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NY GIANTS - Issue: Teach our children

Updated on February 7, 2012

A lesson to learn

Congrats to the NY Giants and the fans!

So, my wife came to me this morning with a dilemma. Her 17 year old college bound high school senior mentioned that all of her friends are skipping school and going to the Ticker Tape Parade to celebrate the Super Bowl Champions.

The question???

What should I do?

My answer was a bit more complicated. Now before I ramble on; when I was in High School I may not have even asked my parents. So it may helpful to be cognitive of the thought process of a teenage mind. Things have changed and through experience my answer was "Now is the time to start teaching your teenage daughter to become a young adult." The final decision should be the teens after she analyzes the situation. Writing an absentee note is ok, however, I mentioned the copy of the note should be created by the child with no option of dishonesty.

The truth of the matter here is there is a great lesson in life to be communicated. Similar to a card game, before making decisions we should learn to analyze the situation. First off what are the benefits vs the risks? Who are the players in the game? What are the possible reactions and actions of the players you face? Is the risk worth the benefit?

Lets not get crazy...this is not a life and death situation, however an interesting learning experience.

The benefit: Enjoying the experience of the parade with your friends.

The Risk: A bit more complicated. Who are the players involved, and what are their options and pressure (internally and externally). School administration will be faced with an interesting decision. How will they handle 10% of the student body skipping school? What message do they want to send to parents, students, & community about responsible behavior. I guess worse case scenario is a stiff punishment, (suspension, losing athletic privileges, or any academic repercussions). More likely a detention will be in order, or better yet, a mandatory essay on being responsible for your actions.

So, what should be the message from the parent to the teenage student.

My have begun a new stage in your life. The age when you need to understand the need to be responsible for your actions. You will be entering college next year and will be faced with many decisions & temptations which will ultimately affect your life. Take ownership of your decisions and learn from each. The knowledge gained can only give you experience to find the best path for your future, and to offer experience, not orders, to your children as they come of age.

The NY Giants ultimately found the correct formula this year. Was it luck, or was it determination, grit, and good decision making which created the NFL Champions. I do know one thing. There was certainly ample experience behind this organization.


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