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My Family

Updated on April 24, 2016

My Family


My Family

My family comprises of four individuals. There's my dad whose name is Jan, my mom whose name is Marie, my sibling, Petr and obviously, me. I have a significant expansive more distant family too yet just the four of us live respectively in our condo in a square of pads. My dad is fifty-two years of age. He acts as a bookkeeper in an insurance agency. He is tall and thin, has got short cocoa and silver hair and blue eyes. My dad likes planting particularly and additionally listening to music and perusing books about political science. His unique side interests are flying creature watching and voyaging.

Presently I'll portray my mom and my sibling. My mom is forty-seven and she fills in as a medical caretaker in a healing facility. She is little and thin, has short cocoa hair and green eyes. She prefers feathered creature watching and voyaging as well, so at whatever point my guardians can they go some spot fascinating for nature viewing. Since we have a cabin with a greenery enclosure they both invest a great deal of energy there. My sibling is sixteen. He is thin and has short chestnut hair and blue eyes. He additionally goes to secondary school. He is occupied with PCs and games like football and hockey. He additionally invests a great deal of energy with his companions and his sweetheart.

I have one and only grandma left as yet living. She is in entirely great wellbeing even at the age of seventy-eight so despite everything she lives in her own particular level. I appreciate investing energy with her when I can. Both my granddads passed on from growth since they were smokers, which was truly an extraordinary catastrophe since I didn't get an opportunity to know them. My other grandma kicked the bucket only a couple of years back. I likewise have a great deal of aunties, uncles, and cousins. The cousin I'm nearest to is my uncle's little girl Pavlina. We have a considerable measure in like manner since we are both eighteen thus we are great companions.

My guardians have doled out me certain obligations around the house. I wouldn't fret assisting in light of the fact that everybody in a family ought to contribute somehow. I help with the cleaning up, the vacuuming and the shopping. Obviously I additionally need to keep my room clean too. My sibling is in charge of the tidying and the wiping. He additionally needs to clean his own particular room. Despite the fact that my sibling and I here and there quarrel over who needs to do what work, we are still close. I am likewise near my guardians and I can depend on them to dependably attempt to help me. My guardians cooperate to keep our home all around kept up and it appears they generally have some anticipate or another that they are dealing with. They regard each other's assessments and regardless of the fact that they differ they can simply go to a trade off. I trust later on that I have a family like our own.


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