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Monsters University Backpacks & Lunch Boxes

Updated on June 21, 2013

Back to School with Monsters University

Monsters University Backpack with a Matching Lunch Box


Be cool with a Monsters Unoversity Backpack

Even monsters had to attend school to become as scary as they are today.

Disney and Pixar join forces once again to bring a prequel to a movie that was released far back in 2001 (remember it still?). We once again follow the story of Mike and Sully, two monsters with a soft spot.

Now I think this theme is the most fun one for boys this year as well it's all about going to school.

What to keep in mind when buying a school backpack?

While graphics are really important (it's what makes the kids stand out and feel special) there are also some other things you need to consider.

If your kid isn't comfortable wearing heavy backpacks and he or she has a lot of books to carry around you might want to consider getting a rolling backpack. These will make it a lot easier for them to carry all of the things to school, I know I had one and it was a life saviour.

Some kids are not comfortable with the rolling ones though as they don't feel right to them, in this case just make sure straps are padded so that they won't hurt their shoulders.


Monsters University Rolling Backpack

I really like this one as it captures all the important monsters from the Monsters University and shows Mike and Sully on their way to University (packing their books and backpacks). The color scheme is perfect, there isn't a boy out there that wouldn't like the blue and green combination.

This large backpack is perfect for school and for small vacations as kids won't have problems rolling around their stuff.

When I was a kid the rolling ones were quite popular for lower grades as carrying things around was hard (especially in the warmer months).

What I especially liked about mine was the fact that you could easily sit on it as they usually are a bit harder and have a strong structure (books in the backpack tend to help).


Mike or Sulley?

Who's your favourite monster?

If your kid has a favourite you can get the backpack with that character only.

Both of the monsters have their own special personal traits.

I prefer Mike for his looks and Sulley for his character.

Which moster do you like more?

See results

Lunch box? Go for insulated one!

Always get an insulated lunch box as it will keep the food at the temperature it is supposed to be and will keep it fresher. There's nothing worse than a soggy sandwich.


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