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My Potty Training Experience

Updated on September 27, 2015

Background on my children

Although this is my second child, this is my first child that I have to potty train. My oldest is a boy, and was in daycare since I was still a working professional during his younger years. Daycare really pushed the potty training with him, as did my husband. So, I truly lucked out and did not have to deal with any of it. This second child is a girl…..a stubborn, just like her father, wants to drive me crazy, would rather spend the entire day with a poopy diaper than use the potty, girl. I love both of my children more than anything in the world; but this second child has done me in. I used to want three children; now we might just stick to two!

I know everyone says girls potty train easier than boys, and I have attempted this twice already. Both times ended in utter failure. And the failure was on my part in both cases. I slack up a little bit after a few days and she totally takes full advantage of me. So, today I put my foot down and said, “It is time!” We will see how enthusiastic I am in a few days.

People also say, “One day she will just wake up and be ready!” How long am I supposed to wait; till she is 5 or 7? That can’t possibly be right.

Oh no!!! Not the potty chair!!!


Why does my little one hate the potty so much?

The first day started off with my normal mentioning the potty and her freaking out and yelling about how much she loves diapers. She constantly tells me, “I not like the potty.” So, before much more potty talk this morning, I took her to Wal-Mart to pick out some potty prizes. I used to not believe in rewards for things kids should just do, but I am far past any sense of reason or former principles. She talks very well and is very smart, and will find and bring me the things I need to change her diaper. She is way past the time of being ready. So, we get home and she is really excited about the potty prizes until she realizes she actually has to pee and poop on the potty to get a potty prize. Then the crying began. Nap came next, and after nap things went much smoother. Except that we finished the day with her never actually peeing or pooping on the potty. I set a timer for every 20 or 30 minutes, and every time it rang, it was time to sit on the potty. So, she would run or skip over to her little pink potty chair and pull down the pull-up and sit. And nothing. Most times I would check the pull-up and it would be wet. So, she had to have been holding it during every single time I sat her on it? And every time she got up, she said, “Yah, I get a potty prize!” And I replied, “No, potty prizes are only for when you actually potty in the potty chair.” She accepted that for the most part. I don't get it; pull-ups worked great for my first child. He hated the feeling of being wet or dirty, so he was inspired to use the potty.

The second day started off awesome. My daughter woke up happy and sat on the potty right away and peed! I was so excited and she was so excited, and she earned her first potty prize. She earned quite a few potty prizes throughout the rest of the morning and early afternoon. Late afternoon and tonight were not so great. She pooped in her pull-up twice and peed in her pull-up a few times. And tonight she has sort of turned into this crazy monster child. She is running around and singing and wants me to chase her to put her on the potty. Once on, she sits for about 2 seconds and stands up claiming she is all done. And then runs around wanting me to chase her again to get the pull-up back on. I found myself threatening her with, “Fine, I am going to get the underwear now.” Being so negative about underwear might not work so great next week when I actually want her to begin wearing them full time.

Day three started out terrible. From wake up time until nap, she yelled and cried every time it was potty time or time to put on a pull-up. By lunch, I was feeling like the potty training monster and ready to throw in the towel. I started internet surfing “potty training nightmares” and that made me feel a little better. Apparently most people have the best luck with keeping the child bare butt! So I tried it after nap and she didn’t have any accidents.

My 9-year-old son is totally freaked out about this bare butt thing. He keeps claiming he will never sit in various places that she sits in. And he has banned her from his room because he is convinced she will come in and pee on his computer.

Maybe I should just potty train the cat. Should be easier, right?

Things started to get better.

Day four started off great. Happy daughter woke up and happily sat on the potty to pee. A little later, she started acting like she was going to squat into the poop position to go in her pull-up. So I caught her right away and put her on the potty. She yelled and cried some and said she was scared, but finally pooped! I was so excited and proud! She was like, “Look at the big poop I made!” For the rest of the day, we went back and forth between wearing pull-ups and being bare butt. She peed once on the kitchen floor, and once in a pull-up. Otherwise, she did great on the potty. She did sneak a big pee in the diaper I put on her for naptime. She usually wakes up from nap and comes right downstairs, but today she stayed up for a bit being sneaky.

She hasn’t yet actually said, “I have to go potty,” or taken the initiative to go potty. I feel like I follow her around all day like crazy hawk potty lady. Hopefully that will change soon, right?

Bring on the underwear!

After a week of potty training was when we began with underwear, and underwear did not go over very well at first. She screamed like I was trying to saw her arm off the first time I put underwear on her.

So at this point, things are all dependent on me. If I keep her in undies, she does great unless she is tired and grumpy, in which she will pee on the floor and then cry. I still put her in pull-ups at night, but I must change her right away upon waking up. I also have been putting her in pull-ups still to leave the house. In both instances, she will try to take full advantage of the pull-ups and pee or poop in them. I will be unloading groceries from the car, and she will hurry up and squat down to make a poop; and then follow me around yelling at me to change her.

I have also attempted to make her go potty in a couple of public restrooms, and both times ended miserably. Yesterday I ordered this magical fold-up potty seat to bring with us in public, and that should solve all of our problems, right? It should help a little but there will still be the super g force automatic flush mechanism that most toilets are equipped with that will make her scream. And I will have to begin carrying along a canister of Lysol wipes to disinfect the magical potty seat that will touch the public toilets.

Really Mom!?!

In the end...

Thank goodness she stopped asking for potty prizes a few days ago, because I am pretty sure I spent the rest of this month’s grocery money on potty prizes. She still will get a semi-big prize at the end of potty training. Talk of this big prize brings me to the question, “When can I actually say she is fully 100 percent potty trained?”

Potty training poll!

How was your potty training experience?

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