, you can find most of the recipes and exotic teas online.

Pamper yourself #4 Lets get lost

Enjoy a day out just you and your spouse;find a location on the map that neither of you have been and set out for an adventure (make sure to soak in all of the sites and take pictures along the way),

Spare no cliché and go all the way, if that means riding a trolley car up a hill, taking a horse and buggy ride through the park with a cup of hot cocoa, or a rickshaw around the wharf. Make sure to save a souvenir to hold on to the moment, it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it is special to the both of you. Soak in and enjoy every minute spent together and enjoy every minute of your day down to the last detail. Top it off with a picture taken of you both in your favorite location, and then dine at a restaurant overlooking it all.

Pamper yourself #5 Soothing the soul

Pamper your soul by taking a long walk through your most precious memories, break out the comfort food and pour yourself a drink. Find your favorite movie and gather all of your most precious pictures, videos and love letters and reminisce through all of your most treasured moments.

We all need to slow down once in awhile and take some time out to pamper our souls.


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