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Mother's Day Celebration Ideas, Gifts, Singapore

Updated on April 17, 2011

Mother's Day 2010 Singapore

Mother's Day is celebrated in a BIG way in Singapore, maybe close to Valentine's Day. Thinking of giving mum a big surprise or treat? Interestingly, with much emphasis than Father's Day. Restaurants on mother's day will be packed with reservations from Friday onwards till Sunday. In Singapore Mother's Day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of will be 8 May 2010. I have a feeling that irregardless of the economy, people are willing to gve mum a treat on mother's day. What can I do for Mother's Day?


Best Gift for Mum on Mother's Day

I think the best gift for mother's day is not what big present you can give. To mum (especially mine) it is the joy to see a family harmoniously living together, her children loving and caring for one another, to receive a BIG hug on mother's day, words of appreciation through a Tribute. Maybe to your mum it would a BIG gift on Mother's Day to see two of her children loving each other again. Bring JOY on mother's day!

Happy Family! A Grandma & Mother's Joy
Happy Family! A Grandma & Mother's Joy

Write A Tribute To Your Mum

Writing a tribute to your mother can be so very easy. Take yourself away from noisy environment and turn on soft instrumental music. Just take 10 minutes, close your eyes and bring yourself back to those years when you were growing up.... travel back 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 25 years, 30 years.... to a moment when you could see how mum took good care of you and the family. Visualise those great and unforgettable moments in your childhood. Capture those moments of mother's love. Jot down those thoughts when you open your eyes again. Use those thoughts to pen something simple to show appreciation for mum.

I Never Called her MUM or MUMMY

As children, my 3 siblings and I never had the opportunity to call my mother, "MUM". In the traditional chinese family, we were taught to address our mothers as "aunt" or call her by her pet name. In my case, I addressed her as "Ah Jee" which translated is "number 2". Mum was the second child in her family, with an elder sister and a younger brother. Some chinese believe that if the children address mum too intimately, they will never grow up well.... to me this was a strange belief. Anyway, it is difficult to correct this problem which has long been in my family. I thank God that despite such beliefs, mum is very close to us. I am glad that my children can address their mum as mummy or mum.

A Tribute to My Mother

Nearly 40 years ago my family faced a crisis when my father, the sole breadwinner was stricken with an illness that stopped him from working. Without any formal education, mum could only do domestic work. She would wake up very early to handle all the household chores for those staying under the same roof (besides my family) before embarking on those jobs which would bring in the income. She generated income through washing clothes for others, cleaning homes, and some tailoring. Her hands were wrinkled, skin on the fingers split due to over-exposure to harsh detergent and water (no washing machines then). There was pain, yet she endured and pushed for her children's sake.

She would return home to do other household chores and prepare dinner, and then spend late nights (candlelight) in the bedroom sewing dresses for kids to be delivered to a garment factory the following day. My elder brother and I would assist her in doing the hemming for the little dresses. Mum was under much stress that one night I saw her broke down and cried and we cried with her.

Despite all she was experiencing, she pressed on without complaining. As children we remember her keeping the best food for us, and eating whatever was left at meal times. Her children were her priority. She wanted us to be educated well, to see a better future.

By the grace of God, she endured the many difficult years struggling for the family. To her children, she is the best mother, the most hardworking and sacrificial mum, one who supported us by not giving up in hard times when we were growing up. Because of her, we are educated and have our own careers, homes and families. Thank you MUM!........ In a month's time we celebrate her 74th Birthday.

Ideas for Mother's Day in Singapore

Thinking of ideas to WOW you mum on Mother's Day! Hope these trigger your thoughts.

  1. Think of what she loved doing when you were growing up.
  2. Bring her to her favorite restaurant or even one that reminds you of the upbringing years, and take that opportunity to thank her for those good old days of taking care of you.
  3. Get a family portrait done with her and the whole family.
  4. Spend half the day at a SPA with her.
  5. Get all her children to write and read out their tributes to MUM.
  6. Take time off to spend the whole day with MUM.
  7. Get MUM to tell more stories about growing up years and write it into a book with her as author.
  8. You be the CHEF of the day and cook her favorite dishes and food.
  9. Get her onto the Singapore Flyer think of how Singapore has transformed, the those good old days you spent as a child with your mum.
  10. Make a trip to the Universal Studio or Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, there are many restaurants inside there too. Enjoy a good day of shows and food with her.



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  • Kmadhav profile image


    9 years ago from New delhi

    Yes, mother is god we have to repect our mother as well as others mother.

    Thanks for this hub

  • jollytan profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago from Singapore

    You are fast Alex! You should start writing articles using hubpages also.

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    A great blog post! A hearty round of appreciative applause for all dear Mothers worldwide!


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