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Must-Have Breastfeeding Products

Updated on April 5, 2012

Breastfeeding, especially for a new mom, can sometimes be challenging and overwhelming, but there are several products out there that can help make breastfeeding go as smoothly as possible, and here are just a few of those products.

Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow allows you to breastfeed your baby more comfortably, resulting in both you and baby feeling more at ease while nursing.

There is less strain on your back, neck, and shoulders, as baby is elevated in order for you to nurse almost effortlessly.

Dad can also use the nursing pillow while bottle-feeding baby.

Many nursing pillows also double as tummy-time support, and there are also compact-size or inflatable nursing pillows that are great for travel.

Nursing Cover

A nursing cover enables you to breastfeed your baby in public places without having to worry about accidental exposure.

Nursing covers comfortably drape around your neck, and you can keep an eye on your baby while peering through the reinforced neckline.

Some nursing covers come equipped with little pockets to hold a bib or other small item, and some can also act as a sunshade when attached to a stroller or infant car seat.

Nursing Pads

For many breastfeeding moms, leaks from let-down or engorgement are inevitable, so nursing pads are a necessity.

Disposable nursing pads are very absorbent and many types come with adhesive to keep them in place.

Disposable nursing pads are the most popular types of nursing pads, but there are also eco-friendly options, such as pads made out of organic bamboo fibers that are machine-washable, or others that are made out of silicone and are washable and reusable.

It's always a good idea to have an extra pair or two of nursing pads in your purse or diaper bag, since at times leaks may occur when you least expect it.

Double Electric Breast Pump

Whether you need to pump milk at work for feedings while baby is at a sitter, or you want to stock milk in your freezer for future needs, or you simply want to maintain your milk supply, a double electric breast pump is the most efficient option.

There are many well-known brands to choose from, but you should look for a pump that has adjustable suction settings so you can find one that is the most comfortable when it's time to express milk.

Also, it may be ideal to get a pump that can be operated by batteries or that comes with parts that will allow you to pump manually in case you don't have access to a power supply.

Breastmilk Storage Bags

Breastmilk storage bags allow you to store several ounces of milk neatly and compactly in your freezer, taking up a lot less space than bottles or other types of milk storage containers.

The storage bags are pre-sterilized and allow you to write important information, such as number of ounces, date expressed, etc.

You can store several bags of milk in your freezer, building up a hefty stash of milk for when the need arises.


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