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My Secrets to successful Breastfeeding

Updated on May 1, 2015

Secrets and Tips To Successful Breastfeeding

Being a new mom is exhausting and daunting. Especially during the first two weeks. I always tell people without children that nothing in life can prepare you for the first two weeks of motherhood. Like many new moms I had a dream of being able to nourish my baby through breastfeeding. When I delivered my son via c-section I had no idea that producing breast milk was such an arduous task. Call me Naïve but I really thought it would be super easy for me. I saw women all over the place being able to feed their children with no problems. I thought for sure there was no way I would have trouble. Boy...was I wrong

Of course when it was my turn it was not so easy. I had issues with my breast shape and my son would not latch on properly. Secondly, I had a c-section which apparently delays your milk even more. Also, although I am sure the breast feeding consultants mean well they were stressing me out even more. I felt they looked at me as failure for having these issues. Not to hospital lactation consultants: Please do not get frustrated with new moms, especially first-time moms, I was very close to giving up because the lactation consultants were unhelpful.

They did offer me one good that I will relay at the end of this post but first I am going to tell you about a few things that really helped me produce more milk. These are remedies that were given to me by my family and friends and are used very often in the latino community.

1. Drink Malta Goya- This is a malt beverage made by the Goya company, you can get these in small 7 oz bottles or in larger 12 oz bottles. You can buy these at your local grocery story or order them on

2. Panela- Panela is carmelized sugar cane that mostly comes from Colombia or other latin regions, It comes in a hard brick but you have to break it into pieces and boil water or warm milk and throw some pieces in there. It has many nutritional benefits as well. I like the "Iberia" Brand but Goya also makes one. You can buy them at any grocer that sells latino items or order them at amazon. Panela.

3. Drink Warm Fluids- anything warm- Tea, soups, anything warm helps.

4. Mother milk tea- this is a tea they sell at any target or on, it's great tasting and really really helps. Within a couple hours of drinking I could feel my breasts fill up. I bought this at target but this can easily be ordered on amazon as well.

5. Hot showers- let the water hit your breasts directly and then massage them.

6. Massage, Massage, Massage- this is simple and you can do it while you are watching tv. I massaged in a circular and downward motion.

I am not claiming that these tips will work for everyone, but they did help me. It also made me feel better that even though I was having trouble I was trying to be proactive about my own body. I swear by Malta Goya and Panela, Because of this I was able to breastfeed my son for 6 months by feeding and pumping, and I credit these items and tips with helping me continue producing milk.

Don't worry mama's you are not alone!

At the hospital they also gave me a nipple shield which didn't really work for me but is something to consider if you want to try it. Nipple Shield.

Comment Below if you have any questions.

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