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My Grandaughter Kylie

Updated on January 17, 2012

What's For Dessert Tonight?

Kylie had just begun to eat breakfast when she turned to her Mom and asked what they were having for dessert after dinner. Her mother (my daughter) went into a tirade about the fact she had just started eating breakfast! Definitely not a morning person, my daughter asked my granddaughter why the heck she was worrying about an evening dessert when it was 7:00 a.m.?? My granddaughter Kylie said she was just wondering. Her mother replied "dirt...we're having dirt and worms for dessert...sound good?"

Overly Sensitive Genes

My daughter then busied herself with cleaning the kitchen. Unbeknownst to her - my granddaughter was weeping uncontrollably at the table. My son-in-law walked in the kitchen to find Kylie crying. "What's the matter?" he asked. Through inconsolable tears, Kylie reported Mommy was going to make her eat dirt and worms! My son-in-law replied "hmph.." and went to find Mommy.

The Evil Laughter of Two Conniving Parents

My daughter explained to her husband that Kylie had become almost obsessed with sweets. So the two of them set out to teach my sweet, innocent, and angelic granddaughter a lesson. Every hour or so my granddaughter would ask again..."Mommy...Daddy....are we really eating dirt and worms for dessert?" "Yup" they would reply...and the tears began to flow again. How could anyone play such a horrible trick on my sweet, innocent and angelic granddaughter? I never! Okay there was one time when I left a letter to an adoption agency up on my computer monitor - for nosy, misbehaving children to read. The letter insisted the agency place my children in separate families, because they just couldn't get along with each other. But really - nothing as heinous as this!

Dinner Time

After the longest day in history, Kylie sat down to dinner with her family. Her head was held low. In a joyous tone my daughter asked " is everyone ready for some yummy dirt and worms????" My son-in-law said "oh yes...I can't wait!" Kylie said "well...I'm not eating dessert tonight ..." My daughter asked "oh...are you sure you don't want dessert?" My granddaughter affirmed her decision. Mommy then passed out cups of pudding with crushed Oreo cookies with gummy worms crawling out of them! After pouting a bit...Kylie joined in all the laughter and had some dessert. Sometimes not worrying about dessert - is for the best!

Playing Tricks on Kids

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