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My Sixth Hub: The Exact Meaning of Love

Updated on August 20, 2015

My Sixth Hub: The Exact Meaning of Love

There are three types of "Life Energy", which are the positive, the negative and the love energy.The beings who are 100% positive and the beings who are both positive and negative but it cannot be to be 100% negative and the least will be 99% negative and 1% positive which mean it is not possible to take away that lone positive energy; "the third energy is Love". The Love energy can be found in all corners of the Universe, which mean it is unlimited and boundless so that it is present and found everywhere. The Positive and Negative energy exists "without Time" which mean their beginning or ending is infinity but their numbers or as to how many they are, are constant, the same thing with the Love Energy except that Love as to how many this energy are is never constant but instead "can be found everywhere in all corners of the Universe."

The Love Energy makes makes the whole universe naturally beautiful because it is "The Key to our Existence." Since Love as an energy brings out at all times the good side of everything even in the darkest place or anything else which is ugly or unlikely those will at all times have the good side or something beautiful or adorable. Just what is that Love as an Energy all about? In all corners of the Universe "Something which is on goodness will be there and cannot be neglected or is just there waiting to be appreciated or admired."

"Love is something that will make you feel good and wonderful" but you don't really understand exactly what is it all about because when it has nothing to do with money. To feel good and wonderful even at the worst and most painful events in your life; even to those people with empty stomach the pains and agony of hunger no matter what if you will only listen and try to feel it , the energy of Love is just there to make you comfortable and ease your agony, pains, and hunger, it will try to comfort you from your tears yet you don't really know what is exactly the energy of Love is all about.

There are ugly and beautiful things around us and Love as an Energy must be recognized or accepted it may not be completely but the slightest recognition and acceptance of its existence will really make the difference, such that you can still see what is beautiful in an ugly person or things or situations no matter what and at the same time what is supposedly beautiful will be ugly to a person or a being who don't recognize and accepts Love as an energy.

What makes Love as an energy hard to understand, there are two ways to perceive Love, as how a materialistic person understand it and the other one is the Truth and that Love is absolutely Selfless and the Selfless being or person exist in life with this concept. And now being materialistic Love means or evolve in being Selfish and Greedy which is absolutely wrong but currently is the way of Life right at this very moment. Expressing Love in terms of giving and sharing anything which money could buy, this materialistic Love is WRONG. Because it is Selfishness and Greediness so that a person who is Selfless and All Goodness can never be happy with anything money can buy in the same manner a materialistic person or a person who considers money as his Happiness and Satisfaction cannot appreciate the Love of the Selfless person ( who is willing to offer his life or the willingness to die for the sake of Love) in which for a materialistic person it is foolishness or stupidity.

A Selfless being or person Loves the humanity and the universe, he is willing to sacrifice himself and his family or loved ones because Love is Universal and never singular because if it is singular then it will be materialistic or selfishness and greediness. To Love the humanity and the Universe as a whole will be therefore Selflessness.

The Exact Meaning of Love is not something for you and to anybody else because if it is an Energy and that Energy will at all times lets us feel the beauty out of the ever ugliest and the worst whatever it is and whoever you are because Love will be at all times beautiful and wonderful "for as long as you will accept it". Because with the most painful and whatever agonies you will have because with Love as the Truth and absolutely you will at all times prevail and triumph. That is Love is for the whole thing and the humanity. You don't have to search for the meaning of Love because Love is not something made of anything material instead as I said "it is an Energy." And if Love is an energy it means nobody could and no one could own it whatsoever a kind of Energy which has an absolute quality of Selflessness and All Goodness so that when you adopt that Energy and accept it that will therefore make you Selfless. As an Energy you as a being composing of negative and positive energy and you are 99% negative and only one percent positive that energy will let you have a one percent of Selflessness and All Goodness over a 99% Selfishness and greediness. Again I have to say that Love is an Energy and as an Entity it is nothing but on Selflessness and All Goodness and other than that is no longer the True Meaning of Love. It is a take it or leave it basis and each of us shall choose which World to live and exist with, the World of Selflessness and All Goodness or the World of Selfishness and Greediness. And as we commonly knew Love is not about FEELINGS WHATSOEVER because feelings are personal and of course materialistic because it is not on Selflessness which mean when you are Selfless "You stop thinking of Yourself and instead Offer yourself for the Goodness of others." Therefore a materialistic person or being cannot accept Love as an energy.

We must accept Love as an energy to be able to Transform from negative to positive energy. Knowing the Truth about the meaning of Love "Will eventually solve the puzzle of our Existence" and that is by "Transforming yourself or You as a being or a person whether with a flesh and bones or as a being or an Energy from Selfishness to Selflessness" or from negative to positive energy. Transforming your self from being Selfish into being Selfless may take you a whole lifetime. Because Transformation will only take place when your negative energy accepts the Love energy and become a Positive energy but if your understanding is not sufficient enough then you will reject the Love energy and goes back to Negative energy or being Selfish and Greedy again. So that, I may define Life as between the Bad or Selfish and Greedy and the Good or the Selfless and all Goodness and there is nothing more or less to it which I mean the definition of Life is Exactly all about it. So simple that if, all inhabitants of the planet Earth are Selfless then the final plan of our creator must have been achieved.

What is making all of it difficult for us is we just cannot understand what is all about Selflessness is all about. As simple as when giving or sharing something (?money?) we should absolutely never expect anything in return and instead "feel" the true happiness out of it. Transformation or being born again is not the same as in "reincarnation" because you have the discretion whether to stay in your True State as an "Energy only" or enter a woman's womb and become a flesh and bone again ( as a baby) and live a life in the materialistic society and when the flesh and bone die or killed you go back into the "Energy state" and enter a woman"s womb again so on and so forth either of the two you are going to be Transformed from Negative to Positive or from Positive to Negative until you become almost to 100% positive then this is the moment when you will have the tendency never to enter a flesh and bone again "because if you are in an Energy form you can do more in being "Selfless and do all the good things in the whole universe.

Transformation is different from reincarnation because transformation will be only in the relationship of the 3 energy, the positive, negative and the love energy. And reincarnation as far as I am concerned or in my own opinion deals only with the materialistic existence. So that, mankind has been Transforming for thousand of years already. Transformation is simply to overcome the Negative energy and to accept the Love energy for it to be converted into a Positive energy and the more Positive you will have it will make a Change in you and to become Selfless and All Goodness in Your Existence.

The Positive Energy and the Love energy cannot be the same because the Positive energy came from the Negative energy which was just "Transformed". So that Negative energy plus Love energy will result into a Positive energy. Or Positive energy minus Love energy the result will be a Negative energy and vice versa. Which mean the Love energy is constant and exact. In all "Life Situations" when a being who is of Positive and Negative energy whichever is less or more. That is whether he be 80% positive or 20% negative or 20% positive and 80% negative to such a degree he should be Greedy and Selfish. That means the Transformation from Negative to Positive or from Positive to Negative will take another hub or topic of discussion so that I could explain and elaborate more about it.


It is not Love if you are Measuring it;

It is not Love if you are looking at the person in terms of appearance;

It is not Love if you will consider the intelligence or smartness of a person;

It is not Love if it will be in terms of wealth;

It is not Love if you won't care at all by whatever or whoever that person is....

Then what a hell is Love all about!

There will never be love in a materialistic society because it is impossible for us to understand it, as long as we are ignorant then there will never be Love in our society in general.

Chapter 2

Who cares about Love anyway. As long as you got the money then that is it.You will have that Love for all you know now, is it really Love? I say No. Because It does not exist in this materialistic society because it is impossible.As simple as Love, the truth about it is the exact opposite of the materialistic society we now have. So, a moneyless society where people gives, shares, work, or even die without expecting anything or nothing in return. How is it,I suggest you start looking at yourself and hopefully you can discover something.

I wonder how many among my readers is interested to know that the Omnipotent Being created all of these things of which the point of view of a materialistic person is he created all these pains, we kill each other or we die and suffer from natural calamities and destruction...yes he created all of those BECAUSE OF LOVE. Really...yes! People who are unable to understand but I will it is more of in the disability to grasp so the fault is on you...who are anyway you were just created for a purpose but yet live and existed on your own so disobeying the Creator. Then it will be your obligation to discover what is going on. These dying or deaths are all just the BODY NOT THE ESSENCE OF LIFE THE BODY DECAYS so it is the body your mother, father, child so on and so forth the Omnipotent Being does not care for all of them since it is only a Body or a piece of flesh WHAT MATTERS IS THE MATTER THE MATTER THAT MADE THEM ALIVE AND HAS LIFE WHICH IS SUPPOSED TO BE TO EXIST!! It is the Life that he put into us that matters and ABSOLUTELY NOT THE FLESH. If you can get what I mean then good for you if you cannot if you care read this again and again because if you want it or not I don't care. Love is Universal it is what the whole universe is made of but only for those who was able to discover will enjoy it and so if you want is the REAL TREASURE1

Love is the most neglected aspect of Man that the more materialistic you become the more you lost the true meaning of it and it can be seen in being arrogant which it means the person is blinded and cannot see others anymore but himself as to what he wants also dominating those around him because he is the only one as righteous. Love is supposedly so simple only if humility is at all times will be observed and I say a true brave man is humble because he has the ability to listen and see those around him so that choosing between and arrogant person and the humble ones then will be all yours. As simple as Love goes with attitudes.

