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Mother's, The Corner Post

Updated on November 20, 2012

I dedicate this article to Mother's everywhere. And to my own Mother who died on June 20, 2006.

After my dad died I wrote a number of articles about him and some of the things he went through. When my Mother died I never did that, mostly because I wasn't writing back then. Then not too long ago, I decided it was time to tell the world about my Mom. But this can refer to many Mother's.

My Mother was in no way perfect but she tried to raise me with values and to think for myself. Both of my parents did this.

I realized this morning that if my Mother were alive today and saw the things the world was going through she would be heartbroken and angry.

I must tell you, if your mother is alive now, appreciate the fact you still have her with you. My mother was also my best friend and there are times I would like to know her opinion on just one more thing but that's not possible. So even if you've never had a good relationship with your Mother, you must still talk to her and appreciate that she's alive. Because you never know when the day is just around the corner that she will no longer be here and you will never be able to say the things you want to or should have. It's all over once someone is gone. I understand there are people out there for whatever reason that don't talk to their Mother and/or don't get along with her. Now is the time to put that aside. If your mother has done/said things you don't agree with you don't have to agree with those things but it's important to put it asunder. Put that piece away, there's a place for it, but not within your relationship that dictates you don't speak and stay mad for weeks, months, years.

There are people out there like this. I have two uncles who will get mad at each other over something small and stay mad for weeks, sometimes much longer. My uncle got mad at my dad one time(over the fact he'd borrow money from my dad and he asked him for some of it back) and stayed mad for three years. Rather than try to pay a little of it back at a time he just got mad and wouldn't talk to my dad.

That's no way to do.

Remember, mothers are the corner post of every family and when they are gone, they are gone. Granted, not all mothers are good mothers but that's not the point. If you still have her with you it's important to patch things up as much as possible and accept her for who she is, good or bad. You will never have another Mother. You get one Mother and you have to make the best of it.

Maybe you haven't spoken to your Mother for years and don't know what to say or how she will react if you call, don't let that stop you. Pick up that phone and let her know you're still alive and you would like to have a relationship with her before it's too late. Don't let embarassment stop you.

Maybe your Mother is already gone and you can't get your chance back and you feel badly about that, maybe you are beating yourself up. Well, stop doing that. It accomplishes nothing. Forgive yourself.

Never think if your mother is still alive that's it's too late to have a relationship.

And this goes for everyone else in your family too, even lost friends. Maybe you got mad or the other person got mad over something(probably doesn't even remember what it was about now if it's been a long time) but you can still fix it as long as the person is alive.

Remember your dad's, grandparents, aunt's, uncle's, brother's, sister's and friends too. Peace be with you.....


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