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My Old teddy, long gone.

Updated on October 14, 2009


Old Teddy long gone



I had a teddy bear
with just one eye
and loose spots where
stuffing had fallen out,
re-hand stitched in
primitive kid's style
with mis-colored threads
nose button dented and scraped
but oh, how I cherished
that beastly toy
fascinated each morning at how
when I would snuggle in bed
with it each night
without fail each morning
it would be halfway across
the room as if it had
gotten up to play
with all my other toys
this was truly a belief
of mine long before
toy story made it
into a popular concept
this perfect companion
was most lovingly
given to me by my
Great Grandma Mom-mo <3 <3
at the age of three
and I loved it until
somewhere around age twelve
when it disappeared
never too be found,
perhaps adult napped
by my parents
who felt me better
off without it
in a rush to grown up ways
back in my childhood days
but I know that somewhere
in a landfill far from my
present home now
it gazes up with one eye
through the flotsam
of yesterdays discarded joys
deep beneath layers
of time collected
hoping to see me again
with that same love in my eyes
sparked by that
memory driven urge to
clean it all up and
make it whole
lovingly stitch it back
together again
so that we could both
simply, sweetly
hold my youth again
and just dream...........


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