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My First Parenting Experience

Updated on August 9, 2017

Have you wondered what it feels like to be a parent? Parenting to me,never seemed like something that would be fun. Parenting, to me, is about being responsible, genuine, caring, being a role model. The scariest part of being a parent is that when you, yourself don't have your own life under control, there is another soul looking up to you and depending on you with all the faith.

Well, my first experience of parenting was not all that serious but it sure made me a responsible person. It also gave me the confidence that I would make a good parent someday for my own baby, Before I start bragging about my parenting skills and experience, I should let you know how and when it happened.

I work as a software engineer for an IT firm. It's my first job and it is in a new city. I had always lived with my parents. I had never stayed away from home. So, obviously I did not have any knowledge about how to lead an independent life. My parents did not really want me to stay away from them or even work. But they did support me when I said that I wanted to build a career on my own. I had never went grocery shopping, cooked or been financially independent or taken care of myself without my parents' help all my life. In short, everything seemed challenging and made me more and more responsible as each day passed.

So, this is when my friend received this little guy, a golden retriever puppy as his 23rd birthday gift. He stayed in his college hostel where of course, he can't keep this guy or take care of him. This is when he wanted me to take care of him for a week until his graduation which fell on the next week, after which he can take this guy home along with him. I love dogs. I love them more than any other creature in this world. So, I readily agreed. But, the problem now, was that pets were not allowed in my apartment.

I really wanted to take care of this puppy so I decided to sneak him in and so I did. The moment I opened the box, there was this tiny golden head peeping out. I was literally tearing and my hands started shivering. It was love at first sight. Out of all this excitement, it took a while for me to sense the odour. We, soon realised that he had pooped inside the box and he had poop all over him. It might sound disgusting. But the first step of parenting is tolerance. Never feel gross, no matter what because you have got to remember, you were a baby someday too and somebody had to tolerate you and had to clean your mess up too and eventually you will get used to it.

We gave him a shower. He was cutest thing in the world. He had tiny feet, tiny face. He used to make this muffled noises when he is not getting enough attention. He loved falling asleep in my arms. He loved eating. He loved sleeping. The way he runs around and uses shoes as pillows were just too adorable.

I loved him with all my heart. I had to work from home on somedays and take sick leaves on other for a week.. no.. 10 days, to be precise. I was ready to do anything and everything for him. Taking care of a baby is no joke and I realised that when he fell sick. It literally scared me to death. He threw up. He had diarrhea. Since, I had snuck him in, I could not take him out for his nature calls. So, he had no go other than doing everything inside the apartment. I had to clean it all up, feed him, put him to sleep, wake up when he wakes up. I had to sacrifice my sleep for the ten days.

Once, I woke up at midnight and found my room door open. My room mate had kept the door open. I had a mini heart-attack. Even though the apartment door was locked from inside, I ran out to check on him. I did not want him to eat anything that he is not supposed to and fall sick. He was walking around in the hall, making his usual muffled noises. The moment he heard my voice, he ran to me. He was clearly a baby and he thought that I was his mom.

I almost forgot to mention his name. We named him Butterscotch. You can a take a look at his pictures and you will definitely agree that's the perfect name for him. It was not like I had never had a puppy or a dog before. But, there was my dad to take care of him, shower him and my mom to feed him and clean his mess up. All I ever did, was to play with him, pamper him and cuddle him. But this was different, I was solely responsible for him, I took care of him, all by myself, without anybody else's help and that is how I gained confidence of becoming a good parent someday. He will always be my first baby whom I parented all alone.

The day, he left, I cannot explain how devastated I felt. It gave me the feeling that parents get when their kids grow up and leave them. But I know that he's in a better place now where he has an entire family that loves him. I do get to visit him once in a while and he always comes running to me each time.

This is all I have, left of him.

Well, he is all grown up!


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