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National Kick a Ginger Day and What You Can Do

Updated on May 28, 2012

It’s hard to imagine a world so crawl as one that invents up a national ‘kick a ginger day’. Despite the fact the whole date seemed to have got started by accident back in 2005, the day still caught on so much that you can even purchase ‘kick a ginger day’ clothing online now such as t-shirts, jumpers, caps and plenty more.

Whilst this may seem humorous to the selected few, it’s anything but that for the ginger haired kids that have to face leaving their homes in the morning and heading off to school.

What it’s like?

For those kids it’s a whole different story and one which will tell you of the sometimes severe beatings and attacks they receive or live in fear of receiving. One that will tell you of the emotional distress they have to suffer that doesn’t just stick with them for that one day but rather an entire lifetime.

Some of the kids joyfully leave the house for school unknowing that they are possibly about the face the most traumatising day of their lives.

Of course not every ginger/red head/ auburn kid suffers the worse case scenario, some have been fortunate enough to not be picked on at all and some will receive only verbal abuse but even the verbal abuse has lead to cases of suicide or feeling suicidal.

My daughter is now a ‘proud to be ginger’ but I’ve lost count of how many times in the past she has come home telling me that she wants to be dead or wishing that she wasn’t here.

How did it all begin?

It all began when south park run an episode called ‘Ginger Kids’ in 2005 where the character Cartman first gave a definition of a ginger stating that ‘a ginger is a derogatory name for someone having light skin, freckles and red hair’ before deciding to start up a ‘kick a ginger day’.

It became highly talked about and one 14 year old boy went as far as setting a date and making a group for it which quickly spread around the social networking site Facebook and obtained many followers. Of course the group that he had developed for kick a ginger day was shortly after removed and the boy questioned for starting a hate campaign but it was too late; the craze had begun and has continued every year since.

South Park has of course tried their best to redeem themselves and to avoid being sued with other episodes reminding people that gingers do have souls and should be treated equally.


What is the national kick a ginger date?

The ‘kick a ginger day’ happens every year on 20th November and needs to be guarded against.

Many people still see gingerism as not a problem at all but it is bullying and still goes on throughout the rest of the year too.

If you have ginger, red or auburn hair - have you ever been bullied for it?

See results

What can parents do?

If your child suffers from bullying at school, you can try to give them some extra support on 20th November by reminding them to like themselves no matter what other people say. Remind the kids to let their teachers know if there are any problems at school. Consider taking and picking up your child from school on this date, or if you're not allowed to at your kids wishes then see if you can get someone else to meet them instead. It’s not nearly as embarrassing in the older children’s eyes to be met by an uncle or auntie as it is for them to be met by their parents from school.

If you are concerned, consider contacting your children’s school to remind them of this date and ask if their normal policies for bullying will still be put in place for anyone being bullied because they are ginger/redhead/auburn.

What can schools do?

All staff/teachers and head teachers should be made aware of this date and asked to keep an extra eye out for any bullying that may be taking place. Remind all staff that the bullying of a ginger kid should be treated on the same level as it would be if it was a racial insult/assault or any other form of bullying. Have a good teacher presence around the playground at the start of school, break time and home time particularly on this date.

Ensure the children know that bullying someone for whatever reason will not be tolerated.

What can friends do?

If you have a friend who is ginger/red head/auburn then try to offer some support to them. Remind them that it’s probably through jealousy and that they should try not to let the stupid and irresponsible words get to them. If they are in any danger then try to alert someone and get some help for them.

It’s no secret that kids don’t tell the grown-ups everything, watch out for your friends whatever hair colour they have and try to learn the difference between when your friend is feeling ‘a bit down’ and saying they don’t want to be here anymore and when they are feeling ‘really down’ and seem more genuine/serious about not wanting to be here anymore. Always tell a grown-up if you think your friend may seriously cause harm to themselves no matter how much they have asked you not to because you would want them to be safe.

What can you do if you are ginger/red head /auburn?

Stay strong and avoid showing too much of a reaction when people are calling you silly names. If they don't see much reaction then it will help them to become bored of teasing you. Try to like yourself for who you are and your hair colour. Be proud to be a little bit different. Keep in mind that if people are picking on you because of your hair colour that it's not just because of your hair, but more like they have small minds and nothing better to do. If you are experiencing any problems with bullying then let your teachers or parents know so that they can try to help you.


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    • Victoria Stephens profile image

      Victoria Stephens 3 years ago from London

      Hi Lindsey,

      Thank you for stopping by. I hope your daughter and yourself wasn't too upset by it. I think the real people that don't have a soul is the ones that can rudely shout out something like that, with no care to how they make other people feel.x

    • Lindsey Caygill profile image

      Lindsey Caygill 3 years ago from Liverpool

      We were on holiday in the USA when we encountered gingerism. I'm reddish blonde and my daughter is a coppery redhead. We were visiting a national park. My husband wanted to look at a high area but my daughter and I were tired and couldn't face climbing more steps. So we sat on a wall near the car park to wait for him. We were chatting away when a group of people arrived and then went past us to look at a lookout point. One woman who was with them, looked at us and then in a loud voice asked, "Is it true they don't have souls?" She thought she was hilarious.

    • Victoria Stephens profile image

      Victoria Stephens 5 years ago from London

      Hi Kashmir56,

      I also consider it as bullying but in schools it's not uncommon for the teachers to tell a ginger haired kid to go away and stop being silly when they report it to them. Even when I've spoken to teachers and they question why my daughter doesn't like school, my reply is because she's ginger and they other kids have made it a hell ground rather than a playground, they brush me off with a chuckle in their voice like I'm being silly too. I do think it's about time they woke up to the fact there really is a problem.

      We do still have other bullying in the UK which is usually over someone's nationality or what clothes kids wear etc and the schools have a high policy for that kind of bullying but are mostly still to acknowledge what a ginger haired kids has to go through for their entire school years and to me that is unfair and morally wrong.

      Thank you for your comment and having a read, I appreciate your time as always.x

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hi my friend, great interesting hub,here in the U.S. we call it bullying .Why are only ginger/red head /auburn kids picked on ?

      Vote up and more !!!