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Munchkin Multi Bowl 5 Pack

Updated on March 16, 2011

Why Buy Munchkin Multi Bowl 5 Pack

"Great little colorful bowls, $1 per bowl. What could you ask for? They're the right size for mealtimes. Easy to clean and seems durable. I hand wash and don't use these in the microwave. Published 3 days ago by Target Shopaholic”, so that is what the customer had to say after buying the Multi bowl 5 pack .

This is one of the most bought bowl with statistic showing that more 54% customers goes for this bowl pack, easy to carry and wash makes it ideal for many people to buy as many would prefer just to buy something that can be washed and use within the shortest. The other features of the Munchkin Multi Bowl 5 Pack include the following. It has got a fun design lets your child eat with the fishes, this bowl is just great for mom to feed baby or child to use at mealtime, the bowl is a top rack dishwasher safe and are BPA free and 12- ounce bowls. This customer had to say about the bowl “These bowls are great. You can fit them in one hand while you feed.

They are dishwasher safe. HOWEVER, I was very surprised to find them cheaper at Walmart and Target. Published 1 month ago by Kari”, so for more reviews and features from the manufacturer and customers on the multi bowl 5 pack check on the Amazon online shopping portal where you will be able to get great deals

Munchkin Multi Bowl 5 Pack


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