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Name Meanings & Name Abbreviations

Updated on July 12, 2011

Popular Names and Abbreviations

I realised recently that I haven't written a hub about name meanings and my name is something I have spent a lot of time researching in the past and it is popular within cultural traditions and also amongst women going through pregnancy.

The debate his arisen this week because somebody in a forum on BlogTV accused me of spelling my own name wrong in my screenname, suggesting 'Ritchie' is the more accurate way to write it. Maybe he was a troll, but proper names and name abbreviations of 'Richard' include 'Richie', 'Ritchie', 'Rick' and more but Richie is the one I chose because there is no 'T' in the name Richard and I don't see the sense in making the spelling longer.

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Most Popular Name

It is probably no surprise to you but 'Muhammad' is the most popular name in the world but unless you are Islamic or live in an Arab country you probably wouldn't name your child this. In the west we like to be a little more unique when choosing baby names, we want to have some insight or input into what our children's attributes will be or give them a lucky charm.

Personally I want to give my children a strong name but something a little different to just popular names at present, I want them to stand out and be individual but not have some bizarre name that they will be picked on because of.

Having said this I would just like to mention the fun fact that the most popular names for babies in 2010 were Jack, Harry, Alfie, Thomas and Oliver for a boy while Olivia, Ruby, Emily, Grace and Lily were for a girl.

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Popular Names

The evidence of the importance of names to human culture is evident when you look at all of the talismans we adorn ourselves with, above you can see plaited bracelets that you are likely to find at holiday resorts that include the most popular names. We have all been the and couldn't find our own name included on the rack!

It is also popular if you are a women to buy a necklace that includes a pendent of your name or as one girl I once met in a nightclub who had her name abbreviation or simply the first letter which was 'T' for Tony.

Photo courtesy of JoelK75

Names and Abbreviations

People love to spend money buying name decorations for their child's bedroom, school bags or school stationary, an example of this I saw when I was shopping at Butlins holiday resort and had to buy my niece a Christmas present. Since my niece loved 'Dora the Explorer', I saw these small square letters that had Dora climbing on each one, you were allowed to collect the letters of your childs name and it was then arranged in a frame by the assistant at the checkout.

Photo courtesy of abbybatchelder

Abbreviations of Names

People also place value in names when they tattoo the names of their children and the birthdate on themselves, this seems to be a trend amongst women in the UK at present.

I actually have 2 references to my name meaning tattooed on my arms, on the right arm I have a lion's face and the words 'Lionheart' which is short for 'Richard the Lionheart' and on the left arm I have the Cantonese symbols for Richard that are shown in the default photo for this hub.

Photo courtesy of audreyelizabeth

People place great emphasis upon there name when producing business cards!
People place great emphasis upon there name when producing business cards!

Numerology Name Meanings

The video below is a good example of the alphabet and numerological values within name meanings, a lot of people tend to get confused and go over the top by assigning numerological values to years, days and the girl below mentions 'Destiny numbers' but just forget all these terms because they are irrelevant in my experience. The only important numbers are the calculation of you birthdate which gives you your intended purpose in this world and your 2 separate name numbers, for example mine are 'Richie = 7' and 'Brown = 9' and these numbers have qualities which can be seen in you by others. I have written another hub about Numerology here.

Photo courtesy of diongillard


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    • freecampingaussie profile image

      freecampingaussie 6 years ago from Southern Spain

      My Grandad was ofered to go shares with mr Butlin to start Butlins & I could have been running it ! He was too scared . SAD.

    • smackins1974 profile image

      smackins1974 6 years ago from UK

      We had to do this for a school project once. I was named after 2 of my great grandmothers Sarah and Catherine (my middle name) they mean Princess and Pure I guess when you are days old your parents can only see you as their beloved little Prince or Princess!!

      Great Hub