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My Name is Ganapathi.

Updated on February 22, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

My Name is Ganapathi.

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Why was I named as Ganapathi.

In India even before a baby is born we start praying for a baby boy first even to this day.

Why a boy is a million pound question but the answer is simple to many.

A girl is expensive monetarily and mentally since her marriage is a big headach to parents.

I was the 3rd baby born in my family.

The first was a boy but he died as a baby since he was with a mother who was 11 years old not knowing how to look after a baby.

The next 2 were girls and my mother was feeling that she has to give birth to a boy next.

My mother was just praying to god daily that she be blessed by a baby boy.

One day a devote of Saint Sri Gondavali Bramaha Maharaj came to my mother's house and as usual she reverently asked the saint's devote to grant her and bless her for giving birth to a baby boy.

The Saint's devote told my mother that she must name the baby boy as Ganapathi.

The saint's birth name was Ganapathi.

My mother agreed to that condition and I was born.She kept her promise and gave me the birth name of Saint Sri Gondavali Bramaharaj which was GANAPATHI.

Why do parents name as Ganapathi,Ganesha,Gajanu,Vinayaka,Sumukha,Vignesh and many other names that go with Ganapathi.

The name Ganapathi has a power that no other name has in hindu family's.

Ganapathi is the name of the son of Goddess Parvathi.

Goddess Parvathi created Ganapathi to keep a watch on her closed room so that no one can enter while she was in her daily early morning tasks.

Lord Shiva her husband came and tried to enter the room but Ganapathi would not allow him to enter the room.

Ganapathi was not knowing that Lord Shiva was Goddess Parvathi's husband,so he did not allow him.

There was a atomic proportion fight and Lord Shiva was unable to fight Ganapathi by any ordinary weapons he had and so he used his Brahmastra and cut his head while Goddess Parvathi was just coming out of her room.

Godess Parvathi with so much anger demanded from her husband that her own hand made son be brought back to life immediately.

Lord Shiva had no choice so he ordered his men to bring the HEAD of any human or otherwise found sleeping with their head in NORTH direction.

His men found only an elephant and they brought its head.

Lord Shiva placed its head on the boy and he came to life.Lord Shiva then took him in his arms and blesses him as follows:-

01 - Every Pooja that is made to any God or Goddess must be made to you first made to you.

02 - You will have the power to bless those who pray to you to achieve success in their life.

03 - Those who pray to you will never fail in their life in what ever they do.

Even to this day after 10,000 years Ganapathi is worshiped first.He GRANTS ALL THE THREE BOONS his father gave him to his devotees.


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