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My Baby's Favorite Toy

Updated on July 25, 2009

A family member gave the Brightlings Exploration Station to my daughter, Ella, when she was first born. I put it together when she began to sit up on her own at four months. It was kind of frustrating to put together, but not difficult. I looked at it and thought, "How much fun could this be." Well, lo and behold, it can be quite alot of fun for an infant. This is my daughter, Ella's, favorite toy. She has played with it since she was 4 months old and still plays with it at age 9 months.

What Can It Do?

  • There are red, blue, and yellow ribbons that she pulls. Via a switch on the side of the toy I can either have it say the name of the color and what items in life are that color (i.e. "the sun is yellow") OR I can set it to play music when she pulls the ribbons.
  • There is a small stand on the side where she can place a plastic ball (it comes with three colorful, textured spheres) on it to practice hand coordination and balance.
  • There is also a plastic circle with a colorful swirly design that spings when my daughter pulls a different lever on the toy.
  • She hasn't discovered it yet, but she can also drop each ball (or other small toys for that matter) through a shoot and have the toy say numbers or letters. It can also be set to play music only when a ball is dropped through the shoot. This teaches eye-hand coordination as well as object permanence. She sees that the ball appears at the bottom of the shoot again once she drops it in. It also teaches her about her power to effect action by doing certain behaviors. Dropping the ball equals noise.
  • There are three little plastic figures called Brightlings that when wiggled make syllables that babies typically begin babbling early in life. They make sounds like pa, pa, pa and ba, ba, ba. You can wiggle the different figures and make these sounds overlap one another and it sounds almost like a baby "wrap" song. Lots of laughs and fun!
  • The outside ring around the shoot can also be twisted. Twisting it makes the toy begin singing the alphabet song or it begins counting to ten.
  • There are two plastic flowers my daughters likes to grab and bat. She also trys to put them in her mouth. One day she will realize there is a blue lever that when pushed will make both flowers move back in forth in unison.
  • The very first action my daughter learned to effect with this toy was the swinging yellow gate on it. When she moves it back and forth it says greetings such as hello and goodbye in a variety of foreign languages. Ella cooed in delight when she discovered the little yellow piece and how to make it move back and forth.

I have loved this toy because it hasn't broken, the battery-life is long, and it has kept her entertained for months. It was a very good gift choice on my aunt's part. Our favorite so far!


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