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My Children, The Comedians

Updated on September 2, 2011

For the past 17 years I have been a mom to my three precious children. I have gotten so much enjoyment from watching and listening to so many of the funny things they have done and said. These things were not planned, but were things that they either thought other people needed to know, or they were things that “just happened.”

My Seventeen Year Old

(My Daughter the story teller) The oldest of my three children, my precious daughter. With her being my first born, I knew my life ahead would be a joyous one. I soon find out that it would be humorous, too. When she was about four years old, she was sitting on the toilet and started talking about Christmas time. Her Grandma was in the bathroom with her and she was telling her about “how Santa comes to Christmas.” She told Grandma how the reindeer, or “reinneer” as she pronounced it, would park up on the roof and come to bring the kids presents. She must have gotten all caught up in the story because she heard a sound and thought was Santa ‘coming to Christmas’. She kept saying, “Santa’s coming to Christmas.” It was so sweet to hear her telling the story, which we have on video because my mom thought it was the sweetest thing and ran and got the video camera.

(My Daughter the poker player) A little later in life, when she was about six years old, during the first day of school the teacher wanted the kids to stand up and tell the class something that they did over the summer. When it was her turn, she stood up and said, “My big Grandma taught me how to play poker.” Big Grandma was her great-Grandma and the way she distinguished between her two grandma’s was that Great-Grandma was her “Big Grandma” and Grandma was her “Little Grandma.” The big and little had nothing to do with their size, only with their age. Her Big Grandma loved to play cards, whether it was solitaire, poker, gin, you name, she played it. “Big Grandma” took care of my daughter over the summer while I worked, and she taught her how to play all kinds of card games, I guess poker was the one that stood out in her mind. The look on the teacher’s face was priceless; of course my daughter had the poker face :)

(My daughter the musical performance announcer) I took my daughter and a few of her friends to see the musical “Sweeney Todd”. During the intermission, we all went out to get a snack and a drink. Sitting at a table, my daughter asked (in all seriousness), “How long is half-time?” Being the sports fanatic that she is; she associated intermission with half-time of a sporting event. Needless to say, we all chuckled and told her it was called intermission. She got a chuckle out of it, too.

My Fifteen Year Old

(My Son the spot saver) My oldest son and my middle child, who is 15, but will be the first to let you know that he will be 16 in a few months. (Oh the joys of being a child and looking forward to being one year older!) When my oldest son was three years old and in daycare, his grandparents were invited to go with him for grandparent’s day. Everyone took their seats, with the grandparents sitting by their grandchild. My son had to get something out of his book bag and he looked at his grandparents and said “save my pot” (which meant save his Spot). He proceeded to get what it was that he was going after, and when he came back, a little girl was sitting in his seat. He looked at her and said “Hey! dat my pot.” Grandma said she laughed so hard that she had tears coming from her eyes. My son thinks we are silly for thinking that is so funny.

(My son, only sissy’s brother) A few years later, when he was about six, he was in the car with his Grandma having a conversation with her. Grandma responded, “Right on little brother”, to something he had said. He looked over at her and said, “I not your brother, I my sissy’s brother.” Grandma thought that was one of the funniest things she had ever heard and, to this day, when she tells the story, she laughs immensely. My son thinks it is pretty funny when he hears the story, too.

My Three Year Old

(My Son The Dancer) My youngest child, being three years old, certainly acts older. When he was about five months old, he would sit in his baby walker and watch some of the shows on the Disney Channel. Every time the theme song to the show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse would come on, his feet would touch the floor, and he would straighten his legs trying to stand up and would look at the television until the music stopped. A few weeks later, when he heard that song, he actually started bouncing to the music like he was trying to dance. He enjoyed that show then and still watches it to this day.

(My Son The Informer) One day when he was about 18 months old, we were in a grocery store walking down an aisle when I accidentally passed gas and it was not a silent one. Unfortunately, my youngest heard it, and proceeded to tell everyone in the aisle that “mommy tarted.” I could not help but laugh every time he said it, at which point he must have thought that I liked him saying it, so he repeated it about 25 more times throughout the entire store. My husband said my face was beet red, and my son just thought it was so funny. Funny now, NOT funny then!!! Haha

Check out his "fan page" for more funnies :)

Yep, That’s My Babies!!!

Children will say and do the funniest things at any age. The majority of the things they say and do turn into stories for a lifetime. My mother has told me many stories from my childhood days and we share the laughs. Now, I have many stories to tell my children, now and when they are older, and I am sure there will be more precious stories to add with each year that passes by.


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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 6 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hi, DawnaT...LITERALLY fell in love with your writing in the first paragraph. You are VERY TALENTED. Love your story. Made my day. Voted up and all across. I am now a fan and follower, if that is okay. Sincerely, Kenneth Avery, from a rural town in northwest Alabama, Hamilton, that reminds you of Mayberry, where Andy and Barney worked.

    • DawnaT profile image

      DawnaT 6 years ago from U S of A

      Thanks Pink!!! If you are facebook, you should check out our youngest son's "fan page" :)

    • Pinkchic18 profile image

      Sarah Carlsley 6 years ago from Minnesota

      So cute! Kids say the cutest things sometimes!

    • creativelycc profile image

      Carrie L. Cronkite 7 years ago from Maine

      This is a priceless hub! I thoroughly loved reading all of the cute stories of your children. You are blessed! Welcome to hubpages!

    • blark profile image

      blark 7 years ago from Minneapolis, Minnesota

      Bahaha! Great stories. I love the "Big Grandma / Little Grandma" distinction your daughter used, and of course "mommy tarted!" Haaaahaha that must have been a sight!