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Updated on February 5, 2012

Steps to his future

many nights they studied together
many nights they studied together
James'  mother's dream house
James' mother's dream house
James' dream car for father
James' dream car for father

Hard times

Growing up in rural Pennsylvania was hard for many. They had the basic necessities, water, food and a roof over their heads but this was all they had.No extra food, no new school clothes or shoes.They knew they were poor but there was nothing they could do about it now, but dream.

James Williams did a lot of dreaming. so much so that it got him in trouble at school and at home. He dreamed of the day he would earn enough money to have all the nice things others had and all the things he wanted. He dreamed of the fancy house he would buy for his parents and the bright red Cadillac he would get for his father.

James' friends teased him about his daydreaming and his thoughts of having money to do all the things he spoke of. He didn't let it discourage him one bit, if anything it made him more determined to succeed.

While all his friends were out playing ball or hanging out at the local arcade James was home studying one subject or the other. He also got a job working at the nearest gas station and the grocery store. Many nights James fell asleep dreaming of the good life he envisioned for his self and his family.

Ann Marie, the girl James liked, would sometimes help him with school work. They talk of having a life together when they got financially stable. They spoke of big houses and trips to Europe. They spoke of the big city and all the things that they could see and learn there, together.

The dream gets closer

As the years passed James and Ann Marie grew closer and had stared college together. They spoke more about marriage and children but never wavered from their dream they share as younger children. Their life had not changed that much except they had nicer clothes because the saved most all the money they made and shopped at thrift stores.

Both of them made perfect grades which allowed them to get into college They still had to study very hard to keep up but it just gave them a reason to be together more. They knew practically everything there was to know about each. They even sometimes finished each others sentences.

The college days lingered on for what seemed like forever but when the years ended and they both found jobs they loved, it was all worth it.Worth the late night studying, the early morning exam, the confidence to dream on.

One step at a time gets you there

Slippery Rock University
Slippery Rock University
Graduation day
Graduation day
Onward and up
Onward and up

At long last

For more than 18 years they lived on the bare minimum. No frills other than a movie once a month and even then they took their own popcorn. They walked most places and took the bus only when it was absolutely needed. They did have to spurge on work attire but it still came from secondhand shops and the thrift stores. They seem to make everything work out. Thy found a apartment close to campus which meant it was still reasonably cheap.

Finally the day came when Ann Marie inform James of how much they had saved and that there was a house nearby that they could afford. Much to his surprise it was just the one he had dreamed of getting for his mother, and that is what he did. They were so happy when she came into this lovely house and thought she was visiting friends of James'. The surprise nearly blew her over. She cried for several minutes, walked into each room and shook her head with great unbelief. Within the next few months they were all moved in and quite settled.

Exactly 7 months later James pulled up to the house in a candy apple red Cadillac. His father was speechless for the first time in his life. He just sat on the drivers side and caressed the steering wheel for nearly ten minutes. All was well with this family. Dreams have come true, wishes were met and hearts were full of love and admiration.

Next step


Dream On

With in the next 8 years James and Ann Marie were married. The next year she gave birth to James Jr. They found a home close to the family and began to live out the dreams that they share as young children. The dreams they had as poor black kids growing up with hopes and desires. People with patience and determination.

Even though they grew up in poverty they refused to let poverty bring them down. Many believe that a person will grow only as far as his surroundings will allow him. Well, James did not have many people to look up to in his neighborhood but he knew what he was capable of doing. He knew he wanted more out of life, he knew he had to find life outside his surroundings in order to grow and to dream big.

To all those who dream big ,keep dreaming and someday they will come true. For those with no dreams ,look beyond your surroundings and grab your dream from deep inside your soul.




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    • profile image

      lisa calloway 

      6 years ago

      good writing!!


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