LOVE is well known to all of us it is a very great word after all but I will say MANKIND IS IGNORANT ALL ABOUT IT because it is just like an arrogant guy talking and supposedly doing it yet it is all but nonsense. Love belonged to the noble person because he is willing to offer HIMSELF for the sake of others and the environment...yes environment or mother nature. Knowledge of LOVE as far as I am concerned should be SELF TAUGHT because you can never find someone around you right now to teach you the details of it. Start by LOVE of Yourself and an arrogant person will right away say it is selfishness and my answer is that is wrong notion.What is wrong if I will take good care of myself; If I will start thinking what is the purpose of my existence....these very broad ideas cannot be done in a few days you will take years for it. I suggest you start by thinking the best for your health and your attitudes...I repeat never be arrogant because being humble makes you OPEN TO DISCOVER NEW THINGS BOTH FROM FRIENDS AND STRANGERS or to just everything, everywhere around you and in this materialistic world you will never have it in schools.

We all know what is Love is all about because it is universal or everything was created by the Omnipotent Being because of Love therefore it is just deep within us only being IGNORED because of mankind being blinded by his desires, wants so on and so forth or I may call it generally as ownership and possession. That means Love is not about your parents, sisters, brothers, husband or wife or strangers because all of it are self serving or the direct opposite of Love which is UNIVERSAL. The best start is to take a good look at yourself, take good care of it, respect yourself so it means never to abuse yourself it is not only in the health side but for what is your purpose of existence this is now the most complicated one because it will involve your relationship with outside yourself. These things takes thorough studies because you will have no direct teacher with this because as simple as NOBODY KNOWS EVERYTHNG ABOUT YOURSELF EXCEPT YOU AND THE OMNIPOTENT BEING ONLY. One sign I can say is when you have learned enough then you will have the realization that money is not everything because it is absolutely nothing. Good luck if you dare.

In a sense something unique is going on with our existence you see the Omnipotent Being's main reasons of all his creations is LOVE. Actually a man who has the wisdom and understanding but I don't main schooled in our materialistic system but instead unschooled you know why wisdom and understanding....we have it already but the problem is we ignored or neglected it and the Omnipotent Being allowed it and it is only to MAN so that all the rest have that essence of LOVE a part of their being AUTOMATICALLY or you call it also as gut feel to instinct. Now Man therefore is a special case because he has the need or is required to discover it and right now as I said we ignored or neglected it that is WHY THESE THINGS ARE TAKING PLACE as I will say WE ARE RIGHT NOW IN HELL!! And mankind is responsible for it. One of the best thing to discover LOVE is YOU BECOME HUMBLE NEVER BE ARROGANT because that is a sign of LOW MENTALITY sorry to say that.

In a materialistic society we now have LOVE in its true essence is not possible or to be exact impossible. Because in the first place it becomes a commodity already which is YOU GIVE THEN ONE MUST BE RECIPROCATED or as simply as nothing or not anymore are for free everything has its price and one must get something in return be it money or in kind or what else. Love on the other hand shall be pure and selfless therefore absolutely stupid in a materialistic society because if you are like that then YOU WILL BE EATEN ALIVE. So that, for people who have learned some then be careful because such thing can be faked or you will end up being fooled but by going up higher in your UNDERSTANDING it is very easy to determine who is fooling around and true that is do not use your mind only because the self is equipped with a lot more I can the true ones has more rights to exist in this life than the fools so you can only avoid and never attack because even mother nature will do it in your favor to protect and preserve the people who understands the true meaning of LOVE.

If I will say mankind exists for Love and I am sure you will never understand me because I am talking of another World which is the direct opposite of this materialistic world. The Love I am talking about is the MOST PRECIOUS THAN ANYTHING ELSE man could ever have so precious that if ever you come to understand even a little about it your perception about Existence and Life will vary greatly. Since it is not something being taught in schools we used to be which is also even the so-called ignorant or unschooled will be able to perceive it. You can see it FIRST IN THE PERSONAL ATTITUDES in how he treats others including the environment in general and I will will say again Humility or being humble but does not meat you are easily fooled or manipulated because it is the only way to be OPEN AND CAN EASILY LEARN but not EARTHLY knowledge.The difference with being intelligent in this materialistic society will be more on arrogance and mainly the I-don't-care attitude it is like you are the only one or the center of the universe and mankind is so obsessed about it that he is knocking his own head with a stone and he don't care because the pain is keeping him blind.

I will really appreciate your comments whatever it is I will consider it as your rights and my opportunity to hear and learn from you....

Actually mankind has been a WITNESS to what is LOVE is all about. The Omnipotent Being created all the Universe because his POWER COMES FROM THE ENERGY OF LOVE that is what he LEARNED and that Wisdom and Understanding he wants Man also to acquire. You see Man looks at Love as something different so that what I am talking about is a LAUGHING MATTER but sorry to say I am laughing at you silently....what a pity LOVE?? ENERGY?? materialistic society is in the opposite direction which will end up to destruction and I can absolutely say that the WORD DESTRUCTION AND HELL IS OF THE SAME MEANING. Since it is man made somebody must have TWISTED IT the Omnipotent Being will never waste his time to create another place WHICH RELIGION SAYS IS HELL OR PURGATORY no such thing! YOU WILL BE IN HEAVEN IF EVER YOU ARE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND THE PURPOSE OF EXISTENCE BECAUSE YOU ARE NOW DIRECTLY IN RELATIONSHIP WITH THE OMNIPOTENT BEING AND SO IF YOU KEEP IT THAT WAY then Enjoy Love as an Energy and not something else!!

You don't have to be wealthy and rich to be able to ENJOY THE EXACT MEANING OF LOVE because even a BEGGAR with all the bad smell and dirt on his skin yet the ENERGY OF LOVE IF ONLY YOU CAN SEE CAN FLASH OR SHINE IN HIS FACE. It is just DEEP INSIDE A PERSON it is not something to be expected from others because it shall come first IN YOU.

Love in a materialistic world is something you can see and touch though you may be able to feel something but it is most often ignored and rejected because it is nonsense that is because that Love must be RETURNED OR RECIPROCATED otherwise that will become nothing. The exact meaning of LOVE IS NEVER TO GET SOMETHING IN RETURN AND IT ABSOLUTELY UNSEEN. Just like the AIR WE BREATHE AND THE HOTNESS OF THE SUN RAYS though you can feel them it is all FOR THE SAKE OF LIFE and Man must do the same. The arrogant and unwise can never understand such things as these but I hope they will wonder why of all these chaos and misunderstandings around us because it is like two or more BLIND MEN TALKING NO ONE CAN SEE WHAT ARE DEEP INSIDE THEM AND THEY IN THEMSELVES AS WELL SO THE QUESTIONS WILL ALWAYS BE WHY!! YOU KILLED MY PEOPLE AND THE ANSWERS WILL BE I AM JUST DOING THE SAME THING AS YOU DO....WHY!!!! BOTH OF THEM DO NOT KNOW. JUST LIKE TWO CRAZY PEOPLE WHO WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER....ANYWAY ONLY THE BODY OR PHYSICAL IS DEAD YET THE LIFE ENERGY INSIDE WILL JUST RETURN TO ITS CREATOR AND WHO WILL PRODUCE ANOTHER BODY AGAIN OR PHYSICAL STRUCTURE AGAIN AND AGAIN.....AND WHEN WILL MANKIND LEARNED. Though there are few who are now enlightened hope they will multiply to as much and change the world.

You have to Love yourself FIRST because you will never KNOW THE EXACT MEANING OF IT WITHOUT DOING IT TO YOURSELF FIRST that is one of the steps TO LEARN AND DISCOVER Love yourself and Love Life as well and not to have life and OWN AND POSSESS OR BEING MATERIALISTIC because we are in a materialistic society which was created by man LOVE then becomes a treasure but ignored up to being rejected because of neglect or IGNORANCE and for how long will mankind be IGNORANT then it is the problem of the majority because there are the silent minority who are currently enjoying the truth and having a meaningful life.

Love is normal and natural to all human beings and everything around us but the only exception is that mankind is a THINKING BEING UNLIKE TO ANIMALS AND OTHERS THEY HAVE THE NATURAL UN ALTERED INSTINCT resulting to mankind being CONFUSED and personalized it which results to everyone's selfishness and these are what we got right now a MATERIALISTIC SOCIETY because the TRUTH ABOUT LOVE IS NOT ANYTHING YOU CAN SEE AND TOUCH because it has to COME FROM DEEP WITHIN US of which the Omnipotent Being placed it there on PURPOSE because he wants man ot us to SEARCH FOR I say no matter how religious you maybe you will be unable to REALIZE the TRUTH not unless you STOP BEING BLIND AND LEARN AND LEARN AND LEARN therefore NO KNOWLEDGE NO LOVE and instead it will be a love in your own terms which is absolutely wrong THE OMNIPOTENT BEING WANTS US TO GET WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING AND NOT TO BE RELIGIOUS.

As I've said the UNIVERSE WAS CREATED BECAUSE OF LOVE. But the ignorance of Man of it destroyed everything and made hell out of the materialistic world he created. This world is supposed to be filled with love and we should have been existing in a paradise but the ignorance and neglect and the FREE WELL GIVEN TO US changed everything so that one day Man will REALIZE and go back to his original home THE PARADISE RIGHT HERE ON EARTH. You see LOVE is not just a simple thing to understand it takes WISDOM and not EARTHLY KNOWLEDGE OF WHICH MAN HAS EVER SINCE CONSIDER AS HIS INTELLIGENCE but how come distractions are everywhere, we kill each other and mankind is at a lost of how to resolve them no matter how he tries. But I will say IT WILL ALL STARTS IN ONE'S SELF LOVE YOURSELF FIRST. As simply as a first grader learn to take good care of yourself and you just do the same to others and everything else how is that JUST A SIMPLE RESPECT AND HUMILITY WILL MAKE A LOT OF DIFFERENCE.

