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Moms first blog

Updated on February 1, 2017

I finally decided to start writing a blog ...why...

Every day thinking about ways to make money for my little family. Somehow it itself imposed the idea of writing.

I've always been good at it and it's something you enjoy. So lets try it.

English is my second language.But there is one universal language. Language motherhood.

I think I am an ordinary mother, nervous, angry that loves their children and sometimes get lost in the wave of feeling that motherhood brings with it every day.

As I write this in the next room I hear my princess to be converted into small gremlins criticizing the dream. During that time, I sit and listen to them fighting the urge to get in the room and start to scream or to start kissing while listening to their laughter echoes through our home.
I again ask myself what ???
I think the question are now one of the most common of itself asking since I became a mother.

I hope that my writing hub and you give replies or at least that can together come up with some.
P. S I hope to start'm not too awful though I am new to this :-)


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