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My youngest child is now going to school all day

Updated on August 16, 2009

I am mother of 4 children- 13,11,8 & 5. I have not had "Me time" for about 13 years  (almost 14 years)

My youngest just started first grade a few days ago.  She barely made the cut off dates Sept.1st) to start school. Her birthday is Aug. 26th. I wasn't sure about sending her to school to start off. I wanted to keep her home with me for just one more year. After all she is my youngest. She begged me to take her to the preschool that was right across the street when she was just three- almost 4. I felt bad that she was alone all day and wanted her to have interaction with other kids her own age, so I caved and enrolled her in Preschool. Then kindergarten registration came along and I put her in kindergarten. The school said I can keep her back a year since she was still just 4 years old almost 5. But I put her in. I hate to admit that I did enjoy my almost 3 hours of me time when she was at school. Then I would pick her up at noon and we would have lunch at the park.It was great!

Then came first grade! I worried how she will be in a full day of school, and new school on top of that. The first day came and I enjoyed my 8 hours of me time! but also very worried about my baby at school. I go to pick her up from school and the first thing she said was "School is too long! and you didn't come get me for lunch!!!"  My heart sinks. I felt guilty for enjoying my day so much.I do miss hanging out with her all day.

Tomorrow will be her 3rd day of school. I sure hope she is more comfortable with school in the next few weeks. She will adapt I know. But how will I adapt? What will i do all day without having to take care of children all day? I may just have to get my own life!! LOL My babies were the reason I work at home doing my online Vinyl Decal business.  I have so many hobbies that I need to catch up on. I might get a job outside of the home now. Just because I can  now. Wow. so much time now! What will I do!

It feels good to finally try to get to know myself.


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