Why the OMNIPOTENT BEING CREATED EVERYTHING OR THE UNIVERSE and why the phrase Omnipotent Being because what I want with my discussions has nothing to do with RELIGION as simply as religion has not changed mankind so the same thing with the world which is materialistic. This is to point out that only YOU or MAN IS ABLE TO CHANGE HIMSELF that must be a personal CRUSADE as far as I am concerned such as from being ARROGANT IF EVER YOU ARE AWARE THEN IF NOT YOU ARE THE WORST CASE THEN TO BEING HUMBLE and having the KNOWLEDGE of its differences which are between a BLIND AND BE ABLE TO SEE. Arrogance will certainly blind you. This is the case of the EVENTS AND WHAT ARE GOING ON AROUND THE WORLD if you are in trouble personally then the same thing with the world therefore if you want to solve the world's problems then start CHANGING YOUR SELF. The Omnipotent Being created the UNIVERSE because of Love HE IS ALL POWERFUL BECAUSE OF LOVE....LOVE NOT DESIRE OR SEX WHATSOEVER. LOVE AS AN ENERGY! With LOVE there will be ORDERLINESS AND ABOVE ALL WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING. if you will agree or not right now WE ARE IN AN ENCLOSED CONTAINER WHICH WE CALL UNIVERSE and LIFE WAVES SIMILAR TO THE SEAS AND ITS WAVES BUT PEOPLE WITHOUT WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING CANNOT PERCEIVE THEM.. "Waves of Life" and not SUPERNATURAL BEINGS WHATSOEVER.Therefore outside the container or the Universe are all DISORDERLINESS, UNFORTUNATELY MAN HAS NO CAPABILITY TO GO OUTSIDE OF THE UNIVERSE ONLY THE OMNIPOTENT BEING. So, it you want to be ALL POWERFUL THEN know the exact meaning of LOVE.

Love in its appropriate sense has no definition at all when referring to our materialistic existence. What happens then it becomes more of an expression but instead goes down to being more personal and according to what you want or as simply with selfish motives. Love in true sense is very simple after all by simply looking at the grasses on the grounds is enough to amaze you its beauty and the green color of it will give a certain pleasure of which no words can be found to describe such feelings and I think not only in the english language only but also in any other languages but I just want to mention talking about the beauty of the green grass is DIRTY TO OTHERS AND THEY WANT IT REMOVE LIKE HIS BALD HEAD AND REVEALING THE SOIL OR MUD THEREBY LOSING ITS BEAUTY therefore that person unable to appreciate the NATURAL BEAUTY....what a pity....generally our planet though being destroyed in as much as MAN has been existing yet one can still FEEL THE BEAUTY OF CREATIONS THE LOVE OF THE OMNIPOTENT BEING IS BEING EXPRESS but the ignorance or neglect of mankind is STILL WAITING TO MATURE BUT WITHOUT FIRST THE REALIZATION and CHANGE OF ATTITUDES we will be always destroying them. When would that is ALL UP TO YOU!!

In a materialistic society THE TRUE MEANING OF LOVE IS IMPOSSIBLE TO TAKE PLACE. But if you are not very much obsessed being materialistic then you might feel some of it yet do not really know what is it all about that is because Love has been a part of our existence, it is like I will have this (anything material) just for myself only and I don't care about the others that attitudes then KILLS the exact meaning of Love. The situations has been in such a way that we were born and used to already about this materialistic existence that we are not aware or ignorant or the worst case neglected them that there can be ANOTHER KIND OF EXISTENCE and that WE CAN HAVE IF AND ONLY IF WE HAVE TO STRETCHED OUR THINKING IN OTHER WORDS OUR CREATOR OR THE OMNIPOTENT BEING WANTS US TO BE INTELLIGENT AND HE ALLOWED US TO THINK FREELY OR TO HAVE ALL THE FREEDOM SO AS WE CAN DO ANYTHING WE WANT ( TAKE A RESEARCH ON OUR HISTORY). Not even religion per se or anybody else for us TO BE DICTATED AND LOSE OUR FREEDOM AND BE AT THE OPPOSITE OF IT the word is SLAVERY...DO YOU WANT IT!!! In a materialistic society THERE IS NO SCHOOL TEACHING US ABOUT LIFE HOW MUCH MORE ABOUT LOVE which in a materialistic society is about marriage and sex, it means you have to get WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING ALL BY YOUR SELF. And the first step is NEVER BE ARROGANT BE HUMBLE.

That Love is an ENERGY a very crazy to stupid idea in the perception of the materialistic people. Without Love then Life is IMPOSSIBLE.It is the meaning and purpose of everything you see when you look up the skies with its stars at night you must be able to feel Love deep within you such the PEACE AND LIGHTNESS FEELINGS yet because of arrogance and ignorance to LACK OR NO WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING IT ALL REMAIN THERE MEANINGLESS. The deep blue horizon of the sea with shining sun and clouds are all awesome to watch that is because Love is just there inside of us. These are all fantasies then because man CREATED A WORLD OF HATRED AND SELFISHNESS AGAIN MAN DO NOT WHY!! HOW CRAZY ARE YOU PEOPLE because I know there are already the few who have at least able to perceive all these stupidity. Once Again it will be every individual's responsibility to LEARN BECAUSE THE OMNIPOTENT BEING IS NOT A DUMB HE HAS BRAINS AND MAN HAS BEEN GIFTED ALREADY WITH yet YOU HAVE TO DISCOVER HOW TO USE THEM. KEEP ON KILLING EACH OTHER, WE DIE BUT LIFE WILL NEVER STOP OR END UNTIL MANKIND WILL LEARN AND WHEN OR FOR HOW LONG......REALIZING all these stupid things.

I Love You is no such thing in a materialistic world because you must reciprocate it with the same I say the exact meaning of Love is absolute sharing and giving YOU LOVE without getting something return. That means in a materialistic society there is the POOR and RICH but both people are the same they all WANTS OWNERSHIP AND POSSESSION. Hopefully when (an unknown time to happen yet) man is able to liberate himself from those PERCEPTIONS then IT WILL ERASED POVERTY AND RICHES because what will happen is LOVE OR SHARING AND GIVING WITHOUT GETTING SOMETHING IN RETURN THAT IS WHAT THE OMNIPOTENT BEING WISH OR HIS PLANS ARE ALL ABOUT.

In a materialistic society When I will define the Exact meaning of Love it will be impossible and it cannot exist. Since in the basis of ownership and possession it created classes of people, the rich, the middle class, and the poor, but you also have to consider those desperate people. As I've said the Omnipotent Being Created the Universe because of :LOVE and he has designs of how we should live or how OUR LIFE SHOULD BE BUT OUR DEFIANCE OF WHICH HE ALLOWED LEAD US TO HELL WHICH IS AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED IS RIGHT HERE THIS MATERIALISTIC SOCIETY MANKIND CREATED OUT OF HIS ARROGANCE. But considering what is LOVE is all about since the Omnipotent Being wants us to have wisdom and understanding which is MORE OF A PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE BECAUSE WE MUST LEARN AS WE LIVE IN THIS LIFE If you really LOVE then there will be NO POVERTY desperation. Everything will be just a matter of KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING but you have to find it out yourself AND NEVER JOIN A RELIGION BECAUSE IT WILL NOT HELP TO CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDES AND PERCEPTION OF LIFE.

we are existing in a LIFE WITH NO LOVE AT ALL that is my concept about it because the LOVE we know in this materialistic society is not LOVE at all. Yes you can Love your parents, brothers, sisters, wife, so on and so forth BUT WE ARE JUST UNABLE TO LOVE MOTHER NATURE because it must be the same as what the OMNIPOTENT BEING WANTS FOR ALL HIS CREATIONS FOR THE SAKE OF LOVE which is something extremely complicated for man to understand. It is like this, a kind of love of which you are willing to sacrifice your self for others without getting something in return; mainly a kind of Love that is beyond the materialistic things we commonly knew about. But I'm sorry to say it is your PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY TO HAVE THAT WISDOM since there are matters beyond ownership and possession no matter how good I am in discussing these things you will never understand without YOUR OWN EFFORTS.



The greatest things of all IS SOMETHING YOU CAN SEE NOR TOUCH but in our materialistic society to see and touch is everything otherwise than that must be worthless. This is my case now I know that (my) this advocacy is something different IN EXPECTATIONS from a materialistic point of view but I AM ABSOLUTELY SURE THE GREATEST IS SOMETHING YOU CANNOT SEE NOR TOUCH. I say, that the PURPOSE OF THE CREATIONS OF THE OMNIPOTENT BEING IS LOVE. Both of them are directly invisible to a materialistic person now it is up to you where or how to find them and NEVER USE RELIGION TO LOOK FOR THEM SINCE IT WILL INVOLVE A CHANGE IN ATTITUDES. No matter what if you want to seek for the exact meaning of Love then it must be your personal personality nobody can help you but you alone only! Be very much aware that in a materialistic society being HUMBLE will never be good since I am not talking of an INNOCENT AND NAÏVE PERSON WHO IS HUMBLE I SUGGEST BE WITTY, SMART, CLEVER, AND GENERALLY HAVE WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING REMEMBER WE ARE IN HELL RIGHT NOW TREACHEROUS PEOPLE ARE EVERYWHERE YOU DECIDE AND LIBERATE YOURSELF.


If you do not know how to Love Your Self therefore you cannot also love others and the environment. On the other hand the point of view of a materialistic person will say IF YOU LOVE YOUR SELF THAT MEANS YOU ARE SELFISH OR THINKING ONLY OF HIMSELF.You can see two things here that is because Love is a BIG UNKNOWN IN A MATERIALISTIC SOCIETY THE UNKNOWN IS A BROAD WORD BUT SPECIFICALLY I WILL SAY IT IS !!!!IGNORANCE!!! Since to Love Your Self is "TO LOOK AT" YOUR SELF AND SEE WHAT!!!!!! If you are ARROGANT then you cannot see or appreciate anything because it must be THE ATTITUDES OF HUMILITY FIRST AND FOREMOST it is like AN ARROGANT PERSON SEES THE BEST OF HIMSELF ONLY AND !!!!WHAT ELSE!!! THE FALSE PREMISE OR HIS OWN CREATIONS OF WHAT HE WANTS HIMSELF TO BE.

