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Mom's Night Out

Updated on February 13, 2013

Ladies Night!


A Night Out

All mom's need a night out once in awhile away from our kids. There are many ways you can accomplish this task. The goals is to form relationships with someone other than your kids. Whether you work outside or the house or in the home we all need a chance to remember that we are more than a mom.

Monthly Mom's Night Outs

My friend came up with this great idea. She started a basic once a month let's get together and do something. She picked a week of the month and made a group on facebook. She added her friends, we added ours, and we formed an unlikely group of women so need a night out once in awhile. We all take turns hosting, sometimes we meet at someones house, sometimes we go out for dinner, and sometime we do something else. We set the place and time, tell people what to bring if it is at someone's house. The location travels so sometimes it is closer to my house and sometimes it is farther.

It allows me the choice to decide whether I want to participate or not. The group changes month to month but there are several core members. The goal and the point is to get out of the house and enjoy ourselves, which we always do.

Every Mom Needs a Night Away

We love our kids but we all need a break
We love our kids but we all need a break | Source

Date Night Minus the Babysitter Cost

It is never the actual cost of dinner and a movie that I dread it is paying the babysitter afterward. Find some friend, make up some tokens, and get to exchanging nights out. Each couple starts with 10 tokens - each representing an hour of babysitting. Exchange the token back and forth as you babysit for each other. A simple and easy now paying way of keeping track of how often you babysit for each other and making sure that there is a fair trade off.

Of course this only works if you like each others kids. I think this is a great idea to make sure you spend some quality time with your husband. The best part is that if you drop the kids off elsewhere you can go home and watch a movie, wink wink.

The Mom Song

Craft Night Disguised

My husband commonly refers to this as wreaths gone crazy. The first time we did this it got a little out of control and didn't end until 2am, unfortunately it was a week night.

We predesignated the craft and the supplies for everyone to bring. Along with the craft supplies we each brought either a food to pass or a bottle of wine.

We got together to make holiday wreaths before the holidays. I might mention that I have several uncrafy friends

Freezer Meal Night Out

wine, cooking, fun, and friends
wine, cooking, fun, and friends | Source

The cooking meals night out

I know you are thinking this is not a night out. I disagree. Several bottles of wine were consumed and many good friends spent several hours laughing, working together, and creating meals for our family.

We made 16 meals for each family using crock pot freezer meals. This was another great night with friends. The best part of all is our husbands didn't really consider this a night out since we were working and cooking - double score.

Be Creative with Nights Out

Mom's night cooking - whatever works
Mom's night cooking - whatever works | Source

Girls Night Out

Do you make a point of getting out without the kids?

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