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NUK Newborn Puller Pacifier 0-2 Months Review

Updated on June 25, 2015

Be Careful Not To Drop The NUK!

The NUK Newborn Puller Pacifier is orthodontic:

  • The asymmetrical shape naturally fits a baby’s palate.
  • The channels are integrated for less pressure on the baby's palate.
  • The scoop nipple cavity allows for maximum movement of the tongue.

The shield is heart-shaped so that the baby's nose is not irritated and breathing is not impeded. It is BPA-free (Bisphenol A), top-rack dishwasher safe, made of 100% Silicone and comes in three pastel designs; purple, green, and blue. Made in Germany.


  • The shape of the nipple on this pacifier fits better in baby’s mouth and helps it stay put.
  • The small size is perfect for newborns, which helps them gag less.
  • The heart-shaped shield does not interfere with baby’s nose or breathing, like some pacifiers do.


  • Water can get inside the nipple when washing or sterilizing.
  • The shield can leave marks on baby’s face.
  • The handle is somewhat difficult to handle (har har) since it’s not hooked in the middle like other pacifiers but rather it’s hooked towards the top. That makes it sometimes difficult to open and latch right.
  • Limited design options


My son started off with the 6-18 months NUK pacifier right off the hospital, which was completely my fault for not reading the package. He gagged a lot with them but he loved the shape of the nipple and they stayed in his mouth much easier than the Soothie’s. I bought him these, 0-2 months, and they definitely helped with the gagging. I am not too crazy about the colors but he will probably use these just a couple more month anyway. I got a pack of two and they were not too expensive. I would definitely recommend giving these a try; they are a great buy for the product you get. Baby would approve.

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My Personal Rating

4 stars for NUK Newborn Puller Pacifier 0-2 Months


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    • profile image

      Josie 2 years ago

      Baby loves the binky, thanks!