Love in a materialistic society is I Love my wife, or mother, so on and so forth but I don't care about the others THAT IS STUPIDITY!!! Therefore there is NO LOVE in a materialistic society. The first thing you will do perhaps is to SEARCH THAT DEEP IN YOUR SELF. One way is to look at the stars above and study your feelings because IF YOU DON'T FEEL ANYTHING THEN YOU ARE NOT NORMAL. Love is a very wonderful will feel light and will be able to SLEEP LIKE A NEWBORN whether with a full stomach or empty and pains of hunger. I mean if you be rich or poor as long as you got the understanding of it and on other hand if you are rich or poor and you don't care about it that must be your problems not mine. LOVE MADE THE WHOLE UNIVERSE INTACT AND STRONGLY BINDING EACH OTHER IN SUCH A WAY THE MORE YOU UNDERSTAND ABOUT IT YOU CAN ALREADY FEEL THE OMNIPOTENT BEING.......


What is Love? IT IS SOMETHING WHICH IS UNSEEN so, not your mother or father; sisters or brothers; not your toys or pets, etc. because those are Love in a materialistic society due to the ARROGANCE AND IGNORANCE OF MAN.If it is unseen therefore IT SHALL START DEEP WITHIN YOU such that NOT ANY RELIGION CAN HELP TO DISCOVER IT it has to be YOUR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY you ONLY and nobody else. Now, if you are really materialistic and CANNOT BELIEVE IN THIS KIND OF PERCEPTION THOUGH YOU FEEL SOMETHING BUT YOU JUST IGNORED IT BECAUSE OF ARROGANCE. Changing ATTITUDES FROM ARROGANCE TO BEING DOWN TO EARTH OR HUMBLE WILL THEN BE IMPOSSIBLE the result will be YOU WILL NEVER HAVE PEACE OF MIND WHATSOEVER, HAVING SLEEPING PROBLEMS, SICKLY, DO I HAVE TO SAY MORE! Then welcome to HELL because being supposedly burned in a furnace of fire in hell they say is painful physically I SAY IT IS A CRAZY OR A STUPID IDEA.. On the other hand BE HUMBLE DON'T BE MATERIALISTIC WHETHER YOU ARE POOR OR RICH then WELCOME TO HEAVEN. I hope you already have an idea of what is REALLY LOVE IS ALL ABOUT.

All of us WANTS and NEEDS Love but unfortunately we don't really know what exactly is it all about and the fact is LOVE cannot occur, take place or happen in a materialistic society because it is UNSEEN, CANNOT BE TOUCH AND MOST OF ALL EXTREMELY COMPLICATED AND DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND-why is it so??? Because it is the FOUNDATION OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE OR ALL THE CREATIONS OF THE OMNIPOTENT BEING.he is ALL POWERFUL because of Love. And how come for a materialistic person Love is associated with desire or sex which is STUPID.I hope at this point at least I had established my point regarding this discussions. START LOOKING FOR LOVE DEEP WITHIN YOUR SELF USE YOUR FEELINGS, INSTINCT, GUT FEEL AND OTHERS WHATEVER YOU CALL IT WHICH IS UNSEEN AND CANNOT BE TOUCHED. To Love your self is not Selfishness it is only how a materialistic person understands it but in a wrong way. If you want to be HEALTHY, HAVE A LIFE IN HARMONY WITH YOUR ENVIRONMENT AND ALL OF THOSE AROUND YOU.....THEN START SEARCHING FOR LOVE AND BEFORE YOU EXPIRE OR DIE SPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE ALREADY IN YOUR OLD AGE THEN YOU MUST HAVE ACCUMULATED SOME LEARNING AND UNDERSTANDING OF YOUR LIFE OR EXISTENCE THAT IS TO STUDY YOUR GOOD AND BAD DEEDS OR YOU MAY CALL IT AS REFLECTION....THINK!!!! BECAUSE ONLY YOU CAN DO IT....I REPEAT ONLY YOU!!! IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.....AND BEFORE YOU DIE AT LEAST YOU WILL SAY "WHAT A WONDERFUL LIFE"

Actually in this materialistic existence Love becomes complicated so that the Truth about it will be lost and must result for it to not to exist at all. such that one must FIND or LOCATE IT and we are already used to this materialistic society then that Love in true sense can therefore cannot be found no matter what you do not even in your church or religion since religion can never solve the problems of the world. Now WHO ELSE WILL DO IT.....WHAT WILL YOU DO? But are you INTERESTED or ENTHUSIASTIC so far my answers will be A BIG NO. In this case you are going to do it ALL BY YOUR SELF ONLY not even the CREATOR OR OMNIPOTENT BEING CAN BE YOUR TEACHER FOR THIS. WHAT AM I TALKING/DISCUSSING ABOUT? LOOK AT YOUR SELF AND FIND LOVE DEEP WITHIN YOU FIRST BECAUSE IF EVER YOU WILL BE ABLE TO FIND IT IT HAS TO SHINE OR TO EXPLODE TOWARDS THE UNIVERSE AND NOT TO ANYBODY ELSE OF WHICH IT WILL BE DIRECTED TO THE WHOLE UNIVERSE. And this is something you cannot understand...I expect that since this is a crazy idea to a materialistic person. AS A WHOLE IT MUST BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EACH OF US AND HOPEFULLY ONE AFTER ANOTHER WILL DISCOVER LOVE and this is the IMPOSSIBLE DREAM OF THE OMNIPOTENT BEING OUR CREATOR BECAUSE HE IS POWERLESS REGARDING THIS HE HAS NO POWER TO FORCE THIS UNDERSTANDING ON EACH OF US BUT HE IS WILLING TO WAIT FOREVER AFTER ALL THE PURPOSE OF ALL HIS CREATIONS IS LOVE.

In this materialistic society Love is unknown we simply live and survive all for the sake of our selves nothing else matters. But in a way if you have a wife, children, and friends they you expect them to be at your side to support you but that must not be or never whatsoever 100% because they have as well their own interest to think about which sometimes or what ever situations will lead into a conflict.....that is the saying goes that is Life. And Love in a true sense is neglected and ignored because nobody cares TO KNOW ABOUT IT. Now, what will you do if you choose to venture and seek Love what happens will be you go on with your Life the way you used to do and have time TO STUDY IT BUT YOU WON'T DO IT IF YOU DO NOT CONSIDER IT AS SOMETHING VITAL TO OUR EXISTENCE THAT IS WHAT I CALL AS THE "REALIZATION" OF WHICH YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING IN FAVOR OF YOUR SELF "FIRST" THAT IS YOU HAVE TO SETTLE AND ESTABLISH A CERTAIN KNOWLEDGE.Love must be free from WANTS which means you are going to do it without getting something IN RETURN such thing which is extremely difficult to understand. One thing you will be all alone in that kind of quest because nobody can understand you when discussing it with your friends or anybody close to you personally.

All of us are LOOKING AND SEARCHING FOR LOVE I say, Love is just every where down to the smallest to the biggest but your eyes cannot see them. The point is if your basis will be your senses and without understanding then you will be an unfortunate person. Even the lowly weeds or grasses that grows every where by itself its green color is so soothing to the soul of which if you cannot understand that since you may call it as the LOWEST HAPPINESS A PERSON CAN GET but for a person who is not materialistic the HAPPINESS IS GREAT BECAUSE ITS GREEN COLOR HE IS ABLE TO FEEL THE PRESENCE OF OUR CREATOR. As simple as that but extremely complicated to a materialistic person. Looking for Love which we cannot see nor touch will be NEGLECTED AND IGNORED BY A MATERIALISTIC PERSON I say.....what a pity because it is the GREATEST CREATIONS OF THE OMNIPOTENT BEING. SINCE LOVE IS WHAT THE UNIVERSE IS MADE OF WITHOUT THE ENERGY OF LOVE THE UNIVERSE CANNOT EXIST AND IT WILL BE ALL DISORDERLINESS WHICH IS WHAT IS HAPPENING OUTSIDE OF THE UNIVERSE. MAINLY THE REASONS WHY IT IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE FOR A MATERIALISTIC PERSON TO SEE AND FEEL THE OMNIPOTENT BEING and I have to remind you he has no religion at all all he got is just LOVE.

Are you searching for Love? Can you go on with Life without Love? More Likely in this materialistic society no such thing as Love so that most of us never bothered to search for it whatsoever and the answer if can you go on with this Life without Love my answer is YES generally we are in a society where Love is not existing at all simply because NOBODY REALLY KNOWS WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT. Commonly we have pets and it is usually a dog and others unfortunately they do not talk they only EXPRESS it so as the birds flying freely and other creatures doing their things though you hate them and kill them of course they will never complain because that is their fate if you say rats do revenge things I'm sorry I don't agree with it....LOVE IS IN THE SILENCE, YOU CANNOT TOUCH AND SEE IT SO AS THE OMNIPOTENT BEING we may say that Love is a kind of a mystery but I may see it is because you are ignorant or an idiot FIND IT AND YOU WILL HAVE PEACE AND HARMONY SO IF YOU WON'T THEN TAKE ITS I have to say more....

Whether you agree or not THAT "HELL" IS RIGHT HERE "IN THIS LIFE" this materialistic society CREATED BY MAN himself and due to his arrogance he is PROUD of it and pretending to be happy and satisfied with his achievements. And do you KNOW where is the DOOR to get away FROM HELL I say it is not a door WE COMMONLY KNEW SINCE IT IS NOT A DOOR AS ENTRANCE TO A BUILDING it is KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING and I call that as LOVE and WHERE is it? You START to LOOK and SENSE Your Self ONCE AND FOR ALL CONSIDER THE SELF AS THE GREATEST GIFT YOU WILL EVER HAVE and being ignorant about it is your FAULT hence being irresponsible you will surely suffer in hell.

