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The Versatile Shower Tote: Organize Your Diaper Changing Station for 1/2 price

Updated on August 20, 2010

Shower Tote used as Diaper Caddy

yup this is my toddlerbot changing tool kit...
yup this is my toddlerbot changing tool kit...

Target Shower Tote: Pic on Packaging

Fabric Shower Tote as a Diaper Caddy

A month or two ago, I had been looking for something to organize my diaper changing station since I no longer have a changing table. I was at Target one day and I saw a great fabric shower tote for $6.99! I remembered seeing something that looked rather similar in the baby section but was marketed as a diaper caddy selling for $14.99 (see similar one here)! That's less than 1/2 the price for virtually the same item. This marketing driven price difference at Target for diaper organization piqued my interest and made me wonder if it was the same story at other retailers. So I checked online at Bed Bath and Beyond and found a great fabric shower tote for $7.99 which had similar compartments for diapers, wipes and ointments etc. as a $14.99 Baby bath tote. The main difference: cute little animal designs on the baby bath tote and more subdued, "grown-up" designs on the $7.99 shower tote. Unless you're dying to spend about 50% more just for animal designs or just because it's called something different but is functionally the same, buying a fabric shower tote for under $10 will not only cost less, but also enable you to use that money you saved on buying more diapers or other essentials for your child. And the bonus? After your children are out of diapers, you've got a shower caddy that you can still use!


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