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Myths about breastfeeding

Updated on April 8, 2015

Understand the myths behind the breastfeedings

We all know that mother's breast milk is best feed for a baby.Most of the women think that feeding children with their milk may spoil their breast ,but the researchers have found out that there is no need to avoid breastfeeding because it does not cause sagging of breast as believed by women .

Women may be reluctant to breastfeeding as they believe that its end of their youthful body .It have been found that since ages women have fed their babies and had little impact over their breast .Instead if we see deeply we will notice that excess weight ,greater number of pregnancies,smoking ,and age are far more responsible to cause sagging ..

It has been found that mother's who breast feed their babies boost their(babies') neural development and also immunity to infectious diseases.

people think that some women fail to produce sufficient milk . This is not true ,most of the women have enough of milk supply for their babies ,if a baby fails to gain weight or may lose weight ,this may be due to different reason ,that is if a child cannot latch on the breast properly will not get enough milk to fill its stomach .It is common in newborns to take 12 feeds in 24 hrs ,so do not think that why your child needs to feed so often.

mothers think that they too need to have ample amount of milk to feed their babies ,but that's not true ,its just that mother needs to nourish themselves well to feed their babies well .An important mineral that mothers need is calcium and they can get it by consuming green leafy vegetables seeds nuts and fish .

Another myth is that mothers who breast feed must not eat spicy food ,this is completely wrong to think because before a mother's body make milk it digest all the food eaten by her .so spicy food do not hurt the baby who is breastfeeding .even there is no profs to say tat mothers those who eat gassy food like beans or broccoli will have a colicky baby ,Its only the medicines mothers should be careful of .always consult your doctor before you take medication if you are breasting

people have built a myth that breast feeding mother do not conceive while she is feeding her baby on breast so there is no need to take precaution for child birth ,this is a completely wrong conception .birth control pills are safe to take but again its your choice as it may show some side effects on your body not the baby .

some mothers think that they need to space the feeds of the baby in such a way so that the baby will get the milk ,this is not true ,instead the more the baby sucks the more milk is made .the making process of milk is constant ,it functions as a storage tank which is always kept filled for the babies .

we must not schedule the feeds and wake the child when it is sleeping ,when the child is hungry then only will it wake up and ask for a feed by crying and drawing your attentions.It is even said that breast feeding moms should have liquid in less quantity else the breast milk will be thin ,but that's not true ,the thickness of the breast milk has no effect over the thickness of the milk .

so be free to feed your baby with your breast milk you and your baby both will benefit from it .


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    • lotuslove19 profile image

      Sarika Mehra 8 years ago

      Thanks for your commet ,spider girl.

    • profile image

      Spider Girl 8 years ago

      Very well said!