If only YOU HAVE THE UNDERSTANDING OF LOVE you will never be lonely because in this materialistic society HAVING FRIENDS WILL BE LIKE OWNERSHIP AND POSSESSION that is you have to spend time and money for them and without money you will end up alone YOU HAVE TO CHANGE THAT KIND OF THINKING first START IT WITH YOUR SELF so that either alone or not there will be no Loneliness whatsoever because Life must not be dependent on friendship with anybody else...this materialistic society is teaching us the WRONG WAY so have friends without money and INSTEAD CONSIDER EVERYBODY AS YOUR FRIENDS, THE STRANGERS, YOUNG AND OLD, THE SICK AND THE HEALTHY, THE RICH AND THE POOR, so on and so forth BUT AVOID THE ARROGANT BE HUMBLE AND HAVE HUMBLE PEOPLE AS YOUR FRIENDS. It only takes a simple gesture, a few words, TO FEEL GOODNESS FROM OTHERS and the animals...your per or not. I say LOVE IS JUST ALL AROUND US since the Omnipotent Being CREATED EVERYTHING FOR THE SAKE OF LOVE. I say, Loneliness must be the easiest to conquer in this materialistic existence.

Love is just everywhere since it is what the whole universe is made of. Recently aside from wars,calamities, typhoons, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions in which so many died young and old Now where is Love in that? In our materialistic existence Love now will be wrongly defined and I say mankind sees it the wrong way. Since it will be a CRUEL GOD OR CREATOR. This materialistic society DESTROYED THE CREATIONS OF THE OMNIPOTENT BEING and we cannot blame HIM for all these misfortunes. Though HE CREATES AND HE CAN DESTROY AND THEN RE-CREATES.NOW!!! how come Man will be able to Understand Love of which he CANNOT ALSO UNDERSTAND THE OMNIPOTENT BEING. That is as long as Man is materialistic YOU WILL NEVER KNOW AND UNDERSTAND LOVE HOW MUCH MORE THE OMNIPOTENT BEING I say again RELIGION CANNOT SOLVE THIS PROBLEM. Therefore STOP BEING MATERIALISTIC POVERTY IS NOT A PROBLEM BUT A CERTAIN SITUATIONS YOU ARE IN so, stop thinking about your poverty BUT INSTEAD SEARCH FOR UNDERSTANDING don't worry of your food if not if you are sick or sickly it is only the body or physical you can endure it and seek UNDERSTANDING because the OMNIPOTENT BEING WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU DO IT SILENTLY AND IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

Love, that must be a very interesting word for any of us either wrongly understood or not. The question of the Existence of a God up to this point is still controversial and ALL PEOPLE PROBABLY MUST BE WONDERING IF WE ARE BEING LOVED BY THAT GOD. I say IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND OUR CREATOR. We have all the religions, religious people and groups to whatsoever but God up to now is still a mystery and I say it is only the viewpoint of Man since our CREATOR DO NOT HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE US REALIZE THE TRUTH. Therefore it is apparent it must be our responsibility then. BUT BEFORE THAT RESPONSIBILITY HUMILITY MUST BE THE VERY FIRST ATTITUDES WE HAVE TO REALIZE because it will FREE US FROM THE BONDAGE OF ARROGANCE. What is HAPPENING IN THIS HELL CREATED BY MANKIND IS HUNGER AND ANGUISH AND WE LOOK AT THE SKIES AND SAY WHY GOD ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN. I say, our Creator did not allow all these things to happen because we are unable to see our misdeeds and mistakes of which is due to ARROGANCE. The question of does God really LOVED US? The answer is yes, but we are just UNABLE TO UNDERSTAND AND WHEN WOULD THAT BE IT IS YOUR PROBLEM NOT MINE SINCE IN MY LITTLE WAYS I AM ENJOYING THE LOVE OF MY CREATOR AND I AM CRAZY ENOUGH TO SEE THAT I DO NOT CARE ABOUT RELIGION BECAUSE I LEARNED ALL THESE WITH THE CREATOR AND AND OMNIPOTENT BEING.

The Omnipotent Being Created the Universe because of LOVE and he wants it to be SHARED TO US THAT IS THE REASON WHY HE CREATED US YET HE IS POWERLESS TO FORCE LOVE ON US. We must be able to OBTAIN UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT IS THE EXACT MEANING OF LOVE INDIVIDUALLY THAT IS A SINGLE PERSON MUST TAKE IT AS A RESPONSIBILITY TO LEARN AND DISCOVER LOVE. But in this man made materialistic society Love as we knew is not Love at all as I have said Love will never take place in a materialistic society. You START IT WITH YOUR SELF LOVE YOUR SELF FIRST AND DISCOVER THE TRUTH ABOUT LOVE simply to RESPECT YOUR SELF TO TAKE GOOD CARE OF IT SO ON AND SO FORTH and upon doing it you will be in conflict with this man made materialistic society because you will become a different person one thing for sure such as having vices or you will stop drinking wine with them and others, do I need to say more? But don't worry even if you found your self alone then you are not really alone THE CREATOR WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU ALONE AT ALL TIMES HAVE THAT PEACE AND HARMONY WITHIN YOUR SELF. Again I will say this is ON PERSONAL BASIS AND RELIGION CANNOT DO ANYTHING with this because IT IS ONLY YOU AND THE CREATOR KNOWS YOUR SELF EXACTLY AND ABSOLUTELY. Love is not about feelings but instead UNDERSTANDING AND A CERTAIN DEGREE OF KNOWLEDGE GO DIRECTLY TO THE CREATOR AND CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDES.

We all have that Love sense, attitudes, thinking,expressions, in a way that it is inherent to everything in our daily existence because that is what this world is made of since if you will have a counter argument to it then you must be rejecting the existence of an Omnipotent Being who has a purpose. The results will be you are also rejecting Your Self simply because Love is just like a battery pack deep inside us and without it you must be dead therefore it is the one that made you alive and exist for a. Purpose as well but it must be In Your Own way and do not care for others of course it is because you do not like it. These discussions is difficult to understand! We must have a relationship with the Omnipotent Being ignoring and rejecting him will be like you are killing your self slowly. On the other hand we were allowed to be like that since it is the only way we could learn from our mistakes. We do have a religion but it is only up to there not deep enough to enable us to must be Your Responsibility.....if you care enough. No learning means we keep on repeating the same mistakes all over again!

Where is Love? My answer it is everything...everywhere...the whole Universe. Who is Love? It should not be your mother or father, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife because it should not be a person because Love is a quality, attitudes, perceptions,and passion for Life it is never to be Material whatsoever it is just all around us and most of all Deep Within us but unseen and unrecognized in this materialistic society. Therefore the materialistic society killed and destroyed the true essence of Love and blame Our selves for being Ignorant of it. How to Love? Love yourself is correct but do it to Discover and Learn and Understand Love. You start it by Knowing Your Self. So as to die for Love is worth it! But not to die for the Love of Self. I will say if All of Us Knows Truly what is Love then Money which represents selfishness will be gone and we will Live for the Sake Of each other.

All of us are Looking for LOVE but do you Exactly know what is it all about? My answer is A BIG NO just look around you or everywhere it is instead the exact opposite of I have to say more? It means something is Wrong with each and everyone of us anwhole mankind mankind but there are extremely few people who have Attained a Certain Level of Understanding of Love but they cannot do Anything to Change the I wish that Mankind will be able to Realizethat his Arrogance is Killing and Destroying his World. As I said CHANGE must start from You, the Self so take a look at Your Self, Deep Within You because Love is just right there it has been there because it is the Purpose of CREATIONS just simply go Humble and let the Omnipotent Being do everything for the Whole Universe that is Mankind is not and will never be the center of the Universe it has been only so because of you really want Peace? Start it deep within you......Love has been there you are just rejecting, ignoring, and neglecting it for it is the TRUE one and not the vices and luxuries we could easily get.

Love is just everywhere, it is what the Universe is made of. The situations in a materialistic society is that we have to Look for Love was reduced to commodity which is somethinewe could purchase and obtain but I say Love as the Truth cannot be like that because all you have to do is to Recognize it since it is just a PART of your Being and those everything around you as well the problem now our materialistic society is in such a way Neglecting it all you have to do is to have the Wisdom and Understanding that something is Wrong all you have to do is to Start from Your Self and why not!!!! Be humble and have an open mind and accept that you are Wrong. I am doing this because I want to Change the World and I started with My self.

You start to Love Your Self because I can see so many people are not doing that, it is like you do not See Your self and the situations are You just do what you LIKE and PLEASES YOU. You do not have the Realizations that you are KILLING your self Slowly. You are supposed to EAT until full and you have to stop eating but the opposite is happening "you cannot stop eating" and it is A PROBLEM YOU ARE NOT IN CONTROL OF YOUR SELF.....what else the INABILITY TO SLEEP SOUNDLY do I have to say more?? I suggest you check your ATTITUDES in a sense it is supposedly the EASIEST THING TO DO to Love Your Self and I can presume that You do not know how to LOVE.......there is no need to KNOW IT!!! It is just there DEEP WITHIN YOU because it GOES WITH YOU FROM THE VERY BEGINNING YOU WERE CREATED ON PURPOSE......just Think....Again.

When you say "just being Your Self" yes that is right but it is not as simple as that since if you use your brains only you will never be able to Realize Love Logic, Semantics, Analytics, others Love is not there no matter how you Look for it. We must be able to Realize that the materialistic society we now have is a big mistake and I say A Good Opportunity for us to Learn from our Mistakes and start it by changing our attitudes. When you say "be your self" be sure to know what you are talking about it is like I Love Myself HOW can you do it when You don't Really Know Your Self.....are you in total CONTROL of Your Self??.....Are you a master of Your Self? You start it and hope you will Realize that we are just Created by a Creator for Purpose!

