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Updated on February 23, 2016

Definition of Value
Value is defined as a concept that is relied on by the public to view, measure or make a choice on something, rank, quality, quality and standards of behavior and objects on a person or group of people as good, valuable and worth.

Typically refers to the speech, behavior, manners, discipline, intellect, wisdom and good deeds mentioned in the words of noble character. He stressed that any gestures, speech, the life, thought and feeling good to others as a personal or community association embodied in the concept of courtesy. Other concepts such noble, just, respectful, thoughtful, bold, shy, patient, polite and others.


Modesty and decency
Both of these concepts are summarized in the five principles of the Rukun Negara which decency and morality. This principle emphasizes that each citizen should take care of each other with decency not to offend any other group. The behavior of civility also contains a high degree of morality in personality and social life.

The nature and practices of Values
Values ​​that are accepted by the people of Malaysia are universal values ​​demanded by religion, beliefs, customs and culture. Among the qualities of moral values ​​overall are as follows:

"Recognizing that the task is a trust that must be implemented as well as possible.
"Avoiding a willing spirit of self-interest above the interests of tasks.
"Determining no irregularities in the project, either in terms of time, power, money resources, equipment and manpower.

"Accept the fact the final accountability is to God, in addition to job and employer.
"Doing the job with the awareness of good and bad implications that always vigilant and honest.
"Ready to serve and lend assistance whenever necessary;
"Willing to preserve the dignity of religion, race and country.
"Do not betray the interests of the organizations / institutions / public in carrying out their duties.

"Be generous with its work without expecting anything in return.
"The intention in performing their duties as God, because seek lawful and seek blessings.
"Scrape any element of" self-interest "in implementing the tasks as filling basic trust.

"To be honest in carrying out the responsibility.
"Speak the truth and keeping promises.
"Careful and prudent in making decisions.
"Acting on the basis of professionalism.
"Obedient and loyal in carrying out its duties.
"Willing to accept criticism and advice.
"Moderation in every way of life, actions and behavior;
"To ensure the balance of self and assignments.

"Trying hard to achieve perfection and life tasks.
"Diligent study the knowledge and skills related to improving the living standard.
"Strive to produce satisfactory work so as to achieve an excellent level.

"Practicing probity in the conduct of everyday life.
"Applying clean clothes, buildings and the environment as a way of life.
"Clean the assignment of property ownership and travel.
"Steer clear of the passions and emotions of the work and thinking in decision making.
"Steer clear of the passions and emotions of the work and thinking in decision making.
"Timely delivery and promise.
"Practicing how to work in a neat and organized.
"Having the work ethic and professionalism.

"Practicing mutual assistance in carrying out the task.
"Always voluntarily participate in the activities of the organization part of the effort to enhance the spirit of cooperation.
"Adopt a consensus on all matters of mutual interest.
"Avoiding conflict or clash of interests by private.
"Sacrificing personal interests conflict with the interests of the organization, religion, race and country.

"Be considerate and tolerant.
"Respect for fellow human beings.
"Always start 'questions" with the aim to help.

be grateful
"Grateful to be able to do the job as a member of society.
"Be positive and want to try harder.
"Appreciating the work culture polite and do not conflict with religious requirements.
"Not proud of the position and rank;
"Do not waste the expenses for things in vain;
"Serving as worship.
"Giving back to the community, nation and religion.

"Unity Unites blessing; slogan that must be held by Malaysians.
"The consensus among people will strengthen the long-standing solidarity.

"The attitude of tolerance among the races is a key pillar to the harmony and prosperity in society.
"The feeling of thoughtfulness is part of the commendable attitude, regardless of ethnic background.

"Continuous Practice courtesy and values ​​will bring cohesiveness in society.

"Strong ethics will be born to each individual should have high moral values.
Not mementingkann yourself
"Someone who is rich in character and firm with practice values ​​of pure will not be selfish.
No feeling of distrust and prejudice
"Feelings of distrust and suspicion will not easily exist in every individual who has values.

With the above elements of cultural and social life in the unity of the nation will remain strong and continue to be safe.


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