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Moms and Teens and Their Humor!

Updated on July 4, 2015

Social "Security"

I guess my oldest daughter & I have trouble using the right words sometimes. They are "almost" but not quite the right word(s). It makes for some amusing conversations sometimes. In the "heat" of a discussion, words and their meanings can get confusing. It can take the edge off the "discussion".

Here is a snippet of a conversation I had with my oldest when she was in High School. High School is a very difficult and challenging time. Their focus is on seeing how many friends they can make and how many parties they can go to. Our job is to get them to pass as many classes as they can to get OUT of High School!

Teen: “Mom, I’m so frustrated with you. I’m going to report you to Social Security.”

Mom: “Really – that’s great I could use some extra money.”

Teen: “Mom . . .”

Mom: “And could you get them to throw in some healthcare too? I have this cough.”

Teen: “Mom!”

So when things are getting a little tense in our conversations – she threatens to call Social Security. It lightens up the mood so we can move onto something more productive. However, I’m still waiting for my check. I don’t think she really called. Bummer!

Got a humorous story about your teen? - Please share!

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    • profile image

      Sojourn 8 years ago

      That was too cute! I have all boys - one a teen and the conversations go more along the line of "stop texting, put down that cell phone, I'm going to take away that cell phone, who are you texting now, can't you stop texting for five minutes, if you don't turn that phone off I'm going to scream!". :) His cell phone died while we were on vacation last week and you'd have thought the world had stopped turning. Let me know if that Social Security thing works out and I'll feed that line to my son. Nicely done!