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My Sister's Pregnancy

Updated on March 9, 2011

July 2010

My sister suddenly burst from the bathroom shouting, "Please confirm, I got two lines!", we are so happy that day yelling that we will have new member in the family.

But the celebrations ended too soon when we remember that she got a shot of Hepa A a week ago. The doctor requires her to take shots of Hepa A vaccines because her husband have Hepa A that runs in their family. She have to get three doses of those plus vitamins to scare away the virus, I don't know the exact term the doctors used but it means like that.

We are thinking that the shot could harm the baby inside her.She also is very anxious about her situation.

I have negative vibes about her pregnancy and I am very scared for her.


October 2010

She have a history of rheumatic heart disease. The Obgyne told her that she should have deliver the baby in ceasarian section because of that heart ailment history. Her heart is weak so they have to clear her first of that illness history before going through C-section. I pitied her so much. I went through the same situation of difficult pregnancy but hers was worse than mine.

December 2010

She is having rough times carrying the baby. She would experience pain and a lot more headaches which caused her to stop working a while to have bed rest. She also is very sensitive and would always ask questions if I have deal with the same pains and difficulties. Of course, I did have difficulties, but not like what she experienced. I have pre-eclampsia.

March 2011

She got chicken pox in a very unfortunate time. She was exposed to it through our younger sister who have chicken pox a week or two before she shows any signs. I know that it is serious and often life threatening both for the baby and the mother.

I went to their house which becomes a habit of mine, and my mother told me that she was having hip pain and she was crying.

I went to call the doctor and told her that I suspect that my sister could deliver the baby sooner than the expected date. My husband called an ambulance and we went to the hospital. The nurse told her to visit her obgyne first because the baby is still premature.

She went through ECG and then they discovered that she is already in labor.

We waited almost 5 hours to see if she is alright. Mom and me and her husband are very anxious to know her situation but the doctors wont allow us to visit her. Later we found out that the doctors put her to sleep during the operations because she was having a panic reactions and wont calm down. Four days in the hospital and she was begging Mom that she wants to go home already.

Thank God she and the baby was fine and although we have to monitor the baby's condition, the doctors said the chicken pox could come out a week or two after. And said that there is no medicine for the baby with chicken pox available here in the Philippines. So, what does it mean? We are hoping for the good. And hoping the baby wont acquire chicken pox.

Update: The baby's feeding is getting better. He could almost finish up 2 ounces of milk for 2 hours. It's a progress.


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