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My Dad Family Roots-History

Updated on August 30, 2011
The old monk is my grandfather best friend. After my father soon found out his true history, my dad decided to shave his head and become a monk for three days. It was to pay respect for his father.
The old monk is my grandfather best friend. After my father soon found out his true history, my dad decided to shave his head and become a monk for three days. It was to pay respect for his father. | Source

Learning about your own family history is wonderfully, historically, and an amazing information to learn about. My dad full name is Chork Ra, he was born in 1956 in Komporng Chnang province. He was born to a father who is a Captain-lieutenant rank five star and his mother is a farmer. They own 10acres of farmland and in front of their home there is a palm tree that both father and son plant and grew together. On that tree they have carve both of their name. My dad don't remember his father full name but he remember his father being called "Chork". He also remember his father call him "Ra" because his mother gave birth to him by the railroad track. When the train sounds, it sounded like "Raaaaaa" so my grandparent name him 'Ra'.

They own two ox and other farm animal in the back of their home. On the other side of their home there is a railroad track and across the railroad track there is an army area where they practice their drills. My grandfather flew jets and he have traveled to many places with the king of Cambodia, Noradom Sihanouk. He was well known to the France, Europe, Germany, Britain and United State. My grandfather spoke five language, he speak Cambodian, English, French, German, and Thai. My grandmother who is my dad mother, she is a farmer and my dad stay home with his mother to do farming. She taught him how to fish and harvest rice…etc. Every vegetable that she harvest, she go out to the market and sell them. She also open her own dessert restaurant and became well known from that.

My great grandfather from my grandfather side was in the marine and great grandmother is a housewife. My grandfather was out to practice one day and my grandmother was out in the market selling dessert and vegetable. My grandfather friend invite him to go out to the market to get some dessert. Well he found a stand that say, "Bong Aem Molika" (Molika sweet dessert). My grandfather was enlighten by my grandmother appearance and fell in love with my grandmother after he taste her dessert. He flirted with my grandmother and tell her that her dessert is as sweet as her. My grandmother was disgusted by my grandfather speech and she poured her dessert on my grandfather. She don’t care whether he’s a lieutenant or not.

Well, one day my grandfather spy on my grandmother all the way to her home. He went to visit her mother and father. He bought food and supply for them. Soon about a couple of month, he went to his parent and tell his parent that he is in love with a woman and want to marry her. My grandfather and all his army friends including his parent hitting drums, playing music, hollering to my grandmother house to ask her for marriage. My grandmother said no but my grandmother parent said yes. She told her parent to go marry him since they both said yes. My grandfather beg my grandmother by standing on his knee but my grandmother continue to hesitate. She was pressured to marry my grandfather and soon after marriage she fell in love with him.

One day there was a shooting in Cambodia that cause my grandparent to run through the forest. It was the Thai robber that come to their village to rape young girls and kill people in the village. My grandmother grab my dad into her arm and start running. My grandfather pull out his gun to protect his wife and son as they escape. My grandmother fell in a ditch but the ditch wasn’t so deep, she got back up and start running as they Thai people came to attack her. The Thai people caught my grandmother and were about to rape her but my grandfather shot both of them in the head dead. He grab his wife and run with him. There was also a forest fire and the area soon became darker and smoke gets heavier. My grandfather lost my grandmother and my father lost his dad. The next morning my dad was wandering around the forest alone and soon found a new place where he called home.

He stayed at the pagoda with the monks for many years and one day his father went to the pagoda and found his son there. He went back home to live with his dad and his dad have a new wife who she became my dad step mother. His step mother was a nice woman and she cared for my dad as if he was her son. My grandfather thought that his wife was dead but my dad don't believe that. Therefore my dad went around the village to search for his mother and found his mother selling fruit by the fruit stand. They all soon reunite and both my grandfather wife got along just fine. They soon separated again after the Vietnam war.

My dad drifted off to the United State and has his name change. Many have been searching for my dad since he is the son of a Captain-Lieutenant of Cambodia. They never found my dad and thought my dad was killed. Till today, my dad live a normal life and hid his history behind.


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    • Vinaya Ghimire profile image

      Vinaya Ghimire 6 years ago from Nepal

      I have read Cambodia's history and culture. Ankor Kot is the place I would want to visit some day. Thanks of giving first hand look on life in Cambodia.

    • nishlaverz profile image

      nishlaverz 6 years ago from N.E England

      What an ordeal to go through. Your Grandfather's bravery saved your dad it shows his love for him.

      Thanks for sharing this story.

    • chanroth profile image

      chanroth 6 years ago from California, USA

      Hi rjsadowski, thank you! You are right, fiction cannot compare to non-fiction.

    • rjsadowski profile image

      rjsadowski 6 years ago

      Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. Fiction cannot compare with what happens in real life.