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Updated on June 9, 2016

I used to have eyes that sparkle

I used to like to smile

I used to hold my head high and greet people as they walked by

I used to have a great laugh

I used to like to learn

I used to be happy and live without a concern

Now I never smile, my top lip trembles in fear

I never look at anyone, the ground is all I see

I try not to talk at all, that way I won't be heard

I never laugh at all now

I hate waking up each morning and going to school

I hate doing anything at all now, people are very cruel.

My eyes, oh they still sparkle. They are filled with tears. I cry now everyday, I cry because of fear.

Why do they always pick on me, call me names and hurt me? Why do they always trip me or hit me? Why do they try to find me anywhere I go? Why did they tell everyone to hate me?

I am only a child. I did not know hate before. - learned what it is now as I am pushed around and hurt. No one seems to stop it, no one seems to care. I tell some adults, but they just push me out the door.

I said I hate school

I said I hate them

I said I hate every day of the week

I said I hate myself then

I said I don't want to go to school

I said I don't want to cry

I said to myself no one understands

Then I said I want to die......

My eyes used to sparkle.


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