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Mommy says Thank God it is Friday

Updated on May 14, 2010

Friday, I have been waiting for you.


There is a huge make-believe camping adventure taking place in the hall, blocking the bathroom and laundry room. I am Ok with this since I am willing to hold off on peeing if it also provides me the luxury of not folding clothes.

     This past week has been full, cluttered actually.  Courtney, my 19 year old, proudly called and sent me pictures of her new tattoo.  It was large, black and swirly; covering the top of the feet I used to tickle and kiss.  I was a bit horrified.  Not that it was bad, just that she had one.  But just as I was about to vent my opinion, she told me she chose stars across the top of her foot to represent heaven and when I die she will have “Mom” tattooed into the stars and swirls, so I can be with her every step she takes the rest of her life. 

     Awww… now how could I counter with any of the many snarky opinions I had floating in my head regarding tattoos when she just said that, which of course is why I think she said it.  Courtney is tricky. 

     This week we picked out a replacement for our leased vehicle, which is due back in June.  After four years we are turning in the Equinox for a minivan with the same mileage but costing us $100 per month less in payments to own.  I am strangely not that excited about it…except that the process has been painless so far and we are saving money.

     I have had a minivan before, back when my first two children were little and I have “been there-done that” already.  Once they were teens, I got into a convertible which proved to be very exciting but slightly scary in snowstorms.  Now I am back to a minivan, no extras like the DVD player which allows the driver peace but also gives kids an additional chance to sit in a TV induced comma and ignore their family.  No thanks.

     In the car the boys and I talk about what they see out the window, we sing, they talk to each other while I listen to the crazy conversation.  It is part of being a family.  I think it’s important for them to learn that sometimes things are boring and you have to be patient and wait.  I hated long car trips as a child; everybody does, but buck up and learn to deal with it!  If they can’t deal with boredom without electronics in the car, how will they deal with the lines at the DMV and Wal-Mart at Christmas?

     So today, as I wrap up the week, I am trying to channel grace and pray for a few people who are battling cancer and fighting for their lives.  It sometimes takes things like that to remind me that as crazy and challenging my life often seems to be, there are others who are dealing with so much more.  My health has been better (hopefully a Lupus remission is in place) and I am blessed by all that matters.  I do however wish I could have a vacation that does not involve camping in the hallway or my imagination.




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    • profile image

      Dan 7 years ago

      Love it

    • profile image

      Jill 7 years ago

      Great Barb!!! Love it!!!

    • profile image

      Adam 7 years ago

      I like the blog! It has been a pretty crazy week, all right. Love you!