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My Wonderful Mother

Updated on March 20, 2011

Nothing compares to a mother’s love to her children. It is one of the greatest things you could ever feel in your lifetime. The love is so genuine and truly indescribable. It is beyond words. Every one of us has different stories about our mothers and definitely most of those stories are heart warming and inspiring to hear just like mine. I am just so proud and grateful to have such a wonderful mother like her that is why I am ecstatic to share with people how blessed I am to be her daughter. I just hope that through this piece, I can tell her how appreciative I am for all the good things she has done for us all through out these years.

Ever since I was a kid, she never fails in nurturing us with so much love, which makes you feel so contented and can actually give you a sense of security that no one can harm you when she is around.

Every time she cuddles us, the pain and the loneliness you feel at that very moment, would definitely vanish in an instant. Hence, the mother’s touch is the best natural analgesic in the world. When you feel so discouraged about yourself, expect her to utter some encouraging words that you badly needed at that certain point in your life that can help to fade away such disappointment with yourself and help boost or gain your self-esteem. That is how magical a mother’s love is. I must say, mothering is absolutely one of the hardest careers on earth but she managed it with such an amazing job and I salute her for that.

Furthermore, she was the biggest influence of where I am now. For giving us with so much love and care, being the best daughter that I can be is the least that I can do. Follow every word that she says since mothers know best. They want no harm but only the welfare of their children, so we have to understand that. It may seem hard to comprehend it sometimes but it was just a reminder that you should know your limitations in order for us to succeed later in life. She taught me how to make crucial decisions in life since every action you made definitely has consequences, so I have to think a million times if the option I made would benefit me and other people as well in a positive manner.

Because of her love, I have the confidence to face all the challenges that may come along my way and I believe I can conquer them all with the support of my very loving mother. She makes me realize that there are still great things in store for me even if I did fail numerous times already and she awakens me that giving-up should never be an option. Thus, I strive harder just to make her proud of my achievements and be able to repay her after all the hardships she went through in life just to be where I am now.

Through this writing, I want to thank her that I do value and cherish every words and things she does for us. I know this thing is not enough but this is just one of the million ways we can offer to our wonderful mother.


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    • anieskamay profile image

      anieskamay 4 years ago

      You were blesed with a wonderful mother, you are lucky. Unfortunately some of us were not. We were abused from a young age and dumped like a piece of garbage when she considered us grown. 14 years of age. No support since.

      So whilst i congratulate you and your loyalty to a mum who obviously deserves it, unfortunately the same cannot be said for everyone.

      Some of us drew the short straw. You are lucky. Embrace your mum, she sounds wonderful.