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Monster Mothers

Updated on October 21, 2014

So I used to be a big reader and some of the things I liked to read about where true stories of terrible events. I noticed from the books I have read so far, a Child Called IT and Cry Silent Tears that moms can be more evil then the devil himself. These moms are monsters in these stories and do such awful and terrible things to their children or at the very least allow the most horrible things to happen to them. However, it's not just mom's that are abusive so don't get me wrong. Fathers can be abusive to but I've noticed moms are more emotionally abusive and that can cause far more long term problems then physical abuse. These children suffer physical, emotional and even sexual abuse at the hands of their own mothers or their mothers ‘friends’.

A Child Called IT

In the book, a Child Called IT, by Dave Pelzer, his mother was terrible and his father did nothing to stop the horrible things that happened. His mother not only was physically abusive but also emotionally abusive. She would call him names, degrade him make him eat under the table like a dog and was often only fed scraps. She also stabbed him, starved him, burned him and made him eat his own vomit. His siblings where not innocent in this mess either two of his brothers would also beat him, and even rape him while he had to sleep in the same bed with them.

Cry Silent Tears

The book Cry Silent Tears, by Joe Peters is about a young boy who is in the middle of an emotional and physical battle between his mother and father. The mother hates the father and in turn abuses her son to get back at her husband. This poor child’s father tries to save him from his mother’s monstrous behavior. With all that happens to this child he ends up losing his ability to speak which makes his mother even angrier at him and the abuse gets worse. He is starved, beaten, threatened, put down and even ‘sold’ for sex. He is even locked in the basement and starved close to death and abused by his mother’s ‘friends’ as well.


Sarah's Story

There are many, many sad heartbreaking stories out there about child abuse from mothers, fathers, other family members and even strangers. One book I also remember reading was called Sarah’s Story, by Sarah Preston. Her sad tale starts with one of three men who start to sexually abuse her and tell her not to tell her mother because she wouldn’t believe her anyway. Sarah keeps this terrible secret of abuse from these three men from her mother and father for four years until she decides to tell her father of what is happening. Her father has the same reaction as the men do and this leads her to believe that she is somehow to blame for the terrible things that have happened to her.

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In the news and on TV

These stories are awful and describe a world only some of us know about, those of us who were abused as children or have seen abuse in our younger years. Child abuse is no matter to joke about; it is a serious problem in our society and even places around the world. Many of these books about child abuse happen in the UK or other countries along with the United States. I’ve read about news articles depicting despicable mothers AND fathers who abuse their children, one child was even locked in a cage like a dog and was being starved. Others, sadly usually babies and toddlers, have been beaten and shaken to death by the people who are supposed to love and care for them. One father recently killed his 6 month old by throwing him because the father was "Annoyed". (Click here for the news article) Another sad reality is that the popular TV show Law & Order SVU episodes are sometimes based on true events.

Please Help

Children who are beaten daily, physically abused, emotionally abused; yelled at, called names like no good, worthless, stupid ect and even sexually abused are in need of our help. So please, if you know of any child or even have the hint that something might be going on it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially in these instances. If you do think or know of any child abuse call the number below or go online and find your states local hotline or simply click the link below. These children need help and a lot of them don’t have a voice to call out for help. A lot of these children will end up dying at the hands of their own parents or family members or even killing themselves later on in life if the abuse continues.

This is how children should look, happy not sad and terrified.
This is how children should look, happy not sad and terrified. | Source

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      Horrible parents, iwish i could do something