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My New Best Friend

Updated on July 5, 2015

"She is my new best friend...Mommy's little helper"

I had just recovered from the flu and was feeling really low so I was enjoying being in bed and cuddling up to my husband for comfort. Then 'slam' a pillow lands on me and an eighteen month old tiny leg swings itself over me and its tiny hand follows to push itself between me and him, and he turns around and cuddles her...…she has repossessed her darling daddy.

"My Daddy Strongest"...

I always say she's daddy's pet and then they tell me it serves me right. As a kid I always shamelessly said, "I love my Dad more". But now I think I was getting jealous of my own little one. The same baby who I had nurtured for nine months inside me and painfully delivered her to this beautiful world. I slaved and struggled bringing up my baby and now when she started to express herself, she just goes and takes her father's side. So not fair that I clean her dirty diapers, make her mealtimes regular and tasty and then daddy dearest comes from work and just plays with her and takes the cake. His kisses are for her, his cute antics are for her and he even leaves work early for her. I discipline her, he pampers. I'm up early to make her breakfast, he is snoring away with her till late. I was trying to be a superwoman multitasking all day...but Dad was her Super Hero!

"You say it best, when you say nothing at all..."

Then he takes me aside in his arms, smiles and says,"Hey Wife, if I love her, it means I love you. She is your flesh and blood. If you love her you are loving me, our angel is a part of me too!" I sit back and it all makes sense. I was being such a childish fool. Of course she's ours and only ours. We have made her so when we love her we are loving ourselves. She has not come in between us, but she is 'Us'.

She is just eighteen months old but I already enjoy going out with her. We ladies pack the stroller with her favorite goodies and go shopping. She loves to walk around the racks of dresses with me and touch and feel the fabric as she stumbles among the heaps. She loves being in the dressing room with me giving her nod of approval for a dress by grinning with two teeth and throwing a cookie at me as if she's saying,"Yes Mom, that outfit looks cool on you!" I guess she is now my "New Best Friend". When all my old friends got busy in their lives with work and family, she stepped in and with her tiny fingers caressed my face and silently her eyes gave me that reassurance that I have a companion again. She loves to tuck the bed sheet when I make the beds, she stows away books in the book shelf and being a new generation kid, she even learnt to plug in my cellphone to its charger. She is Mom's little helper.
Oh Anoushka! I shall wait for you to grow up so we can talk our little secrets, run wild in the first rain, share fashion tips, buy make up together, gossip, watch films late at night, cook feasts, go white water rafting......oh I have so many exciting things on my list. All I can say now to you is,"Hey buddy, Give Me Five!". I can see her raising her arm towards me and my day is made. I love you Anoushka and that means I love your Daddy even more.


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    • cashmere profile image


      9 years ago from India

      So sweet. Am sure the two of you will be ganging up against the Dad soon enough


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