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Mommy's Lessons Learned - Missing My Babies

Updated on July 5, 2011

Missing My Babies

A mother's job is to teach her children to not need her anymore. The hardest part of that job is accepting success. (Anonymous)

This quote couldn't be anymore appropriate to explain the stage in life I find myself in now. My girls are just a few years shy of being all grown up. While I'm extremely proud of the lovely young ladies they've turned out to be, I'm sure many other moms can attest that those sweet moments of infancy pass us by way too soon.

My first turn at motherhood was so welcome and I was blessed with a smooth pregnancy. I absolutely loved being pregnant. When the moment of labor arrived it came fairly quickly, with Lauren making her entrance into the world within 2 hours of getting to the hospital.....Yay me!! Being totally new to it all, I barely made a how things changed 4 years later when my sweet Jenna came around! She too was totally wanted and welcome but....phew!!! what a radically different and tougher delivery that was....12 hours long! Oh yeah you've got it..... I made lots and lots of noise! Regardless of it all, every ounce of pain or recollection of it was quickly gone the moment I heard her first cries replaced yet again by the greatest love I've ever known.

I remember putting Lauren in the car seat from the hospital heading home, it swallowed her up, at 6 lbs. 3 oz. she just seemed like the tiniest baby I'd ever laid eyes on. The crib too seemed like a king size bed next to her but within months she quickly filled up it's space. In the blink of an eye we were at 9 months of age, she was walking already and celebrating her very first Christmas....that year the hottest toy, which she got, was Tickle Me Elmo.
Next came her very first Easter topped off with the cutest floral dress with a bonnet and a teeny tiny pocketbook to match....Ahhhhh the fun of dressing a little girl!

It seems like such a selfish wish, but how could anyone want to rush along the sweet and intoxicating feeling of cradling an infant, feeling it's warmth and softness in your arms. My favorite moments were the ones where I took the extra time to admire them during nighttime feedings,with just a stream of moonlight highlighting their tiny silhouettes. I'd sit in the rocking chair not rushing, forgetting about my own rest, just holding them and watching them in their perfect slumber.

As birthdays and holidays come around from year to year, all those early memories come flooding back and melancholy is what I feel. It just doesn't seem fair how quickly it all goes by, how my girls and for that part children in general literally grow in front of our very eyes. Daily living tends to get in the way of appreciating all the living miracles we experience each day, so I suppose this is why the memories become all the more precious and why I wish I could relive them once again.......

My Sleeping Beauty

My sweet angel sleeps, and through the stillness of the night, I stare at her in wonder filled amazement and delight

There she lies peacefully in her perfectness; My eyes sweep up and down and take in every bit of her with absolute and total tenderness

There in all their glory I behold …..

Teeny tiny little fingers

The gentle movement of her toes

Smaller still is her cute button nose

Silky hair wafting out the subtle scent of the worlds most perfect rose

Long eye lashes fluttering like the wings of a delicate butterfly, behind her lids the most loving pair of warm as cocoa dark, brown eyes

I'm hoping the minutes tick by slowly, so I can continue drinking in, the sweetness of this sleeping beauty and the perfect world that at this very moment together we are in.


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