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Are You Too Busy for Old Dad and Mom?

Updated on December 23, 2022

When was the last time you talked to your old Dad? Was there a time you asked old Mom to watch you bake an old favorite bread that she taught you?

Perhaps we feel that we've done our part after giving them the medicine they need or leaving them lunch on the table.

Are we too busy to spend time with old Dad and Mom?

This question might help us realize it's not yet late to spend time with them. If we value our time then we would love to know how our parents value even a few minutes of that time. To them, it's s a treasure they would cherish in their hearts forever.

Too Busy & We Are Ignoring Their Needs

Not all families have maintained a close relationship together. But even though, being too busy with our own things has led many of us to forget that our parents are also growing old. This makes it overwhelming for many to start a relationship with their own parents now that they are old.

But, it is never too late to begin spending time with them. I believe love will help us understand our old parents during their twilight years. When they get older and weak, here comes the most important thing in our lives -- to make them feel loved during their last times with us.

I and Dad
I and Dad

What Do Old Parents Really Need

Our parents need our time.

If we could only hear them praying, we would realize how they patiently wish for our presence. Silently, they beseech some time with us beside them even for a few moments a day. They want us to let them know we love them and that we are there for them. It sounds so simple yet it is so hard for us to do.

What seems challenging to them is accepting that that as they age, they don't feel in control anymore. Often they find themselves at our mercy waiting to be given attention. How can we neglect that longing?

Not surprisingly, all adult children probably have the same say about their parents acting stubbornly. This behavior is likely happening to almost all aging people and that does not excuse our own Dad and Mom.

Understanding our parents' wishes and desires allows us to better honor them. The gift of love is the one they'll treasure the most. It can be difficult to love without understanding. Even if we tell Dad and Mom we love them, still finding ways to get the point across is what they need.

Image Courtesy by Byu Wellness
Image Courtesy by Byu Wellness

Dad & Mom Wants Us Beside Them

With all the gadgets we have today, communication can be as quick as a click of a finger. Here, we can make frequent contact with Dad and Mom. Seeing each other’s faces is even possible now - we can see them smile and laugh, as much as allow them to see us during our conversation.

Everybody owns a cellphone today. Is it not possible to call them often? All of us can call long-distance calls anywhere we need to. Does this include Dad and Mom on the list? The truth is - none of us is too busy to take out a few minutes for our aging parents. Why? Because if we have a busy schedule, we can always try to create the time.

Image courtesy by Jana Sabeth
Image courtesy by Jana Sabeth

Let Us Make Them Feel Important

Let's celebrate their birthdays merrier, more traditional but memorable. Let's make anniversaries perfect occasions to reminisce the old sweet younger times of their lives. They will love that. Most importantly, let's make them feel like the most important people on our own personal occasions.

Let's talk to them, bring and cook them their favorite food, allow their grand kids to spend time with them, or bring them along on short relaxing trips. Our special dates with Dad include watching movies, a thing that he likes doing a lot.

Take a walk with them, dine with them, surprise them with little gifts and make them laugh. If they feel loved, they will be especially happy. These special times will stay with them as sweet memories.

We will harvest a joy that we would cherish for the rest of our lives when we see them happy in their old age. There will come a day when you wish you could still hear their voice. If you cherish these moments, the memories will comfort you one day.

A Letter from Mom and Dad


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