Do you Love Life?? There will be a problem since you do not really know what Love is all about. Life means to exist and for Whom??? Life shall not be a person or anybody else and anything else And I say, it should be our relationship with our Creator, He has a Purpose but Man ignored and neglected them and instead made a Purpose of Life out of his Own perceptions which is mainly personal and resulting to each of us will have a DIFFERENT perceptions resulting to Stupidity and hence Chios, or we end up killing each other and destroying His Creations or our Environment. Religion on this case cannot do anything and I say it should be an individual responsibility. All of us have been Created by One Creator only and his purpose is Therefore Only One and I say Man's Stupidity and Ignorance and he is Lost.....I dare you to go back and Locate the right path since you don't have to find our Creator he is just there waiting!

Actually there is something crazy going on in our existence, this day to day life per se we have been doing Except to Adam and Eve because as far as I am concerned it is an Example as to how Civilization will look like and through it you can have an impression of the Purpose Of Our Existence as I have said something crazy is really going on right now because you cannot UNDERSTAND what I am discussing about if ever you do then you must be Lucky and I don't care since I am sure of what I am discussing about. You know why we were Created by the Omnipotent Being because of Love which is until now a mysterious word for Mankind though we have been given the Freedom to decide and we obeyed our Desires and Wants resulting to trouble, do I have to say more? Simply because that Word Love is not just a simple word it takes Wisdom and Understanding and not Religion whatsoever to fully learn to make it a part of our day to day Existence and all throughout the Omniponttent Being is just Here He will Never Leave Us alone BUT he cannot do anything to CHANGE our minds therefore to Change is your Responsibility start by becoming Humble first!

Love means to serve others and obtain Happiness and Satisfaction out of it without getting anything whatsoever in return even though you will come out the bad guy that is an Individiual who have attained a certain LEVEL of Realizaion But in a materialistic society that is crazy TWO different worlds indeed. To serve, give, share, and everything else as long as you will never desire to get something in return it is strange then WHY still so many of us have not reach that kind of Realization and there are only a few and silent but enjoying the TRUE happiness and satisfaction of Life you cannot get it with a Religion but it must be an individual effort now, if you really want it then it is your Responsibility!

The Purpose of all Creations is Love but it looks like in our Life right now it is Money it is Replacing Love that is instead of Living for Others it is Living for Your self and I do not care for others. It takes REALIZATION and Nobody can help you to attain that even the Omnipotent Being therefore Love is not maturity whatsoever but Realization. We are in a materialistic society but NEVER ignore it have time for Your is not everything because it is absolutely nothing!

Because of our materialistic society there is poverty and only a few are wealthy resulting to a situations that LOVE becomes unknown or irrelevant though man cannot really get away with Love and he created a FAKE one instead of the TRUE one which do not need something in return it is now a love that must be reciprocated and the results is not love at all but greediness and selfishness.....what else we indeed up killing or destroying each other but anger and poverty goes together if there is anger it will make you dumb and you want to do that to Your Self??if you are POOR it means you are a Victim of this materialistic society and I will say nobody can help you even God or religion, financial support from others is nothing instead have BRAINS because integrity and dignity is for free even the rich and wealthy do not understand it I am poor but I could look anyone, anybody straight eye to eye because I am proud of what I understand and perceive.....just do the same. Do not use poverty as an excuse to commit crimes and wrong doings because the Omnipotent Being will never Leave you (us) alone and exist with a PURPOSE.

Poverty means not having what you want or simply not being satisfied in life so that, almost all the people in the world can say they are suffering from poverty or I may say, poverty is everybody's problems. This materialistic society we created I say so because it is not what the Omnipotent Being wants us to do in fact it is directly against him. I say there is poverty because we are measuring and used it as the basis of your standing or level in society therefore it will be between satisfied and unsatisfied people generally. So, it could happen to anyone! I say never be afraid of it! All you have to do is Know the Purpose of your Existence, be humble first and establish a certain personal relationship with our Creator and again I have to remind you religion whatsoever has or will never have to do anything with it......proof, for a thousand of years already yes it works but was not able to CHANGE the World! I say you start changing your attitudes, your self, and obtain wisdom and understanding.....not going to college it is about LIFE and the purpose why we were created by a Creator who Loves us He created the world that nobody shall suffer from hunger it does not matter if you are eating less food instead knowing the RIGHT nutrition....the right perceptions, attitudes and remember we were created on Purpose and He will never leave us alone....he may sent strangers to help you....

I say, because of Love the whole universe and mankind were created by a Creator that is a very simple reasoning for a materialistic society because they do not really understand well what is Love is all about. In the first place Love is our or mankind's main nature ABSOLUTELY so that Man created his own materialistic world because he cannot understand what World or Existence Our Creator wanted I have to Emphasize what is going on in reality or our Life, the wars, hunger,anger, etc.are all the Makings of mankind And Not God's we did it by choice because our Creator cannot control our minds. Therefore the Love we now have is the False Love. Which there is no such thing as Love in this materialistic society it will be an individual's responsibility to search for the TRUE one. We all know that the human mind uses 10percent only of his mental potentials the other 90 you will have them if you are to recognize the truth....Love means doing for others and everything else without getting anything in return generally.

I say, Love is the greatest wealth so that in this materialistic society which is poverty is the main problem but greediness and selfishness which is what the materialistic society is made of you will end up with no LOVE in its True sense. Therefore get rid of greediness and selfishness and you will have LOVE having said that it also means that the poor and the rich are the same people. If the rich can be a philanthropist the poor can do the same as long as it is A TRUE one you should never use Poverty as an excuse because becoming a good individual is the True Nature of all human being.....that is why the whole universe was created because of Love. I say, I am poor man and the best thing I can give, share, offer, others means is ME Being True and not anything you could see and touch. I am a person who knows that the Omnipotent Being will never leave me alone so it must be the same thing to you for as long you will try to understand Love is the greatest wealth.

love,It is not something which you could get out of the shelves in a moment or getting it if you wanted it whatsoever. I say, you will never find it in this materialistic society of which a kind of Life and Existence we are used to live and PERCEIVED or we do not know anything else other than that. I say it is a situations where you are "Looking out" to your self and when LOOKING IN or the inside or deep within you is Ignored and Rejected that is NOW what I am discussing all about so, it will be your not look for Love elsewhere just have time for your self.

Love cannot be seen nor touched, but you could never Deny that You can not FEEL it! The whole universe was Created because of Love and therefore only its Creator is the sole Owner of it and mankind must be a Part of it. At this point the materialistic society was created by man and Our Creator allowed all these situations to occur, happen, take place, so on and so forth of which I mayalso call as Hell, I say the Omniponttent Being will not Create Hell, what for. Mankind is right now Killing Him Self and if you cannot Understand What I am Discussing about now so, go ahead kill Your Self. It is like a person who Over Eats...when you look at him he is very, very fat he do not know how Crazy he is can you not feel all the discomfort of being FAT? When all it takes is more or less ten table spoons are enough to supply your body with sufficient nutrients per I need to say more?

The meaning of Love shall be EXACT otherwise we will end up killing each other. How come man or we sometimes call it as mysterious??? The Inability to define it is because we do not Live for others instead we end up selfish and greedy and that is why this materialistic society came out. In these situations the Omnipotent Being allowed it! And Why!!! For mankind to Learn from all his mistakes and how many thousand of years we will take to Accept those, I say, you may ask your self since the Exact Meaning of Love is just right there deep within is the Purpose of God's Creations.

Our Existence has no meaning whatsoever because we do not know the Exact Meaning of Love that is Life and Love shall go together we have to Live and die for each other's cause and never whatsoever for somebody else! Our Creator Created us for a Purpose and not TO DO WHAT WE WANT so, we have to do What Our Creator Wants and if you will ask me what are should be for the GOOD of Everything, which are those what Our Creator Created. Not what is good for my self, wife, sister/brother, parents, family, etc! Therefore discovering the exact meaning Love will take one whole Lifetime. And I have to say it again, it will be your personal responsibility.

What is the difference between Love and Hatred that is in a certain situations when you have to Kill so others may Live. As I said all the Creations of the Omnipotent Being has Love built in or a permanent or a fixed characteristics but something is unique when you could set it aside and allow to give way for anger or hatred (take note I said God kills) a certain Decision you have to make in FAVOR of a certain result you may call it as SACRIFICE. You may kill a person when it would be the last or consider him as Hopeless since he is too dangerous for others. Therefore Love shall never be One Sided whatsoever when it is for the Good of the majority something must be done on the other hand that person who choose to neglect or reject Love though it would never be absent deep within him but he decided to become a Slave of his anger and hatred then I say, it is Love which is ENDURED and that person must be suffering.

The whole universe was Created because of Love in a sense it is an Energy which binds and hold together everything in the whole universe. And that made Him an Omnipotent Being which is to Live and Die for others therefore Love can be found deep inside of us whether you liked it or not but we were allowed to shun or neglect it so that the results will be Self Destruction and this is what materialistic society is all about and when we will be able to REALIZED them will be an individual's responsibility. Yes, I say, materialistic society is man made and this is What Hell is all about! Who said that when one dies he will go to Hell!! With that you are insulting the Wisdom of the Omnipotent Being....what for?! Go ahead Kill Your Self, you kill each other but you could never hurt the person Who Offered His life to the Well of our Creator.

Love is what this world is made of so that our Existence has all the elements and characteristics of it. We live and exist for each other but I wonder we still end up killing each other, therefore Love though a part of our nature BUT something we have not Understand it is too complicated for mankind and instead the results we don't really exist for each other but we MANIPULATE each other's lives. It is a Conflict such that we are doing it for Love yet it has to be in our terms or WANTS therefore Love becomes some kind of greediness and selfishness already. The easiest to use Love is through religion with it people's mind are POISONED and because of ignorance and sorry to say, stupidity because they did not use their Brains and instead be INFLUENCED by stronger and crazy personalities...I say, Love is there deep within us, you kill and die or die for the sake of Love, that is you SACRIFICE for and die for others, kill the killers and live and die for the sake of the innocent people I say it is still Love and die with HONOR and DIGNITY.TheTruth is Love and Sacrifice is of the SAME thing and the exact opposite of it is Greediness and Selfishness! Resulting to feelings of guilt and or discomfort and the best remedy to counter it is Throuhg DRUGS.

What is the exact meaning of Love, I know some people will say that this is a crazy question because it has no answers. I say, not unless YOU HAVE IT and it is the UNDERSTANDING, it is not an ownership or possession NO SCHOOLS is teaching it yet there are a few who are Doing it though they may be not aware of it but enjoying Love deep within them and serving OTHERS Humbly and Silently. Love is what the whole Universe is made of. And still if you cannot understand what I am discussing about it then Enjoy Hell right here!

Love is what we really needed but we have so many problems in how to do it. Never ever Search for it for it is already Deep Within us, it is just everywhere for the Whole Universe is made of Love. The conflict now lies in How to Express or do it. It is like you could feel it is there but You Cannot Accept it because this man made materialistic society is Rejecting it, we created a society or world Based on what we Want that is contradicting our TRUE nature. So, we do have it yet our Creator allowed us to be Against in other words the best way for us to Understand is by committing Mistakes first and it may take several hundred more years.

I'm discussing about Love but as far as my concepts are concerned that is something strange or even stupid. In the materialistic world, I Love you because you have the money, I cannot Love you because you smell have no money to look a lot better. As simple as that. If I say, you don't Love your self then that must be crazy, how come I ate almost 1 kilogram per meal as for me, it is like committing suicide! Love is something which you cannot see or touch. With it you will have your self respect and in Poverty you will even have all the opportunities to Study and Learn the Exact Meaning of Love. Just eat a few grams of food everyday, in that case with Humility and knowledge of Love your body will absolutely Absorb all the nutrients of it, it will not be wasted.

We were Created by Our Creator, it is in the past tense because it was not the body first so that the Real You is Inside unseen and cannot be touched that is why you NEED to Search for it and we were Created because of Love. The Omnipotent Being is a great teacher and this is His Own way of teaching have to feel and experience Life so that WHEN the time comes and you will be able to Discover and Realize the exact meaning of Love it will CHANGE You and becomes a different person. Therefore you have to work and be responsible not for money but for Love....yes I am talking of a different World if only you could REALIZE the Truth.

Love is MAN's natural characteristics, it is naturally a part of us and the whole environment and universal as a whole. It is when altered by Who then doubt and being confused comes out. That is when you will become materialistic and arrogance will be the resulting situations because you will start to compare your self from others, in such way competting with each other instead of To Live and Die For Others. I hope you can see the difference! Change!

For a materialistic person he is going to look or search for Love out of his loneliness and boredom or such feelings he could not understand but knowing or being aware that something is missing and I say these may pertains to moneyed people and not to people in poverty situations. STOP looking for Love because there is no need to do that and that might just waste your time I'd rather say Do You Really Know and Understand Your Self? And if so, in what Level of Preceptions have you attained or achieved so far. Since it is not Physically, mentally or emotionally. I Suggest try to get away first from those specially Physically because when you are on a beach facing the horizon you will never be able to appreciate its beauty with those P-M-E mindset otherwise you will never be able to understand what I am trying to discuss HUMBLE first and have the Realizations that you are Nothing in front of the Omnipotent I, we Grow Old Our understanding must also Expand and not to become a damn old man!

I say, Life means to Live and Die for Others the truth is, it is when you already achieved a certain level of Realizations. Love your self by taking good care of it, have that self respect and dignity but in this materialistic society Never expect others to care or understand about You! If you are Humble but be silent about that attitudes Learn to keep away from Loud and Arrogant people again no need to tell them...just keep it private and confedential! If you brag about...I am willing to die for you...never do that! Because it is idiotic therefore being Truthful just be Silent but Firm and Responsible. Love Life but it cannot be easy got your brains put Wisdom and Understanding IN it. HOW!! No available books nor school about it therefore LIFE is Your School again, use your God given Brains.

Love is what man needs, it is even his Life. Man has been searching for it because he knows that he needs it but unfortunately he Do NOT Know what is it all about! I say, he even do not know how to Love Him Self therefore the situations are you need it badly yet you do not really understand what Love is and how and where to look or search for it. The Omnipotent Being Created the whole Universe for Love instead mankind decided to Reject and Ignored Love or Him.....and all it takes is just a Change of Attitudes which is extremely difficult for an arrogant mankind who expects Love is Up there when if he ever comes to a certain REALIZATIONS it will just be Below. We, you, was Created or Came into Existence because of Love but due to arrogance we were blinded and become unwise.

Is there such thing as Love? In this materialistic society it is Unknown, because it will never be possible you are even killing your self without knowing it! I may say, over eating is a kind of suicide, lack of sleep or inability for a sound sleep due to stress, anguish, desperation up to financial distress, vice versa. Now, where is Love!!! Do not look nor search for it. We are in a situations in which Love has been Ignored and Rejected that is because of this materialistic society therefore STOP being materialistic and Find Your Self again with nothing. That is I'd rather be in a poverty situations and be Rich in wisdom and understanding about Life and exist with Love. We are generally in situations that we have to Decide between 2 things and it is all up to you. Knowing the exact meaning of Love is going through the most extremely difficult path.

To be Humble and the truth of it is you have to STOP Wanting and Desiring and I say, it is not the Nature of man Instead it is his Greatest Mistakes until Now Unrealized simply because this materialistic world man insisted it! He allowed himself to become a slave. It is his ARROGANCE which made him blind so that peace of mind is unreachable. Love is the main Reasons of Our Existence so that there will be no need to search or look for it BUT we have to REALIZE it! Therefore it is for each of us, yes a responsibility but I have to say, shall be more than that because it should be the Meaning of Our Existence....not for the self, wife or family, mother or father and vice versa but for the whole Universe. Love is when you Stop Thinking of Your Self anymore and instead OFFER it! No need to Want to have a long life....what is the use of reaching old age When you were unable to Realized the Truth I'd rather die early and Knowing I saved or help others.

What is Love, it must be something which is GOOD,first to Your Self to your fellow human beings, the environment and the Whole Universe in general. But right now we are in a something which is BAD....situations so on and so forth. Therefore if you decide to be in the Bad side I will say, you have NO Wisdom and Understanding in Life because Bad people disliked it! I say, if you want Love, start it from Your Self..."Love God above everything, then Your Self and Learn from others." that is never Stop Learning have wisdom and understanding unfortunately you will have no teacher with it because it is an unknown in our educational system mankind choose to ignore it in favor of this materialistic society we now have! "An old man shall be rich with wisdom and understanding and not with wealth which is something he should be able to share and teach it to others." Love is so broad but due to arrogance it becomes so complicated hence Forgiveness becomes an Impossibility. To start Love in Your Self will even be impossible when you will be materialistic and choose Wants instead of Just Simple NEEDS. Generally only the Humble Loves Wisdom and Understanding if ever you reach Old Age and without it! It will be like an old man becoming stupid and dumb.

I say, I could tell you directly what is the Exact Meaning of Love BUT you will be unable to Understand me because it will be like I am from another world talking Strange ideas which has nothing to do with the materialistic society. Love means giving and sharing without getting nothing in return it is as simple as that BUT in this materialistic society that is Crazy! Putting me in a situations to write and discuss that mankind has been fooling him self or been crazy and stupid ever since but(again) I am very much aware that it seems I am the one who is crazy discussing these ideas. Therefore, I am trying to convince people to LEARN or be able to obtain some knowledge or even wisdom from me. Of which hopefully might be a lot better than me. Love is everything in all these Creations, the Omnipotent Being is all powerful becuase of is to be generalized and not to be dependent, it has to be Universal. You can say I Love my self, that is right but again self respect, taking care of it so on and so forth should be one's responsibility now if you consider it as dependent then it will become selfishness which will go to greediness or BADNESSS which is Wrong because it must be Independent which mean to be shared and to those who is able to reach a certain level of wisdom and understanding to be OFFERED, to die for die and kill for others yes I wrote it but this should be of another topic specifically. Which mean to sacrifice. Therefore knowing the meaning of Love must not be complicated...just release it.

We all want Love.....a peaceful Life, the problem is HOW and I say, until now mankind has not reached WHAT! Perceptions? mentality? Thinking or Attitudes! Actually there would never be any exact answers or solutions for that. Instead of Love we end up with HATRED and whether you liked it or not all of us got that Feelings how much more to those countries at war situations if not, people with criminal tendencies or even killers to drug crazy people are all over the world....we are not in a perfect place and never expect that so that it will be better to Anticipate or have an advance thinking that ANY People you will meet Assume them to be a Bad Guy and if they are not then they have to Prove it that must be the safest mentality or thinking any one could have. Therefore knowing the exact meaning of Love, shall I say must be a boring discussion, nobody is interested about it whatsoever. As long as we are in a materialistic society, there must be wars, we have to kill each other because you should protect your self, family and country as whole from people who supposedly Attacking our Rights and in that case you must Depend those rights. The offenders and Dependers situations, the oppressed(?) and the Attackers or bad guys. Perhaps it is right to assert that those majority of the people who are being oppressed or under attack against the Few whom we knew as the Attackers are really the Bad Guys because it is the Human Natural Tendencies to LOVE and to dislike Hatred. Yes, we all want Peace but I say, you Start it From Your Self! Never use anger, vindictiveness, hatred, HUNGER or Poverty as Reasons to Kill. Yes I said that God is a killer sometimes it is justiable to kill a KILLER so as to SAVE others from being Killed.....never use Religion!!! Instead it must be a one on one relationship with God...only God could appoint A Man of Destiny because(again) if you think you are that person you must never fear pains and death. It is not Religion but Responsibility but(again) only people with wisdom and understanding could determine his Responsibilities. Just DO what GOd Wants you to do and never do What you want....since a man of destiny knows exactly who is the Good Man which mean the Omnipotent Being. Will never Leave him and NOT Religion!!! Just cultivate Love in Your Self and I say it will not be boring nor a waste of time. Hopefully you might be able to see and perceive the BEAUTY of Life....which God or the Omnipotent Being Created for us, you may never understand His ways because, stop that thinking!! Instead spend your Life Understnading Your Self. Never ever base your Life on a certain religion but to join one will be alright, I say, a person who has wisdom and understanding will never be deceived or fooled...that is Your Responsibility.

It is like a kid wondering, what are going on around me? My father and mother arguing or even fighting for matters I cannot understand. Kids needs only simple things...mainly some kiss and embrace from either Mother or father will complete their day. So that, when those are absent then the tendencies is to explore those outside of the family of which who must be strangers and either bad or good guys/people so that basically parental guidance IN GOOD Faith are lost.....those kids can do anything they want and the worst situations will be being under the control or the possibilities of being manipilated and used by persons/people with bad intentions and designs and I mean not thousands but millions of kids around the world....these are the implications of the materialistic society "Lives are WASTED".If you are not that Sure....having children is one of man's greatest Responsibility BUT if you don't have it then better to have None at all and Save the future. Having children is one's opportunity to be able to Share the beauty of Life and then all the REALITIES to teach them to have Wisdom and Understanding though there is other than that which is the so called educational system which is mainly for money's sake only because it will never help them realize the Exact meaning of Love, that is like acknowledging your true nature. With it, you will be able to Realize between Hatred and Anger since Love will be like water to dissolve it since it cannot be avoided so that it will not rule your Life and by having Patience as one of your Attitudes you could shove it away and not be carried away by it! Hatred and Anger is the greatest weapons of war yet when a person or people who have patience and Control of one 's emotions they will be like Blind fighters with no Cause to die for. So that, TAMING them will be the matter.....probably one of the ways to attain peace.I say, we were educated WRONGLY about Human Nature.

In this materialistic society nobody cares for the exact meaning of Love....there is no money in it. Instead anger is the most common you usually feel it almost everyday, that is when you are unable to get what you want (it is money, of course). Feeling upset and the like seemed common in this very competitive society....generally dis satisfactions! But the truth, nobody could live without Love and we tend to find it with our pet dogs and other tamed animals...simply because they easily respond to it...Love is something built in to them by our Creator. We are in a situations...all over the world of which, you should not think and feel at ease or lowering your guard to all human being s you met, from strangers to relatives it might be lowered towards your wife and children....but generally the materialistic society will never be Safe whatsoever because Love is absent....though rarely few has it they might be the heaven sent angel and could save Lives or people in distress without getting anything in return....the Feelings of Helping Others is Great of which they will forever Treasure it and the Blessings from above will just come by mysteriously. Love, therefore becomes a kind of a treasure that nobody that, when you will try to use Love to Stop Wars will be Impossible! All of us has some wars deep inside....those hatred, but only you ALONE could manage it right, like having your Own World of which only You could Understand and when it will EXPLODE will surely hit and kill people.....that is why those who are very much aware of it will just Kill You first and it will be an endless War! There must be a CRUSADE for CHANGE...a war against Your Self....Change to become a better a much better...and more. Because you have to get Wisdom and Understanding...the one not for money's sake because it is the real one or truth. Going to a place where nobody is interested I say, you will never be Alone. Trying to Change Your Self silently must be your responsibility, it is a kind of an activity that your one whole lifetime is not will be like discovering a Door, once opened will give you a certain Perceptions that will Change your Person.

The very beginning of Life starts with Love....that is something mankind cannot get away with whatsoever. We are in a world that only few are having easy Lives....they are eating good while the majority cannot..some say poverty is a matter of choice or being victims, because poor people are the easiest to manipulate not only poorly educated (I say, all of us got brains....not using it means being irresponsible) but in a disadvantaged situations....the best tools to have power and influence over others is having people Behind You, whom you could use and fight and die for you...should I say more? If you have extra money just send it to poor people in the world...I say, it won't help! Poor people who wants money from rich people wants much more is not everything because it is absolutely nothing. I say, TEACH them to REALIZE not to be Scared or get rid of fear....STOPPED them to have a kind of Life Without SELF RESPECT because a person who lives in Honor and Dignity will never go hungry and sick. Sorry to say, this materialistic society will never Recognized that whatsoever. I will say again Love is not that is an energy! Unfortunately nobody could teach the poor what I am discussing about here.....I am just expressing what are supposedly not NEW to all human beings who got these ideas, just Losed due to Desperations no more self respect, honor and dignity then choosing to live and exist in anger and hatred you are now riped to become a Monster....a beast, ready to devour anybody....taking orders from the beast and monster also but moneyed. Using each other is the name of the game, though only a few Knows these things but the rest may have sensed it...or having such impressions yet do not know what to do.....these attitudes of "I don't care and mind your own business" is the best breeding ground for badness. I say, you will enjoy the real and true meaning of Love as long as you got Wisdom and Understanding and that must be everybody's Responsibility but unfortunately neglected and rejected...again there is no money from it. Yes, we all need each other but we must be all standing tall and firm and not lying or falling down together....I'd rather go somewhere else if I belonged to these such people....I'd rather stand and be firm all by myself....which is something I could teach my children.

If I am going to ask you, do you Love your self? It must be crazy if you would say no. But I will say, you don't know what you are talking about. Because Love is lost in this materialistic society, we are in a situations between money and Love and these 2things cannot go together they are not the same. Since the truth is we don't really Love our self, we are even destroying it softly and slowly and it is crazy you don't know it yet rejected and ignored the wisdom and understanding which will lead you to discover "what are going on". Every time we wake up "it is Love" which cause you to "stand up" and walk away from Love" I call it Love of Life. It is a God Given Gift for each of us! Only 1thing is missing, REALIZATION unfortunately nobody except for a rarely few are interested about it that is because there is no money on it. Wisdom and understanding about Life will never be a subject/taught in is crazy and impossible....what are you doing to your self then that must be vices, supposedly nutritious food, lack of sleep or inability to sleep soundly, emotionally unstable of which you may alter your sex/body according to what you want, so on and so forth! There is Love Deep Within us but it will never go towards you and offer itself, it will not beg for your attention that is as long as one is Ignorant! Again! There is no money with it....go ahead kill your self slowly and enjoy it. The whole universe is intact and perfect because of the Energy of Love which comes from the Omnipotent Being such ideas is unacceptable to mankind....this is not a kind of energy which will drive a It is what made us Alive!!! And not money....a manmade

Mankind Altered or Change the Creations of God and even the Self but only physically and I say, you must instead CHANGE Your Self to become a much better person than before....if you really Want to Discover Love since right now our Life is miserable as I've said we are in hell though all that everything goes...bad things and supposedly good things, Love which is just deep within us will never leave you because it is the true nature of Man and that will be the one to Give us Hope and to stand up again and to go on through Life going to a supposedly the Right Decision we do everytime. Love is like the Engine for each of us that we have to go on no matter what BUT we Still ended up in Ruins.....centuries has to passed by that mankind has not reached the levels of REALIZATIONS of becoming a much better person than before because up to this point he is destroying the self and the environment or Creations of the Omnipotent Being in which he cannot appreciate because of neglect and ignoring it. I say, there is no exact english words or phrases to define Love because for mankind it is an UNKNOWN.....nobody cares anyway. The very first step is to Start to Your Self, you may consider a portion of your time and the rest earn money....don't Change those around you and also your physical self, just leave it alone....Change the one Deep Within you! Maybe once in your one whole Lifetime you will be able to say the Differences between you Before and the one Today. With that, you could Feel Love and least you will have few, some or single points or things to Understand Our Creator...His silence yet He is just there Deep Within you.

Love is like God, Unseen, cannot be touched....but only those people who were able to Discover and Realize is like what you have been Ignoring and Rejecting, when you will be able to Perceived its significances and value.....I say money has nothing to do with it...which is Impossible for you or mankind to understand. It is like a treasure you lost yet you don't realized that it is just the Self! It is choosing between money and Love or the Self. Is it not what are going on right now? It may take one whole lifetime....(to be continued)


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    • thishumility profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      As of this very moment my writings on Transformation has reached the end part already but I have yet to finalize it and in a few days you will be able to read it.

      I hope I will be able to share with you the Two Different World of which right now we are in the world of Ownership and Possession and has ever since rejected the other World.

    • thishumility profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Hi, thank you for continuously reading my writings. I'm almost done with my next topic which is Transformation and I hope you will also read it.

    • thishumility profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Hi, I'm still around.....what took me so long for my next hub it is because my writing time is very limited. Life is hard you know. And Transformation which will be my next hub is not an easy subject that I must take special consideration that as much as possible it will not be difficult for my readers to understand.

    • thishumility profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Hi, I'm still around and still working for my next hub which is about Transformation.....thank you for reading my work.

    • thishumility profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      Hi, thanks a lot for reading my work.And I hope you will be able to read also my seventh hub on which I will try my best to expound my ideas on Transformation which is different from Reincarnation.

    • profile image

      Jaisimha's - Proof of Reincarnation 

      9 years ago

      In the material world there are 4 defects

      1. cheating propensity

      2. making mistakes

      3. restricted senses

      4.i don't know - forgot it

      Visit my Blog to read more about Proof of Reincarnation. Click the link on my name.

      I have read the book by Trutz Hardo where he has followed the works of the

      popular Ian Stevenson.


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